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Fed-up Dad Finds Out Daughter Refuses to Study, Leaves Her on the Streets to Work

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A father decided to teach his daughter a lesson after she refused to study. Instead of going to school, he left her on the street to sell food, leaving internet users divided

Many children experience feeling unmotivated to go to school at one point during their growing years. Some may not feel excited to go to school, while some refuse to do any schoolwork at all.

After discovering his daughter didn’t want to study, one father decided to teach her a harsh lesson about the reality of life and why it was important to go to school. His methods sparked a debate on the internet, with people divided on whether or not he went too far

He Wanted to Teach Her a Lesson
In a video that has since gone viral, an angry dad left his daughter on the sidewalk to sell marzipan, a type of dessert, after hearing from the young girl that she did not want to study.

The girl stood on the sidewalk, about to cry while holding a box of dessert. The man taunted his daughter, saying:

“You don’t want to study, start selling. Yell ‘Marzipan! Marzipan!’ I don’t like school, I don’t like it, I’m going to sell marzipan now.”

The Girl Denied Her Dad’s Accusations
The helpless young girl tried to reason with her dad, but he didn’t want to believe her. “I never said that I didn’t want to study. I’m not saying that. It’s not true!” she told him.

Her dad wouldn’t budge, and he continued to taunt her while inside his car. “How much for the marzipans?” he asked. “I want a marzipan. How much do you sell them?”

The young daughter continued to convince her father that she was not actually refusing to study. “I’m not saying that I don’t want to study, pa,” she said, on the verge of crying.

The Dad Continued to Punish His Daughter
“Get to work, marzipan maker. Come on, start selling,” he said, signaling to the stationary store nearby where his daughter could sell.

The girl nervously bit her nails while waiting for her dad to change his mind about leaving her on the street. She tried to walk away from the car, but her dad continued to follow her.

At one point, the girl was begging her dad to stop. Ultimately, he stated his real issue: that the girl did not care about the effort he and her mother put into ensuring she went to school.

People Were Divided Over the Issue
He posted the video of his daughter on his TikTok account, and it quickly went viral – but not in the way he expected. People were quick to debate about the dad’s actions, with many thinking it was abusive of him to do that to his daughter.

“Everyone educates as they want, but there are other ways to do it without having to humiliate the girl,” one user wrote. Another echoed the comment, saying the girl will end up traumatized

Many people wrote similar comments, pointing out how the girl was clearly hurt by what her father was doing and saying to her. “Poor girl, later when they are older they wonder ‘why my daughter didn’t visit’,” one said, implying how the girl could easily distance herself from her dad after the experience.

Last but definitely not least, one person wrote that the dad should have been reported for child abuse: “They should report for child abuse and exploitation if afterwards they will want to do that with their underage children, just pity people like this still exist not [sic] this world. Troglodytes!!!”

Some People Defended the Dad’s Actions
However, while people accused the dad of being too hard on his daughter, there were also some who thought this was normal behavior. “To all those who say that she’ll hate him and so on, you don’t have children. Nobody knows how a father goes out of his way for his children in ways they don’t sometimes value,” a fellow parent commented.

Another showed support to the dad, saying he was teaching her a valuable lesson of what may happen if she refused to study. “This is very good. If you do not want to study then learn what it is to earn a living without having a single study [sic]. Let’s see if she will still not want to study,” one also said.

Ultimately, the dad proceeded to post another video of his daughter, this time of her doing schoolwork. Checking up on her, he asked how much longer it’d take for her to finish her tasks, to which she responded that there were only a few questions left.

The video, which has since been deleted by the dad, left people debating about whether or not what the dad did was right. What do you think? Did the dad teach his daughter a lesson properly, or should he have done it in a different way?

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