Fishermen Think They Found a Seal on a Floating Iceberg Until They Get Closer and Realize They are

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Fishermen thought they found a seal on a floating iceberg until they got closer and realized they were in danger. When a trio of fishermen headed out looking for crabs, they saw something surprising: a creature trapped on ice floating out into the sea all by itself, in serious need of rescue.

They believed this to be one of the usual sea animals they typically see, like a seal, but what it actually is changed the course of their trip and their lives forever.Mallory Harrigan, Ellen Russell, and Cliff Russell own a small fishing boat together. They trawl off the coast of Labrador looking for cool stuff, and they recently found something that fit that description. The trio, who come from a small fishing village, had only been boating enthusiasts. Eventually, though, they took the……..Read Full Story Here….……

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