Girl Begs Dad Not To Enter Room, Gut Tells Mom To Check Dad’s Stomach

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“He stepped forward, and the child screamed. She was inconsolable despite his attempts to comfort her. Blankets flew off the bed as she kicked them. When he put his finger over her mouth, she bit him. His eyes were fixed on the screaming child as he winced in pain. Nighttime routines with her were a pain for him, but he loved her mother.

In his early 40s, Matthew Otis lived a quiet life with his six-year-old daughter, Jane, in the small Los Angeles town of Sunrise Valley. Laughter, bedtime stories, and shared adventures had always been a part of their unbreakable bond. As a fog hung thick over the Otis household, tension hung thickly in the midst of the sudden distance that had grown between him and Jane. Matthew, a dedicated father, was baffled. Like an old rope, their bond had frayed. Once they were…….Read Full Story Here…………………

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