Grandfather Leans Against The Coffin And Hears a Soft Cry. Then He Starts To Panic When THIS Happens

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“When a grieving grandfather hugs his granddaughter’s coffin during her funeral, he gets a shock when he hears a soft cry from inside. What happens next makes the old man panic.

The day of Maisy’s funeral had arrived, and her grandfather Arthur felt like he was going to die of heartache. The little girl had been his whole world, and now she was gone. He slowly made his way into the church, dreading the moment he would have to say goodbye to her for the last time.

When he saw the tiny coffin in front of him, he broke down in tears. People were still making their way into the church, but it was like there was no one else there. Arthur had blocked out the whole world; he only had Maisy’s coffin in his sights. He stumbled to the front of the church, wrapped his arms around his granddaughter’s coffin, and sobbed as he pressed his face against the top of the cold wood. He whispered for Maisy to come back, but he knew the little girl couldn’t hear him.

The vicar was ready to start the service, but Arthur still clung onto the coffin. Maisy’s father, Tom, stood up and harshly yelled at the old man to take a seat. Father and son had a rocky relationship, but Arthur’s recent accusations towards him had been a step too far. Now, the old man was holding up the entire service.

Just as Arthur was about to relent and sit down, his eyes went wide in shock. He looked at his son and told him he just heard a noise from inside the coffin. Tom was furious at his father’s behavior and told him it was just his hearing aid playing up; there was no way he had heard any sound. But Arthur was insistent and now refused to let go of the coffin. Panic surged through him; he knew he could hear crying from inside. His heart broke at the thought of his beloved granddaughter sobbing inside the suffocating block of wood, scared out of her mind and unable to call for help.

He told Tom they needed to open the coffin, and now Tom’s face was a picture of pure rage. He would never forgive his father for this; he was simply going too far this time. He knew he loved Maisy with all his heart, but this didn’t mean he could disrupt her funeral with such an embarrassing tantrum.

‘Is this how you want to use your hearing aid?’ he barked at his father, imagining sounds. ‘We should have never bought it.’

That was a low blow, and he knew it. Arthur had worked in a steel factory from a young age, and as a result of the noise, his hearing had deteriorated until he eventually lost it altogether. He had only got the hearing aid as a gift, which meant that for the first seven years of her life, Arthur had never been able to hear his granddaughter’s voice. In a world that had seemed to work against him, Maisy had been his ray of sunshine; she was the only one that never made him feel wrong.

Unfortunately, he was used to the feeling. Arthur had been in love with a woman called Hazel when he was younger, but she came from a wealthy family, and they didn’t approve of him. Still, he had tried his best to make them appreciate his efforts. He would spend all week away working and then return to a small village on the weekends. Hazel was always the first person he went to see. The thought of returning to her was what got him through the week.

But one day he returned from a hard and tiring week at the factory, and Hazel had gone. Arthur was angry, and he felt like his heart had been ripped out. The woman he loved had left without saying goodbye. It didn’t take long for him to find out that it was all thanks to her family. They had wanted her to marry a rich artist for a while, and she had hesitated for months. But now they had managed to convince Hazel to marry him, and now Arthur had lost her forever.

That’s when one of Hazel’s friends saw her opportunity to be with him. She’d always liked him, but he’d been so hung up on Hazel that he’d never even noticed her. Claudia made her move, and fearing he’d be alone forever, Arthur went along with it. He did what he thought he was supposed to do and got married, bought a house, and started a family. But deep down, he knew he wasn’t in love with Claudia, not like he had been with Hazel. And soon enough, his wife started to catch on.

As the years went on, the distance between Arthur and Claudia grew, and he came to resent her. She was a bitter person, probably because she knew he had only married her out of obligation. The only good thing to come from the relationship was their son Tom. But not long after he was born, Arthur decided he’d had enough and left Claudia. He loved his son, but he couldn’t put himself through the misery of being with her any longer. At first, he would still see his son regularly, but soon Claudia filled the boy’s head with lies about his father, and Tom started refusing to meet with him.

It wasn’t until Claudia died many years later that he started to build up a relationship with Arthur again. It seemed like growing up with Claudia harmed Tom; he would jump from relationship to relationship, always seeking something better. No matter what Arthur said to him, Tom’s behavior continued well into his 30s. But one day he introduced his father to a young woman named Becky. She was a kind and gentle girl, and so different from all of Tom’s other flings.

At first, it seemed like Becky would be the one to change him, and Arthur was delighted to see his son happy and settling down. But it didn’t take long before Tom seemed to grow bored of Becky, and he became cold and distant towards her. The change in Tom’s behavior didn’t go unnoticed by Becky either. She didn’t know what to do, so she turned to the only man that might be able to help: Arthur.

She arrived at his house in tears as she explained that she knew Tom didn’t truly love her. She revealed that she was worried he was cheating on her. Arthur tried to console her, but Becky had another reason to feel miserable. She explained that she couldn’t leave Tom despite her suspicions because she just found out she was pregnant. Overjoyed at the thought of becoming a grandfather, Arthur begged Tom to change his ways. He loved Becky and couldn’t stand the thought that his son was hurting the poor woman, especially when she was carrying his child.

While Tom was delighted at the thought of becoming a dad, he was in too deep with another woman. He told his father that once Becky had given birth, he would be moving out of their home. He would always support her in raising the child, but he just wasn’t in love with her. Unfortunately, he was doing exactly what his father had done all those years earlier.

When Becky went into labor, Arthur joined his son at the hospital. But Becky’s delivery was complicated, and she unfortunately died in childbirth. Arthur felt like he’d lost a daughter. He’d offered Becky the chance to come and live with him once the baby arrived, and she’d known Tom was going to leave. Arthur thought he could offer her some support with his granddaughter, whom Becky planned to call Maisy.

Life wasn’t finished dealing blows to him, though. The day after Becky died, Arthur woke up to find his hearing had completely gone. Over the years, he had started to notice his hearing deteriorating. It began with a ringing noise every so often, but soon he was mishearing things people said to him. Now, his hearing had completely disappeared. He knew all his years working in the steel factory were to blame. There were no health and safety regulations back then and no protection for a worker’s ears. He just had to get on with the job. Now, thanks to years in that loud environment, he would never get to hear his granddaughter’s voice.

Just 6 months after Becky’s death, Tom announced he was going to marry the woman he’d been cheating on her with. Arthur was furious, but he didn’t want to cause an argument that might mean he’d lose his son again, and not now that he had Maisy in his life. Tom’s new wife, Katie, tried to get along with Arthur. There was something about her that he just didn’t like. She was all smiles around Tom, but then she’d badmouth Becky, which would anger Arthur. Even though he’d lost his hearing, he’d gotten good at lip-reading, so it wasn’t difficult to understand the cruel things Katie said.

He loved Becky and still mourned her; without her, he wouldn’t have Maisy. He couldn’t understand why Katie acted so strange around them. When Tom was around, she was the perfect wife and stepmother, doting on Maisy and wanting to play with her. However, as soon as Tom was gone, she would ignore the child and act cold towards her, as though she resented the child for reminding them all of Becky.

Sensing that Arthur didn’t like her when Tom wasn’t around, Katie began to taunt him. She wrongly believed he couldn’t understand half of what she was saying anyway. She told Arthur that she planned to tell Maisie that she was her mother so there would be no mention of Becky in her household anymore. Arthur was shocked. Becky had loved that little girl since the very first moment. Maisy deserved to know all about her mom. He didn’t want his granddaughter growing up thinking Katie was her mother, so he vowed to tell the little girl all about Becky.

When Maisy was just one year old, Tom broke some sad news to Arthur. Katie had been looking for somewhere new to live, and they’d found their dream home. The problem was that the house was on the opposite side of the country. Not only was Arthur going to lose his son again, but now he was going to lose his granddaughter too. He knew it was all part of Katie’s plan to keep the little girl away from him so he wouldn’t tell her the truth, and he was devastated.

Arthur had seen Maisy almost every day since she was born; she was his ray of sunshine, and now he would have to say goodbye. A few years passed, and without Maisy in his life, Arthur felt lost and lonely. Tom would occasionally visit, but only a couple of times a year. Arthur was missing so much of his granddaughter growing up. Thankfully, whenever Tom visited, Katie would stay at home. At least Arthur didn’t have to deal with her too.

With so much time alone, the old man began to reflect about all the curveballs life had thrown at him, right back to when Hazel left. On his 75th birthday, Arthur assumed he’d be spending the day alone. He hadn’t heard from his son in a while and assumed he was so wrapped up in his life with Katie that he’d probably forgotten all about his birthday.

When Tom, Katie, and Maisy stepped into his living room with a big cake and a present box, Arthur got the shock of his life. Maisy was now 7 years old; it had been a long time since he’d seen Katie, and he was willing to accept that the woman might have changed. The little girl took the box in front of her grandfather and then removed something from inside. She softly put something in his ear, and suddenly Arthur’s world got louder. Maisy had given him a hearing aid. For the first time ever, he could hear his granddaughter’s voice. It was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard.

Tom told Arthur that they were sticking around for a few days so he could spend some time with her. Arthur couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present. Tom asked if he minded having Maisy the next day so he and Katie could go out as a couple. Arthur was overjoyed and said it wasn’t a problem at all. The thought of spending the whole day with his granddaughter brought a huge smile to his face.

When Maisie came around the next day, he couldn’t wait to spend all day talking and playing with her. He’d got lots of fun activities planned for the two of them, and first up was painting. He couldn’t imagine that the atmosphere would turn heavy right from the start. While they cleaned their brushes, Maisie suddenly looked up at him and said, ‘Grandpa, I know Katie isn’t my real mommy.’

Arthur was in complete shock. He’d always wanted to tell Maisie about her mother, but when Tom had moved away, he’d lost the opportunity to do so. He needed to tread carefully now, so he began to question the little girl, trying to find out what had led her to that conclusion. Maisie explained that a few weeks ago, she had found a photo of a woman with her dad. The woman was pregnant and looked a lot like her. Katie caught her with the photo, berated her for rifling through the drawers, and told her to never speak of that woman again.

While Maisie recounted the story, she begged Arthur not to say anything to Katie or her dad. Arthur knew that Maisie had always called Katie mom, but he had faith that his son would do the right thing and tell her about Becky. The old man agreed to keep Maisie’s secret while he thought of how he could tackle the issue with Tom. Clearly, Katie had not changed at all.

When Tom and Katie returned that evening, they told Arthur they had another birthday present for him. But the old man wasn’t in the mood for any more surprises. So when Katie pulled a baby scan photo out of her bag, he was simply speechless. Tom was beaming at his father, but Arthur couldn’t feel happy. He knew this meant that Maisie would soon fade into the background.

The old man knew he needed to raise the issue with his son, but Katie couldn’t know anything about what Maisie had told him. Arthur cooked them a meal and pretended to be happy while trying to think of how he could keep Maisie safe. After dinner, Tom and Arthur were tidying up, and Tom couldn’t stop going on about the baby. The conversation was halted when they heard a scream coming from the living room.

What they would find would change their lives. Maisie was motionless on the couch, with Katie looking shocked and in tears. She tried to explain that the little girl had begun wheezing and, before she could do anything to help, she had stopped breathing. Tom tried to bring the little girl back while Arthur phoned for an ambulance. His voice shook as he told them to come quickly. Katie and Tom went to the hospital with Maisie, and Arthur followed close behind. He couldn’t stay at home waiting for an update; he needed to be with his granddaughter.

A lifetime seemed to pass, but when a solemn-looking doctor entered the waiting room, Arthur’s heart sank. It was clear he wasn’t bringing good news. The doctor explained that they tried their best, but Maisie had suffered an anaphylactic shock, and they hadn’t been able to save her. Arthur had thought he’d known what heartache was when Becky had died, but this wasn’t like anything he’d experienced before. What made it worse was that he knew Katie had done something to the little girl.

There was no holding back when he confronted Tom, telling him everything Maisie had said. Tom was furious that Arthur was accusing his wife of murdering his own daughter. He said that Katie had been the perfect mother to Maisie and that Arthur hadn’t been there to see what a good mom she was. He walked away in a terrible rage, telling him he knew nothing about their family. But the old man could feel in his heart that Katie had waited to orchestrate his granddaughter’s death until she was pregnant so Tom would simply trade a child for another.

Arthur could see it even on the morning of Macy’s funeral. Katie’s eyes were red, but she hadn’t shed a tear since she’d sat on the front pew. And when he loudly announced that he had heard a sound from inside the coffin, he had seen her pale. ‘Your hearing aid’s malfunctioning,’ Tom barked at him. ‘Now sit down and let us begin.’ But Arthur insisted that he’d clearly heard a sound from inside the coffin. He hadn’t heard anything in 7 years, and now he was absolutely sure he’d picked up a sound.

Knowing that his father wouldn’t settle down, Tom finally agreed to briefly open the lid so Arthur could see that the little girl really was dead. When the lid was lifted, Arthur gave a shout; small whimpering sounds were coming from his granddaughter. There was no mistaking it; Maisy was alive. When Tom looked between Arthur and the coffin, the old man knew his son had heard it too. Tom began to cry tears of joy as he scooped his daughter up and held her close. The little girl was starting to stir now, and everyone was calling it a miracle.

But then something even more unexpected happened. With a look of horror on her face, Katie shot to her feet and ran from the church. Arthur immediately began shouting that someone needed to stop her. Thankfully, her pregnant belly slowed her down, and someone caught up with her in time to drag her back to the church.

Under pressure from Tom to give him some answers, Katie admitted that she’d poisoned the child and believed that she was dead. But all the toxin had done was slow her heart rate and breathing down to an undetectable point. She admitted that she hated Maisy and that every time she looked at the child, all she saw was Becky. She wanted a baby of her own and wanted Tom to forget all about his past life, and the only way he would do that was to sever the only remaining link to Becky – Maisy.

Tom was devastated; he had nearly lost his daughter and almost cut his father out of his life again, all because he couldn’t see what a snake his wife was. Katie was arrested and didn’t even try to claim she was innocent. She was just furious that Maisy had survived.

Tom and Maisy moved in with Arthur while they attempted to rebuild their lives. In time, Arthur told the little girl all about Becky and showed her photos of her real mom. When Maisy was old enough, Tom apologized for everything he’d put her through because of Katie. Thankfully, now the girl had all the family she needed and forgave her father for being fooled by a woman that had nearly torn them all apart.

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