He Abandoned His Wife After She Gave Birth to a Black Boy Then DNA Showed Something Horrifying

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Brandon and Tanya were a white couple who got pregnant shortly after they did, but when Tanya gave birth to a black boy, Brandon angrily abandoned her. Years later, DNA revealed the horrifying truth. Brandon screamed at the top of his lungs, ordering his wife Tanya to get out of his house.

Falling to her knees, she pleaded with tears streaming down her face, asking him to change his mind, but he ignored her. He was determined to throw her out; his mind was made up, and there was no going back.

When Brandon saw that Tanya wasn’t making any move to pack her things, he went to her wardrobe and started throwing out her clothes. He brought out one of her suitcases, popped it on the bed, opened it wide, and started cramming clothes into it. He didn’t stop and paid no heed to her pleas until he was done. Then, he zipped it closed. As he tried to carry it out of the room, Tanya held on to his arm and shook her head. He pushed her roughly, and she fell to the floor, whimpering as her elbow took the brunt of the fall.

Brandon glared down at her. “You’re a cheat, and there’s evidence of your wayward ways,” he yelled at her. He pointed in the direction of another room in the house. “That ugly black child of yours doesn’t belong to me. He cannot possibly be mine. Take him back to where you brought him from.” His eyes blazed with anger as he cut her off when she tried to explain herself. He couldn’t bear to hear another one of her lies.

When she managed to suggest that they should carry out a DNA test to prove her innocence and that the baby was actually his, he scolded her. He shut her up and said that there was no point in wasting time and money on a test that wouldn’t change anything. Tanya insisted that it would because she knew Brandon was her baby’s father. In response, he snorted mockingly.

Brandon called an Uber, and soon enough, the car arrived. Tanya was forced to take her leave with her 3-month-old baby. Brandon looked upon their departure with pleasure and smirked. Just before the Uber zoomed off, he leaned into the window of the car and said, loud enough for the driver to hear, that he never wanted to see Tanya and her ugly child ever again.

Deeply hurt and wounded by the venom in his voice and the malice in his eyes, Tanya closed her eyes as the car drove away from a home she had expected to raise a loving family in. How had she missed it? Where had she gone wrong? She struggled with these questions, but no answers were forthcoming. She could only walk down memory lane.

When she had started dating Brandon over two years ago, he had been barely getting by. He had been settling college debt and working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet. However, what she loved about him was his willingness to care for her and put her first. They had been happy together and had tried to make the most of what they had.

Two months before their wedding, Brandon had lost the job that paid him the most money. Tanya hadn’t been deterred by this one bit. She had gone ahead to marry him and became the breadwinner. For many months, they had tried to stay positive and cope with the situation, but it had spiraled out of control. Tanya had gotten demoted at work because her performance had dropped due to challenges she had been facing in her personal life. She had been finding it difficult to concentrate at work.

One night, Brandon had come home excited. He had run into an old friend he claimed was capable of changing their entire lives. The friend would be coming over the following evening, so Brandon had asked Tanya to prepare a nice meal and buy lots of alcohol. Tanya had done as he had instructed, and the friend’s visit had been a mini party.

The three of them danced and had fun. True to Brandon’s words, that friend had changed their lives. After that night, Brandon had been offered a job at a fancy company, a car, and a three-bedroom apartment with the annual rent already paid off. Their situation had changed so drastically that they had been overwhelmed with joy. Their joy had multiplied when Tanya discovered she was pregnant.

Months into the pregnancy, Brandon had asked Tanya to quit working. Her workplace hadn’t been paying much, and the stress of the job had been high. Tanya had agreed to quit, seeing as Brandon could comfortably take care of them. She had been glad that she was now living the life she had so much desired. However, that seemingly perfect life had come tumbling down like a house of cards on the day she gave birth. It had made no sense to her that her baby was darker than her and her husband, but she hadn’t made an issue of it. This was her baby, and no matter the color, she was going to love him. Unfortunately, Brandon hadn’t seen things the same way.

The Uber dropped Tanya off at her friend’s apartment. Her friend, Sarah, was the only one she could call on such short notice. Tanya’s heart was heavy, and the world around her looked as if it had lost its color. She didn’t know the next direction her life would take, and she honestly didn’t think about it. Everything felt hopeless, and all she did for many days was cry and mope around.

A week later, Tanya was sitting in the corner of the house, blindly staring at the wall as misery engulfed her. Her friend wasn’t home; she had gone to work. So Tanya and her baby, Jordan, were home alone. Jordan was crying, but Tanya didn’t hear. He cried for a long time, but Tanya’s complete attention was fixated on her woes.

Then her phone vibrated beside her, scaring the living daylights out of her. It was Sarah. A worried neighbor had called to tell her that a baby’s cries had been coming insistently from her apartment. That instantly snapped Tanya out of her thoughts. She thanked her friend, ended the call, and rushed to where her son was lying in the bedroom. His face was red from crying, and he looked dejected as if he was a poor orphan baby. Tanya carried him and rocked him until his cries abated. Then she fed him with some breast milk. After he had his fill, baby Jordan slept off peacefully.

Carefully, Tanya put him down to sleep and watched him for a while. Tears filled her eyes because, for the first time since the day she brought him into this world, she took a good look at her baby and saw he was handsome and shared a striking resemblance to her. She had been too distracted and blinded by Brandon’s rejection, and Jordan had suffered for it. She got on her knees and apologized to her baby. She promised to be a good mother and that they would be okay.

A few days later, Tanya started hunting for a job. She went to some nearby places to inquire, but once she told them that she was a new mother, they refused to hire her. They believed that a baby would hinder her work. It was frustrating. Tanya didn’t have a lot of savings, and if she didn’t find a job fast, she would be in a fix. Left with no other option, Tanya called her friends and family to ask if they could recommend her for any jobs. She explained to them that she was in a tight financial spot and needed their help. Unfortunately, none of them could offer any tangible solution. They were sympathetic and offered words of comfort, but that was it.

The following day, Tanya went to visit her elder sister. She told her everything that had happened, and her sister listened attentively. When she was done, her sister suggested that she give Jordan up for adoption since his presence in her life was causing such a ruckus. Her husband had abandoned her, and she couldn’t find a job. Tanya rejected the suggestion and called it ridiculous. She couldn’t blame an innocent baby for the troubles she was facing. Jordan wasn’t to blame for Brandon’s trust issues, his unreasonable actions, and people’s prejudice that a mother with a baby wouldn’t be a good worker. As far as Tanya was concerned, Jordan was not leaving her side.

Fortunately for Tanya, a bakery hired her a few days later. With the pay, she was able to afford a small, decent apartment and moved in there with Jordan. While she worked, a neighbor, an old lady who had grown fond of Jordan, watched over him. When Tanya wasn’t working, she spent a lot of time with Jordan. They played with his toys, and she would also take him in a stroller to parks for walks and fresh air. Jordan was a happy baby, and anyone could see that he was fond of his mother.

Meanwhile, Tanya was talented in baking and often came up with new recipes or ways to improve their baked goods. The owner of the bakery noticed Tanya’s talents and recommended she partake in a baking competition on TV. She was nervous, but he assured her that she would do very well. It was as if the words of Tanya’s employer were prophecy. On the baking show, she was among the three most popular contestants and won many rounds of the competition. With each round she won, more people followed her accounts on social media and cheered her on. Also, winning a round was rewarded with monetary gifts and brand ambassador deals.

Brandon happened to see an episode of the baking competition on TV, and he was stunned. Baking was something Tanya had always been good at, but she had never considered doing it for a living. He felt proud and jealous of her at the same time. It had been over a year since he had abandoned her and her baby. He didn’t feel remorseful for what he did; he expected that Tanya’s luck would run out soon and she would start suffering for her sins against him.

A few months later, the company that Brandon worked for was downsizing, and they let go of a lot of their employees. Brandon was

one of the affected employees. He was laid off with a severance pay that he considered a pittance. Instead of putting the money to good use, Brandon spent it all on alcohol, women, and partying. Then he fell on hard times, and for a while, things were tough for him.

One day, he was scrolling through social media and saw that Tanya had half a million followers and many brand ambassadorship deals. She was even in talks with a streaming network to have her own baking show. Brandon saw that she was doing well, and an idea hit him. What if he forgave her, or pretended to anyway? What if he took her back? Tanya was kind-hearted and would take him back if he appeared remorseful. Also, their divorce hadn’t been finalized; they were just separated.

Around the time that Brandon was cooking up these plans, Jordan fell extremely ill. It started with him feeling tired and weak. He was unable to play like he used to, and he slept often. Then his stomach started hurting him, he vomited often, and he started losing weight. Tanya was alarmed; she was scared that something might happen to her baby.

She rushed Jordan to the hospital. There, she met a pediatrician, Dr. Lee. He was a young, handsome man and was very kind to her and Jordan. When he was taking the patient’s information, he inquired about Jordan’s father. Tanya replied that he was no longer in the picture, and she briefly explained that Jordan’s father had walked out on them shortly after birth. Lee nodded in understanding and continued with his examination of the child.

Jordan was admitted to the hospital, and his symptoms were carefully managed. It was a children’s hospital, so it was colorful and bright. Jordan liked it, and Tanya hoped the positive environment would help him recover quickly. Over the next few days, Tanya and Lee became friends. He was a nice person and easy to talk to. He told her that the reason why he could relate to Jordan’s plight was because he had also been abandoned by his father, but he had a wonderful mother who had raised him with all the affection in the world, the way Tanya was doing for Jordan.

As days rolled by, Jordan’s condition sadly worsened instead of improving. His abdomen, legs, and ankles became swollen, the color of his stool became gray, and his urine turned dark. He seemed disoriented as well. When Tanya saw this, she was stricken with anxiety. She told Lee that if anything happened to Jordan, her life would be over.

Jordan’s presence held her together, and he was her sunshine. It was in this same conversation that Tanya confided in Lee that her husband abandoned them because of Jordan’s dark skin. Lee was moved by everything Tanya shared with him, and he resolved that he wouldn’t let anything happen to Jordan. It was for this reason that he ran more series of tests, determined to get to the root of Jordan’s illness. While he was at it, Lee asked Tanya for any sample from Brandon that could be used for a DNA test. He wanted to run a DNA test since Brandon had refused to get one. Fortunately, she still had an old toothbrush of his.

A few days later, the test results were ready, and the DNA results revealed something horrifying. Brandon wasn’t Jordan’s father. Tanya was shocked to her bones. She couldn’t believe it. Brandon was the only man she’d been with for over three years. She was still reeling from the shock of this unexpected news when worse news was delivered: Jordan was suffering from liver failure and urgently needed a transplant. Tanya didn’t know what to do. She was confused, frustrated, and depleted of her strength.

It was in that exceedingly dark moment that Brandon showed up at the hospital. Since he had decided to return to her, he’d been stalking her, and it was easy to do since she was fairly famous. Seeing him, Tanya launched to her feet with renewed energy and demanded to know the truth. She expected he knew something because against all logic, he had refused to run a DNA test. Brandon gulped, and then he made a shocking confession.

He knew who Jordan’s father was. It was that old friend he had run into and invited over for a mini party. That same night, the friend had joined Tanya in her bedroom while she was out after being drugged by her husband. The friend, Jules, had promised to change Brandon’s life forever if he would let him have a private moment with his wife.

It was a fantasy Jules had and wanted to fulfill. Brandon had agreed, not realizing that the brief encounter would lead to a pregnancy. When he had laid eyes on Jordan as soon as he was born, he had immediately figured out that the baby belonged to Jules because of his skin color. Jules was a black man. Brandon chose to blame everybody but himself for his choice, even though he had set up the whole thing without his wife knowing. He had hated Tanya for getting pregnant with Jules’s child. He hadn’t been able to live with a constant reminder of his despicable choice and had asked them to leave.

Feeling some remorse for his actions and pity for Tanya, who got caught up in the entire ordeal, Brandon called Jules and told him the truth: that he had a child with Tanya. Jules came over to the hospital in a few hours, and then another DNA test was run to confirm if this was true. The paternity test was a 99.99% match, and Jules was also a match to donate part of his liver to Jordan.

Tanya was grateful that her son would be okay, but she was very angry at Brandon. How dare he put her under such turmoil and suffering for his actions! Jules was angry at Brandon too. He expected that, given the circumstances, Brandon should have come to him with the truth instead of making Tanya bear the brunt of the whole thing. Brandon didn’t have a strong leg to stand on, so he simply consented to the liver transplant, and the surgery was held.

The surgery was a success, and baby Jordan recovered with astonishing speed. Dr. Lee placed him on immunosuppressive medications to ensure his body didn’t reject the new organ, and he was closely monitored. Tanya and Jules were happy and relieved to see the toddler gaining back his agility and liveliness. Meanwhile, Jules had gotten married a few months ago, so he couldn’t offer to marry Tanya to make up for his wrongdoings.

But Tanya would have never wanted that anyway. However, he apologized to her and promised to be a good dad to Jordan, whom he acknowledged as his son. Tanya thanked him for stepping up for her and Jordan, but she was also hurt by his actions. If only he hadn’t used his influential position to spend a night with her, they wouldn’t be in this situation. She appreciated him for agreeing to donate part of his liver to save her son’s life, but she couldn’t let him into her life yet, not even as Jordan’s father. She needed time to heal, and when she did, they would talk. Although hurt, Jules was understanding. It was the price he needed to pay for his wrongdoings.

Dr. Lee and Tanya stayed in touch and occasionally went out on dates, accompanied by Jordan. They were close friends and soon began to develop feelings for each other. However, they were both willing to take their time, considering all Tanya had been through.

A few months later, Tanya was sorting through her mail when she discovered a letter from Brandon. She contemplated whether to read it or not. In the end, she chose not to open it and instead went to her son, who was playing with some building blocks. She whispered in his ear that they would have a great future together.

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