He Dumped Her After She Gave Birth To A Black Baby, Then DNA Revealed Something Horrifying

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“After years of trying, a couple finally conceives. But when the wife gives birth to a black baby, the husband immediately assumes she’s cheated on him. Years later, DNA will reveal something horrifying.

Jake looked down at his wife and newborn baby. Just moments ago, he’d felt on top of the world. But now, anger was boiling deep inside him. He couldn’t believe Becky would do this to him. He let go of her hand and began to back away from the hospital bed. He could tell that Becky was talking, but he had no idea what she was saying. Everything around him was a blur.

“This should have been the happiest moment of his life. ‘How could you cheat on me?’ he asked her in disbelief. His wife was now in tears, heaving sobs shuttered through her body as she held onto the child she’d given birth to moments ago. She looked down into the little boy’s eyes, repeatedly telling Jake that she hadn’t cheated on him. She could see how he jumped to that conclusion, but why didn’t he believe her when she said she hadn’t done anything wrong? She thought he trusted her. Besides, she was just as confused as he was.

Becky couldn’t understand how she and Jake, two white people, had just given birth to a black baby. With rage surging through every bone, Jake told Becky he couldn’t stay with her after this. He left the hospital room, slamming the door behind him. The poor woman was left alone, cradling the son she’d wanted for so long.

Trying for a baby had almost broken them both, but Becky had never imagined that giving birth would end her marriage. Jake and Becky had always imagined life would follow a very straightforward path for them. They’d met on the first day of college and had been inseparable since. They talked about working on their careers, buying a beautiful home, getting married, and having kids. Becky couldn’t believe she’d met someone who wanted all the same things as her.

For a while, life did follow the path they dreamed of, and after 8 years together, they found themselves with great jobs, a wonderful family home, and a strong marriage. It felt right to them both to start trying for children, but that’s where their path started to veer off course. Two years after they had started trying, they still found themselves without a child. Becky was devastated, and she felt like a failure for not being able to get pregnant. She’d achieved everything she’d set out to achieve, but having a family was the one thing she wanted more than anything, and it seemed like it would forever slip out of her grasp.

But there was more bad news to come. To try and get answers, Becky and Jake went for tests, hoping to find out what was causing their difficulties. But the tests didn’t reveal anything. As far as the doctors were concerned, the couple shouldn’t have any problems conceiving. Rather than giving Becky hope, the news just made her feel even more useless. If there was nothing wrong with them, then why were they failing?

When Jake suggested they should maybe take the pressure off for a while, Becky felt hurt. The once-loving couple now found themselves arguing almost daily. Jake tried to explain to his wife that it wasn’t that he didn’t want children, but they’d been trying for many years now with no luck, and he was feeling the pressure too. Building a family now felt more like a job than a wish. He told Becky that they just needed to relax a little and find themselves again, rather than spending every minute thinking about a child. Becky could see what her husband was saying, so in the end, she agreed with him.

A dream like that doesn’t just disappear, though, and each month Becky would find herself taking a pregnancy test, still hoping to see a positive result. Every time it came back negative, her heart broke a little bit more. Soon, she stopped taking tests, as the disappointing results were simply too much to bear. But a few months later, she got a wonderful surprise.

Becky had been feeling more tired than usual. At first, she put it down to a big project she was managing at work. But when she began to feel sick most days, a little flutter entered her heart. With shaking hand, she dug around in the bathroom cabinet, hoping to find a pregnancy test. The minute she had to wait for the result felt like hours. When she finally dared to look at the stick, she dropped it in shock and broke down in tears. For the first time ever, she was looking at a positive result.

Grabbing the pregnancy test off the floor, Becky raced downstairs to find Jake. When she saw him in the kitchen, she flung her arms around him and began to laugh and cry. Her husband was very confused at first, until he saw the pregnancy test in her hands and looked at the result. He scooped Becky up in his arms, overjoyed at the thought he would become a father. He felt immense happiness for his wife too. He knew how desperately she’d wanted this, and he didn’t mind admitting to himself that she probably wanted it more than him.

Although it was happy news, Becky found the early stages of pregnancy very difficult. She was constantly worried that something bad would happen, and her morning sickness was far worse than she’d imagined. She wanted to enjoy her happy news, but she was either sick or sleeping. Jake also seemed a little distant, and she was worried about how he was feeling. The truth was, now that Becky was pregnant, Jake didn’t really know how to react. Unlike his wife, he started to accept that they may never have children. He was happy that he was going to be a father, but the thought wasn’t all-consuming like it had been for Becky.

But the mid-pregnancy scan would prove to be a turning point for the couple. When Jake and Becky found out they were having a baby boy, they were delighted. Now that they knew the gender of their child, it made everything seem more real. They could start to think about names, nursery decorations, and clothes.

The rest of the pregnancy seemed to go smoothly from this point. Becky’s symptoms settled down, and Jake became a lot more attentive. They decided that they would call the little boy Harry. Things were finally back on track for them.

When Becky’s contractions started, she was filled with a mixture of nerves and excitement. Jake reassured her everything would be okay, though. As she began to push, he held her hand. Seeing the excited look on his face was enough to help Becky through the pain. When their little boy entered the world, she flopped back on the bed in exhaustion, but managed to flash her husband a smile.

Something on Jake’s face had changed, though. He had a look of confusion in his eyes, and Becky had no idea why. The midwife had not indicated that there was anything wrong. But when her son was placed on her, Becky let out a horrified gasp. The baby she had just been handed was black, and yet both she and Jake were white. There hadn’t been a mixup, though. Becky knew the baby hadn’t even left the room, so the child she was holding was definitely hers. When she looked over at her husband, rage had replaced the confusion. She started to cry.

“Jake immediately began accusing his wife of having an affair. No matter how much she protested, he just wouldn’t listen. Then he dealt Becky a huge blow; he told her he couldn’t be with her and stormed out. This was supposed to be the happiest moment of her life, and now she’d been left all alone with a new baby and a million unanswered questions. The doctors carried tests on baby Harry and assured her that he was perfectly healthy. However, they had no idea why he’d come out black. They suggested a DNA test, but since Jake wasn’t answering his calls, she had no way of getting him to come back to the hospital.

When she returned home, things weren’t any easier. The house was empty, and when she looked in the closet, she noticed a bunch of Jake’s clothes were missing. He really had left her. Becky was shattered. How could he walk out on her and their son without even listening to her? She didn’t understand what had happened with her child either, but to accuse her of having an affair was just cruel.

Three days later, though, Becky would get another shock. Ever since she’d returned from the hospital, she had been trying to contact Jake. However, all her calls and messages had gone unanswered. So when he suddenly walked back through the door, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. He was still insisting that Becky had cheated on him, though, and told her that he was sure that she had an affair with their neighbor, who was a very successful businessman and just happened to be black. Jake told her that he hadn’t realized that she was so desperate for a baby that she would cheat on him.

It didn’t matter what she said; he’d made up his mind about what he thought had happened. Still, this was his house too, and he wasn’t about to just leave it to her and her ‘Affair Baby.’ Jake moved back in, but he refused to have anything to do with Harry. Despite her best efforts, Becky couldn’t get her husband to hear her side of the story. She insisted on a DNA test to prove she wasn’t lying, but Jake refused. In his eyes, there was no need to see proof of her ‘Betrayal’ on paper.

After a week of constant arguments, she began to wonder why he’d even bothered coming back. And when Jake stormed around to the neighbor’s house and started a fight, she knew it was time to end things. She couldn’t have this negativity around her or her son. But she didn’t even need to say anything; Jake was already packing his bags before she could even properly apologize to the neighbor. This time he was leaving for good.

For the next three years, Becky raised Harry all by herself. It took her a long time to get over Jake; she’d been with him for a very long time, and he was the love of her life. But as time went on, she became more and more angry over the way he treated her. His refusal to listen to her or to get a DNA test told her that perhaps he hadn’t loved her as much as she loved him. But just as she was beginning to build a new life for her and Harry, Jake somehow managed to throw another curveball at her.

One evening, she just finished bathing and putting Harry to bed when she heard a knock on the door. When she found Jake standing on the doorstep, she had to resist the urge to slam the door closed in his face. But her ex-husband looked upset, and despite all the anger she held towards him, part of her wanted to ask him if he was okay. She’d never imagined the story he would reveal. Jake told Becky that his father had recently been diagnosed with leukemia and needed an urgent bone marrow transplant.

Without a second thought, Jake had been tested to see if he was a match. But it turned out that not only was he a match, the man he’d always called Dad wasn’t even biologically related to him. In light of the good news, Jake’s mother had been forced to reveal that she actually had an affair and gotten pregnant. She’d never told anyone, but the man she had the affair with was black. When Jake was born with pale skin, she didn’t see any reason to reveal the truth.

Becky was in shock. Her mother-in-law’s lies had torn so many lives apart, and the fact that she couldn’t even reveal the truth when she’d given birth to a black baby filled her with anger. Jake’s mother had had an opportunity to explain why Harry was black three years ago, but she’d selfishly held on to the secret until she’d been forced to reveal the truth. Part of her felt sorry for Jake and what he was now dealing with, but she couldn’t forgive him.

Now, in her eyes, his actions were just as bad as those of his mother. When he explained that he now understood how Harry was black, he begged for forgiveness. But Becky couldn’t do it. She wanted no part of a family that lied and destroyed lives. Tears rolled down Jake’s face as Becky explained that she was sorry for the news he’d learned, but she couldn’t forgive his actions. He’d had the opportunity to listen to her and solve the issue with a DNA test three years ago, but instead, he dumped her and abandoned his child. It truly was over between them. Becky had wasted months of her life begging Jake to listen to her and believe her, but now he was the one down on his knees begging for forgiveness.

Feeling like she’d finally had some closure, she stood up and asked Jake to leave. She’d always known he was the father of her child, but his actions had caused him to miss out on three years of Harry’s life and had made her own a living hell. Becky would never forgive that, and judging by the look on Jake’s face, he wouldn’t forgive himself either. Now it’s over to you.

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