He Fostered Her For Years, But During The Adoption Hearing, She Told The Court THIS!

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This man fostered this little girl for years, but she told the court something unbelievable at the adoption hearing. Will lifted two-year-old Kiora out of the tub and dried her off with a towel. She beamed at him, but his response was an exasperated sigh. If it wasn’t him who bathed her, she caused an uproar. She only wanted Will to bathe her; no one else.

Will told her that she must quickly learn to do it herself or let her older siblings help her; he couldn’t be the one doing it for her all the time. At this, Kiora’s bottom lip jutted out, and her eyes turned watery. In a quaking voice, she asked if she was bothering him. Her eyes had become so dewy that he couldn’t find it in himself to deny whatever she wanted.

Will kissed her forehead and told her that she would always be his little princess, so she could never bother him. Hearing his words, Kiora brightened up. A half hour later, Kiora, with her four siblings, gathered at the dining table to have breakfast. It was a school day, and they needed to hurry up so that they could get to school on time. Will’s wife, Julie, served everybody’s cereal and fruits. She spoonfed the…….Read Full Story Here…………

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