He Heard Terrifying Screams Coming From a Bag. Opening It, He Couldn’t Hold Back His Tears!

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While hiking in the California Wilderness, a man hears an earth-shattering screech from a ravine. What he finds is totally unbelievable, and his reaction will drive you to tears.

At first, Michael Calhoun thought the piercing sound was a baby screaming. He stopped dead in his tracks, looking around. It couldn’t be. He was hiking about 2 miles out of town on the Lookout Trail, a craggy ascent up the Sierra Buttes. Nobody would be crazy enough to bring a tiny baby on a tough hike like this. Yet, there it was again—a high-pitched scream that ended in a raw, raspy, ghoulish moan.

Mike shook his head. It couldn’t be a baby, but whatever it was, it was in severe distress, in danger maybe. So, he decided to investigate, even though he was painfully aware that he could end up screaming the same way very soon.For two nights in a row, the townsfolk in Downieville, California, had been complaining about coyote activity around the town. Pets were going missing, and there was……Read Full Story Here………..

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