He saw his mother bury something in the garden; 30 years later, he digs it up and can’t stop crying

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“Orlando was a regular four-year-old boy in a family facing money problems. His parents had debts and jobs they disliked but needed to support the family and give Orlando a good life.

Every day, they struggled like everyone else, dealing with worries big and small, just watching life pass by. Orlando, even at his young age, could tell his parents weren’t happy. They had some good times together, but those moments got lost in their everyday stress.

In his innocence, Orlando believed that having a pet could make everyone happy. He’d always wanted a puppy, so when he found an abandoned one nearby, he brought it home. When his parents came back from work, they found Orlando had made a cozy bed for the puppy, hoping they’d be as happy as he was. But his parents didn’t react the way he hoped. They told him…….Read Full Story Here.……….

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