Her Dog Sneaked Into Her Bed Every Night, Months Later She Discovers Something Terrifying

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“Shiva was Mary’s dog, and he had been acting weird for months, always climbing onto her bed while she was sleeping. Weeks later, Mary eventually discovered the shocking reason. That night, Mary let out a slightly audible yawn as she got up from the bed. She had been watching the news on TV, but she got tired halfway through and began dozing off. She decided it was time for her to call it a night and then began securing her house.

She went from room to room, locking doors and windows and making sure that nothing at all could come in without her permission. She lived in a rough neighborhood, and this was a routine that she had come to be used to. Now she could do it even with her eyes closed, and when she was sleepwalking, that was just how much she valued her security.

As she went about the house making sure everything was sealed tight, she thought about how hectic her day had been. Trying to meet up with the incessant demands of her boss had been frustrating and had drained her of every iota of strength in her body. Now all she wanted was to pour herself into the bed and sleep off. She deserved a good night’s rest more than anyone else.

Finally satisfied, she returned to the living room with her dog, Shiva, right on her heels. The dog had faithfully followed her while she was making her rounds around the house, and now that they were in the living room, she led the way to the spot by her bedroom door where his rug lay. She then told Shiva that it was time for bed. Normally, she would have absently patted his head and gone off to sleep, but tonight she wanted to actually watch him sleep.

For months now, Shiva had developed the habit of sneaking into her room and lying in her bed beside her. At first, she had thought that it was just Shiva being cute, but she realized that it was becoming a regular occurrence. She would fall asleep alone on her bed and wake up to find him right beside her, wide awake and staring at her. It made her uncomfortable, and she tried to get the canine to stop, but nothing seemed to work. She tried every trick she knew in the playbook. She spoke to him sternly not to come into her room, and when that didn’t work, she even shut her bedroom door so he would sleep in the living room. But Shiva was smart enough to lean his weight against the door and push it open.

Mary didn’t like this at all. Although she loved the dog, she just didn’t like the idea of sharing her bed with him. She didn’t like the idea of sharing her bed with anyone, for that matter. She loved having her big bed to herself so she could toss and turn as she liked. That way, she didn’t have to care about anyone else on the bed with her. This was the reason she didn’t like Shiva climbing aboard her bed. He limited her space.

Now, as she looked at the dog, she lowered herself beside him and began to run her fingers through his fur. She wanted him to fall asleep before she went in. She was certain that it was the only way to be free from him for the night. Soon, she noticed that his breathing had reduced and was going at a steady pace, and his body had gotten still. He was finally asleep.

Trying hard not to make a sound, she tiptoed her way into the room and closed the door behind her. Then, ready for a good night’s sleep, she dropped herself into bed. She was asleep even before her head hit the pillow. However, about two hours later, her eyes flew open as she felt the shift in her bed and then noticed that it was Shiva sneaking into her room yet again and climbing her bed.

Barely able to contain her anger, Mary sat up and tried to get him out of the room so she could sleep. But Shiva refused, acting as if he didn’t hear her. She tried to carry him out, but he dug his paws in and refused to budge. At her wit’s end, Mary even tried convincing him to lie on the floor beside the bed. She went to the living room and got his rug, which she laid out by her bed, and then tried to get him to sleep on it. But Shiva merely regarded her with mild curiosity and then turned his gaze toward the ceiling, as if it was more interesting than his owner.

Mary was angry. She was frustrated, tired, and she was also in need of sleep. And now that she knew she was not getting it anytime soon, she walked out of the bedroom with a curse and made her way toward the kitchen so she could get something to drink. She knew her house like the back of her hand, so she didn’t bother to turn on the light. She noticed at once that the moment she left the room, Shiva leaped off the bed and followed her.

As she sipped her drink, she stared at the dog, wondering what had come over him. She would never have expected him to act out in this way. She was also wondering why it had taken so long for the dog to show his true colors. After all, when she had just gotten him, he had been much more well-behaved and so much more reliable.

About a year ago, Mary had been suffering from a rat infestation. No matter how much she barricaded her house, they always found a way to get in, and there was no limit to the destruction they wrought. They ruined her clothes and documents, ate through her furniture, and even ruined her raw food as well. Mary called the exterminators, but that only lasted for about a week before the rats returned, seemingly stronger than before.

At her wits’ end, she complained bitterly to her friend, who then suggested that she get a dog. Dogs are loyal to a fault and fiercely territorial. Any rodent dumb enough to get into the house would suffer the wrath of the dog. This sounded like a good plan to Mary, and she agreed. The next day, she paid a trip to the pound. She saw and fell in love with Shiva and took him home. Both of them had become a unit ever since.

Less than a month after Shiva came into the house, the rats were gone. It seemed as if all of them had simply vanished. This was a remarkable turnaround, and she was shocked that Shiva had managed to get rid of them so quickly and even discarded them properly. That was when she realized that indeed the dog was there to stay and was going nowhere. She was glad that she no longer had to worry about the rodents, and she knew that any of them that dared enter her house would be very sorry.

Things were fine for the two of them until about a month after the rats had vanished, and Shiva started sneaking into her room and climbing onto her bed, consistently every night. She understood that Shiva loved her, but she didn’t think she wanted that amount of closeness. She wanted them to return to the time when Shiva slept on his rug while she simply slept on her bed. And as much as it hurt her, she knew that if Shiva continued like that, she might have to return him to the pound. However, she really didn’t want it to get to that point. She was interested in solving it in a way that both of them would be happy. But sadly, Shiva didn’t seem interested in that at all. He simply wanted to be with her in bed and nowhere else, and therein lay the problem.

By the time she had calmed down enough, she decided she was ready to return to bed. She decided to trick Shiva so she would lock him out of the bedroom this time around. She was willing to make use of the bolt so Shiva would remain in the living room. The moment she made up her mind, she got to her feet and hurried out of the kitchen toward her room. As if sensing her plans, Shiva sprang like a bolt and made for the room as well, as if it was a race. Both of them went as fast as they could in the semi-darkness toward the room. As she closed in, Mary realized that she had not closed the door on her way out earlier, and Shiva, being faster, got through the open door first.

By the time she made it into the room, her shoulders were slumped in defeat. As she closed the door behind her, she saw that Shiva was sitting on his hunches, breathing through his open mouth as he stared at the bed. As Mary watched him, she could imagine how he couldn’t wait to get back on the bed. With a sigh of frustration, she left the door and was about to make her way toward it when Shiva let out a deep and terrifying bark.

She froze at once, her heart freezing in her chest. This was the first time she had heard him bark in such a way, and it was scary. She immediately felt around the wall until her fingers brushed the switch. Then, with a deft move of her wrist, she flicked it on and flooded her room with bright light.

The dog was no longer sitting on his hunches but growling deeply and standing as if he was braced for a fight. But he wasn’t facing Mary; he was facing the bed. And as Mary’s eyes followed the canine’s gaze, she felt her jaw slacken as her mouth fell open.

There was a big black snake on the bed. It was rolled up on the bed and staring wearily at Shiva, who was growling ferociously at it. With a scream of pure terror, Mary fell backward against the door, almost losing her balance before she managed to stand upright. Before her, the dog kept growling, just as the snake kept hissing.

Suddenly, Shiva leapt off the floor and into the bed. It was one giant leap that had him spearing straight at the snake, forcing it to coil backward in shock. However, the snake had sharp reflexes, and it was able to recover pretty quickly from the shock. Soon, both animals were fighting fiercely, teeth were bared, and fangs were revealed as both of them tried to get the best of each other.

Terrified, Mary remained rooted to the floor, unable to move an inch as her dog kept on fighting the reptile. She watched in shock as the tail of the snake went around the dog, but Shiva was furious and refused to be held down in place by the snake. The dog kept growling ferociously while the snake kept on hissing as they tumbled into the bed. At that moment, Mary realized she couldn’t just do nothing. She hurried over to where her phone was on the bedside table. She was extremely careful to avoid the snake, and she grabbed her phone and immediately dialed 911, begging for them to come and save her and the dog from the snake.

And as she watched, she realized that Shiva’s tenacity was paying off. He had bitten the snake in multiple places during the fight, and his paws had torn into the snake’s flesh during their tussle. Soon, the snake’s tail loosened from his body as it began to crawl away from the bed, trying to get away. With a growl of fury, the dog went after it, grabbed the snake off the wall, and threw it down on the ground. Mary saw that it had been going toward the ceiling; she wondered if that was where it had been hiding.

Shiva dealt with the snake mercilessly, and by the time he was done, the snake lay dead at his feet. This victory came at a great cost because despite his win, Shiva had also been badly bitten in several places, and now that the threat was neutralized, he fell to his sides weak and bleeding, crying profusely.

Mary carried the dog into her car and drove him to the clinic. It was late at night, and the road was free, so she pumped the pedal and drove as fast as she could. All the while, she couldn’t stop checking the rearview mirror so she could check up on Shiva, lying weakly in the back seat. She kept on talking to him, telling him to hang on and survive for her. Thankfully, she made it to the clinic in one piece, and she carried the dog in.

She immediately told the vet everything that had happened, and antibodies were injected into Shiva’s bloodstream to combat the venom the snake must have secreted into the dog. Sadly, that was not enough; the dog was still wounded badly, and he was unconscious, unable to stay awake due to the intense pain.

All through the night, the vet treated him. Mary remained there with him, not leaving his side for once. By morning, she was encouraged to go home and rest. They told her that Shiva’s condition had not improved, but they were taking measures to make sure that it didn’t get worse either. At first, she didn’t want to, but eventually, she went home. Her door had been closed by the first responders who had finally showed up at her house. She was sure that they had come in after she had taken Shiva to the clinic.

When she went into the house, the snake was gone. She was sure the cops must have taken it with them, and she was glad about it because she didn’t want to set eyes on that thing again. Merely remembering it at all was traumatic enough for her. Not waiting for a repeat of this, she called for an exterminator, and they went through the house looking for all the hidey holes a snake could possibly stay in. She knew the one that attacked Shiva was dead, but she wanted to be sure there wasn’t another one. Thankfully, there wasn’t another snake in her house, but they did find out where she had been hiding. It was the ceiling right above her bedroom, and even worse, they found dried-up bones belonging to rats up in the ceiling.

It was then everything made sense to Mary. It wasn’t Shiva who had gotten rid of all the rats; it was the snake. And the snake was the reason Shiva kept climbing into her bed every night; he had known the snake was up there and he had stood watch over her to make sure the snake didn’t attack her. Her dear dog had been protecting her all these months, and she had no idea.

As Mary realized how mean she had been to Shiva because he wanted to sleep in her bed, tears fell from her eyes. Despite how many times she pushed him away, he didn’t give up on her and still returned every night to stand guard over her while she slept. Unable to hold herself anymore, she hurried back into her car and drove to the clinic once more.

This time around, the road was more congested, and it took a longer time for her to get to the clinic. When she got there, she made her way to where Shiva was staying and began to weep profusely. She begged him to come back to her. She admitted that she had been foolish and had not noticed what he had been doing all this while. She said that he needed to fight for her; he needed to come back.

She apologized for being such a terrible owner and promised to do better if he came back to her. She ran her fingers through his fur, her face wet with tears as she kept begging him. Then she placed a kiss on his head. As if that was all he had been waiting for, Shiva’s eyes opened weakly and looked at her. He was finally awake.

At once, the vet swung into action and began administering health care, working feverishly to make sure that the dog didn’t relapse. It took Shiva over a month to recover completely, and when he was leaving the clinic, he did it with a slight limp. However, the vet assured them that the limp would be gone eventually. She took him home, and Shiva had never been happier to be in the house.

Mary also had never been happier to have him there with her. As he jumped around and barked happily in the house, she watched him with pride and joy. She was willing to let him do whatever he wanted that would make him happy. They resumed living together, and slowly life returned to normal. Now that there was no threat in the house again, Shiva was happily sleeping in the living room where he used to. But Mary no longer wanted him so far away; she wanted him to join her on the bed.

But Shiva didn’t, and always opted to sleep on the floor instead. So she placed his rug on the floor beside her bed. Now she couldn’t sleep well unless she knew that the dog was close by. She could only feel safe and reassured when Shiva was by her side. The dog never slept in her bed again, but Mary had learned a valuable lesson. She had come to understand Shiva in a way that she didn’t before the snake’s attack.

Before the snake’s attack, she had simply dismissed his acts and assumed that she knew what he was thinking and that he had placed her in harm’s way. That was risky, and she was not going to try it ever again. She knew better now, and whenever her dog acted out of character, she was going to investigate it and find out why. For starters, she already knew what it meant for Shiva to come into her bed unannounced; it meant that danger was lurking nearby.

And the next time that happened, she swore that she was going to handle it better.”

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