His Parents Abandoned Him And a Doctor Adopted Him. What He Did Next is Unbelievable

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“When Alex was only a little boy, his parents abandoned him because of his disability. However, he got adopted by a caring doctor. What he did next to repay her is unbelievable.

It was 1 am when Alex’s parents carefully snuck out of the house, looking behind them several times to be sure they weren’t being watched. They placed the baby in the back seat of their clunky car and sped off. About 30 minutes later, they got to the doorpost of the hospital where Alex had been born. Luckily for them, the security guard was nowhere to be seen.

He could be out at any moment, so they needed to act fast. Alex’s dad didn’t even bother coming out of the car; his mom quickly took him out of his seat, placed him in a basket, and dropped him on the floor without looking back. She ran back into the car and left with her boyfriend. Neither of them felt guilty for abandoning their only child, all because…..Read Full Story Here……………………..

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