Homeless boy robs mansion, but when he sees his picture in the living room portrait

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A little homeless boy decides to rob a luxurious mansion but is terrified when he sees a sick old lady bedridden. When the old lady says something to him, the boy is paralyzed with fear.

In the dim light of dawn, Liam woke up on the cold ground of a deserted street. His stomach rumbled, a cruel reminder of hunger, his constant companion.

“Just one day at a time,” he whispered to himself, trying to gather the strength to face the reality of another morning without food.

When the first rays of sun began to shine, the little boy, at just 8 years old, wandered the streets looking for leftovers. “A piece of bread, anything, please. Do you have anything to eat?” he would ask, but the answers were always the same: averted glances, slamming doors, the world closing in on him.

“Beat it, you filthy kid!”

With each rejection, his heart broke, the weight of invisibility marking his existence. Tired, hungry, and despised, Liam found himself once again in front of the mansion that had always intrigued him. That sleeping giant seemed to be calling out to him, promising not only food but also a refuge from the indifference of the world outside.

“Today, today I’m going to find out what’s inside,” he thought, with a glimmer of determination lighting up in his eyes.

The wait for the perfect moment seemed endless, but finally, he saw a car leaving the mansion, and before the gate closed, the little boy quickly sneaked into the property. The mansion was magnificent. The well-kept garden and the large swimming pool were much more impressive than he could ever have imagined. With his heart pounding, Liam approached the surprisingly unlocked back door.

“It’s now or never,” he whispered, entering the unknown.

The kitchen was a paradise full of various foods, which for Liam was a great feast of the gods. He attacked the food as if it were his last meal on Earth, each bite a small victory against the hunger that consumed him. He opened the fridge, and his little eyes lit up.

“No way,” he gasped, seeing so many supplies stored in one place. The adrenaline rushed through his veins as he knew he could be caught at any moment. Satiated but still driven by curiosity and the desire to find something valuable, Liam began to explore the mansion. The place was quiet, showing that there was no one there at that time. He marveled at the richness and beauty around him, each object and each painting telling stories of a world so far from his own.

However, Liam heard a noise coming from one of the bedrooms. When he opened the door to see what it was, the sight that presented itself made his heart stop. There was an old woman lying in bed, so still and silent that for a moment Liam thought she was dead. With his breath caught in his throat, he wondered who she was and why she was there all alone.

The mansion he had always wanted to see now seemed much more frightening and full of secrets and mysteries. And so, driven by curiosity, the little homeless boy entered the room. As the morning light faintly bathed the room, Liam was fascinated by the details around him. The room looked more like a hospital ward than a bedroom, with devices monitoring the old lady’s life signs and tubes connected to her. The beeping sound from the machine was the noise he had heard and what had drawn him there.

Curiosity overcame his initial apprehension, and he began to open drawers and cupboards, looking for something, anything, that he could take with him. Then, out of nowhere, the old lady opened her eyes and sat up in bed with an agility that contradicted her frail appearance. Her eyes widened at the sight of the little boy, and with a voice full of terror and disbelief, she began to shout, making the little homeless boy tremble with fear.

“You are dead!”

Those three words hit Liam like a cold blade, sending his whole body into a state of panic. He was paralyzed, unable to understand how that old lady, whom he had never seen before, could say something so disturbing. Curling up in bed, she continued to shout in a tone that oscillated between pleading and ordering.

“You’re dead! Get out of here! I know you’re dead!”

Her words filled the room, echoing on the walls and in Liam’s mind. He began to back away slowly towards the door, wanting to get away from that terrifying situation. But then his eyes fell on a photo on the nightstand next to the old lady’s bed. The photo struck him with devastating force, terrifying him even more. He saw himself in the photo, sitting on the old lady’s lap as they smiled happily.


The little boy ignored the old lady’s screams for a moment as he looked at the photo of himself, well-dressed and healthy, next to the old lady he’d never met. The resemblance was so uncanny it was disturbing. How was that possible? Liam had never been in that house and had never met the old lady before. The photo made him even more confused and frightened. He wanted to know what that meant. Who was the boy in the photo, and why did he look so much like Liam? The old lady’s words swirled around in his mind like a threat, a warning, a mystery he didn’t know how to solve. Slowly, with his heart beating uncontrollably in his chest, the little boy began to walk towards the door, each step an effort to get away from that supernatural situation.

He had to leave the mansion, which moments before had represented an escape from his bleak reality, had turned it into a labyrinth of fear and secrets, with the old lady and her terrifying screams at the center of it all. The little boy’s heart was beating frantically and his legs were shaking as he tried to recover from the shock. He was about to put his hand on the doorknob to leave when he heard the sound of footsteps approaching the room.

The little boy didn’t know what to do in the face of that terrible, frightening situation. Liam could hear the echo of every movement approaching, louder and louder, like the harbinger of an imminent disaster. He thought about hiding, but where? The room suddenly seemed devoid of hiding places. Every piece of furniture, every shadow, was not enough to hide a frightened little boy. He opened the cupboards, but he couldn’t even get in because they were already full with medical equipment.

The footsteps stopped in front of the bedroom door, and for a moment, Liam held his breath, waiting for what would come next. His heart, like a wild drum against his chest, was the only thing he could hear. Then the door opened smoothly, revealing an elegant man whose posture and dress exuded authority and care.

“Mom, I’m back. I forgot I had to give you your 8:00 pill,” he said in a voice that carried both relief and concern. The man was also stunned to see the little boy standing there in his mother’s room. When he saw Liam, an intruder in his home, the millionaire’s eyes widened in despair. The little boy, on the other hand, was petrified, like an animal cornered in the presence of an unknown threat. His options were limited. His mind was screaming for a way out: either run or explain himself.

“Where did you come from?” the man asked, his voice firm but kind, trying to establish some kind of communication with the clearly terrified boy in front of him.

“I’m… I’m sorry, sir. I just wanted some food. I didn’t steal anything. I’ll leave. Please don’t call the police,” he stammered, the words rushing out of his mouth, the sincerity of his apology mixing with the fear of the consequences.

The man stared at Liam for a long time, his eyes analyzing the little boy’s frightened face, as if he was trying to decipher an enigma.

“Did you see that photo over there?” he asked, pointing at the photo on the nightstand. Still trembling, the little boy nodded slowly, fear pressing against his chest. At that moment, the little boy knew that the man wasn’t a threat, that he wouldn’t hurt him, and that he would explain about the photo. He took courage and, shy and hesitant, asked, “Who is he? Is it me?”

The question escaped his lips before he could stop it, with a mixture of curiosity and fear tinging his voice. The man took a step forward, getting closer and making the air seem denser. Then he revealed something that would change that poor little boy’s life forever.

“I’m your father, kid,” he revealed.

The weight of those words made the small world of Liam tremble. The shock of this revelation hit the little boy with the force of a storm, and his little legs threatened to give way under the weight of a truth he could never have imagined.

“My father? But I don’t have a father,” Liam retorted. How is that possible? He thought of a thousand things, his mind revolving around the impossibility of the situation. The old lady on the bed, still agitated, murmured silently, “You are dead,” a painful truth that only she and the man knew.

The man approached her and said, “Calm down, Mom. That’s not him,” his voice a mixture of patience and pain as he tried to calm his delirious mother. The words of consolation seemed to have little effect, but slowly the old lady calmed down and lay back on her bed, her eyes still fixed on Liam as if she were seeing a ghost.

“That’s him, son. That’s Charlie.” The poor woman let out a tear. Then the man asked the little boy to sit down so that he could explain everything.

“That’s not you in the photo. By the way, what’s your name?” the man asked. The boy said his name was Liam, and the man

introduced himself as Mark Lancaster.

“Well, Liam, that was your twin brother, Charlie. He passed away last year.”

The story behind the tragic event began to unfold—a story that was supposed to be one of joy and love, but was one of devastating loss. The year before, Charlie, the millionaire’s son and Liam’s twin brother, suffered a tragic accident. He was crossing the street after school when a motorcycle, dodging a car, hit him. Charlie was thrown into the air and fell heavily to the ground, hitting his head on the curb. Unfortunately, he couldn’t resist the injuries, and his death left a huge void in the family. The pain of that day was almost palpable as Mark reminisced.

“It was a day like any other. He was so happy, making plans for his birthday that was coming up. But everything changed in an instant,” he said, sadness tinging every word. Their small family was just him and his mother now, as they were torn apart by the loss. The grandmother, in particular, never fully recovered, and her mind often confused the present with the past, seeing Charlie in every shadow, in every corner of the house.

“But how is that possible? I’m not adopted. My mother was my biological mother,” Liam commented. He told Mark how he grew up on the streets with his mother, a woman who, despite her desperate situation, always had a glimmer of hope in her eyes. Whenever they walked past that mansion, she would say with her eyes fixed on the property, “Someday we’ll go in there, son.” Liam never understood why she used to say that, but in his dreams, he imagined what it would be like to live in a house like that, a world so different and far from his own.

Mark asked about his mother, with a glint of hope in his eyes, “Your mother, Kelly, where is she?” At first, the little boy was startled to learn that the millionaire actually knew his mother’s name, but then, with a broken heart, he replied that she had passed away a few months before.

“Poor thing,” the little boy’s mother died of starvation, leaving him completely alone with no food and nowhere to go. Liam found himself drawn to that mansion that his mother talked about so much, but he could never have imagined what he would really find inside—a connection to a past and a family he never knew he had.

But what the little boy never knew was his mother’s past. He, a homeless boy, the son of a woman whose only inheritance had been hope, was in fact the son of one of the richest men in the city, Mark Lancaster, who owned several commercial buildings in the richest parts of the city. Mark and Kelly’s story was marked by forbidden love, secrets, and a forced separation that echoed the sadness of lives set apart.

When the millionaire was just a young man full of dreams and desires, he fell in love with the gardener’s daughter, Kelly, a young woman with a beautiful smile and a kind heart. Their forbidden love led to an unexpected pregnancy. The millionaire’s father, Walter, a rigid man obsessed with the family’s reputation, threatened Kelly, demanding that she disappear with her unborn children, or else he would destroy her.

“Your father is fired, and I want you out of my son’s life!”

But Carmen, Mark’s mother, wouldn’t let her leave. As Kelly’s father had passed away before the birth of his grandchildren, on the delivery day, the twins came into the world. The grandmother, Carmen, holding one of the babies, could hardly contain the happiness and instant love she felt. But the peace of that moment was shattered when Walter, enraged, burst into the room, determined to fulfill his threat.

The four walls of that small room witnessed the screams and pleas of a young mother desperate to save her children. Kelly, heartbroken and still badly hurt from giving birth, managed to escape with only one of the babies, Liam, while the other stayed behind with Carmen, who managed to escape with the other baby to her country house. This marked the beginning of parallel lives, full of longing and loss.

Mark was absent during the conflict, away on a business trip, but he had taken the first flight as soon as he heard that Kelly was in labor. But when he returned, he discovered the chaos that had befallen his family. Confronting his own father, he ended up being thrown out of the house. But the damage was done. Walter lived alone forever, and the millionaire, together with his mother, raised baby Charlie, always with a heavy heart because of the absence of his lost son and the love of his life.

On the other side of town, Kelly faced a daily struggle for survival, always with her gaze lost on the man that represented the world that could have been theirs. She always walked past the property, fantasizing that she might see her son there, unaware that Mark had become the new owner of the house after his father’s death.

This revelation and Liam’s acceptance of his real family marked the beginning of a new journey for all of them. Little by little, the wounds of the past began to heal, replaced by a cautious hope for the future. Mark, overcome by a mixture of joy and remorse, embraced the opportunity to right the wrongs of the past, welcoming the boy not only into his home but, more importantly, into his heart.

He was the only piece of Kelly that remained. Liam, although initially suspicious and frightened, gradually began to open up to the possibility of having a family again. The memories of his mother would never leave him, but he began to see the mansion as a home full of possibilities. Even his grandmother, Carmen, whose mind had been clouded by the pain and loss, found in Liam a reason to fight against the fog of oblivion. The presence of Liam, so similar to the grandson she had lost, acted as a balm for her tormented soul. Over time, she began to recover, with her delirious conversations giving way to moments of lucidity and joy.

And so, that simple little homeless boy gained a new life, a new family, all because he decided to break into a mansion he didn’t even know belonged to him. Against all odds, he found his place in the world, proving that even the saddest stories can have happy endings.

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