husband woke up with red stripes all over his back in a tourist spot – his wife immediately realized their big mistake

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The husband woke up with red stripes all over his back at a tourist spot, and his wife quickly understood their significant error. Particularly in countries like Thailand, where people often indulge in affordable massages or spa treatments, it is important to ask about the types of massages available.

Not doing so, as an Australian couple discovered, can lead to serious consequences and ruin a holiday.

Bali, Indonesia, is a well-known global tourist spot, admired for its beautiful scenery and reasonable prices. Candice Raison and her husband Matthew, from South Australia, traveled to Bali for six days with the plan to enjoy a massage. Yet, what they expected to be a calming experience turned out to be completely unexpected. To their surprise, Matthew discovered…….Read Full Story Here…….

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