During His Granddaughter’s Funeral, Man Opened Coffin – What He Saw Left Him Speechless

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During his granddaughter Macy’s funeral, Thomas was almost unable to contain his grief. He just wasn’t ready to let go of his granddaughter yet. He had to see her one more time. When he thought that no one was looking, Thomas reached down and opened her casket. What he hoped would be a comforting final goodbye was suddenly something straight out of his nightmares. He quickly yelled for his family to come. No one could believe what Thomas had seen.

Thomas’s mind raced as he tried to comprehend what he had just seen. Family and friends gathered around, confused by Thomas’s outburst. They decided to bring in the priest. He would probably be the one who would really know what was going on. Priest John completely froze up when he saw it. He knew he had not been allowed to open the casket at the coroner’s request, and now he understood why. Jon turned his attention to Macy’s parents. He told them he was not going to let the casket be buried. Instead, he called the police.

But Macy’s parents had different ideas. What detail did Thomas notice in the casket? Why did her parents react this way? And what was the secret they were hiding?

The death of little Macy Greenwood was devastating news for the small town in rural Arkansas, and nobody expected something like this to happen in their ever-so-quiet town. The news was even on the front page of the daily local newspaper. But the cause of death was shrouded in mysteries. Macy’s parents told the press that her death had been caused because of a car accident. And the most shocking of all was the fact that the driver didn’t stop the vehicle to help the girl. There was overwhelming sympathy from the town for the grieving family.

Besides the identity of the driver who had allegedly killed poor Macy, there were some more questions about her death. Some of these questions had to do with her parents’ behavior since they refused to talk about the whole incident. The funeral was scheduled to take place in two days, and Macy’s family wanted to prepare a beautiful ceremony to say a worthy goodbye.

But that day, many more details would be revealed about the car accident. Macy’s parents and all the other citizens in their town were very religious. Therefore, they decided that the funeral ceremony would take place in the local church, the town’s pride.

On the day of the funeral, the church was full of people. Poor Macy was at the foot of the altar in a closed casket, just like her parents had requested. Macy’s grandfather Thomas was standing next to the casket. Just as the funeral was about to start, he knew that her parents wanted the casket to remain closed. But he could not help but open it and take one last look at her.

Everybody in the church was waiting for the priest to start his speech, but they were suddenly all focusing on Thomas. He gasped and could barely keep himself from letting out a scream that would echo through the entire church. Several friends and relatives jumped up and rushed to Thomas, wanting to give him the support he needed to get through this difficult time. He knew he couldn’t tell anybody about what he had seen just yet. Macy’s parents had already asked everybody not to open the casket, but Thomas had chosen to ignore their wish. She was his granddaughter after all, didn’t he deserve to see her one more time?

Priest John had been standing right next to Thomas as he opened the casket, so he had seen the same thing as well. He didn’t want to make the situation seem any weirder than it already was, so he invited the attendees to stand up row by row and come to the altar to pay their respects and say their goodbyes.

While the attendees were paying their respects, John quickly went into the back room of the church to get his phone. He knew he needed to alert the police in order to investigate what happened there. While the priest was waiting to be put through to the right police department, Macy’s parents stormed into the back room. They looked terrified and carefully closed the door behind them. Obviously, they didn’t want anybody else to witness this.

They started bargaining with the priest not to call the police or tell anybody about what he had seen in the casket. They were offering him anything they could offer, and Macy’s father even threatened the old man. The whole situation was very weird, and he wanted to figure out what had happened here.

When the line finally connected to the police department, Priest John’s doubts disappeared, and he was sure of what he had to do. He asked the police to come to the church right away, saying that he needed to show them something important. He stood firmly in front of the parents and told them to send everyone home quickly. They should be gone before the police arrive.

But the parents were not ready to give up, and they tried one last time to persuade the priest to call off the police. Then suddenly, Macy’s parents locked the door, and the priest’s face turned pale. What were they going to do to him?

Priest John suddenly felt like he couldn’t breathe; he was having a panic attack. The parents couldn’t help but feel sorry for the priest. After all, he was an old man, and they weren’t bad people. Or well, that’s what they wanted him to think. They offered him some water, but when he wasn’t paying attention, they slipped something into his drink. After that, the priest fell asleep, and he would wake up soon after somewhere unexpected.

Macy’s parents dragged the priest to a back room with several empty coffins. They put him inside one of them and closed it, making sure to hide him from his assistants and the police. They knew they didn’t have much time until he would wake up, and they needed to hurry. It was now or never.

They wheeled their daughter’s coffin through the church’s back door and loaded it into a funeral car. As they drove off, the priest came running through the back door. He had managed to escape from the coffin, but when they drove around the corner of the street, they were greeted by something horrible. They heard the sirens of the police cars from a distance; they were coming straight at them. They had no time to turn the car around anymore, so they parked their car and waited for it to be over.

The priest had caught up with them and was angrily knocking at their window. How could they have done that to him? The priest yanked the key out of the ignition; they were not getting away a second time. Macy’s parents could now see the police cars driving up the street toward them. They tried so hard to conceal their secret, but it was all for nothing. It was over for them.

The police officers took Macy’s coffin back inside the church and wanted to talk to each parent alone. The police took Macy’s mother first; they escorted her to a little back room and sat her down. Macy’s mom asked for a lawyer and kept her mouth shut. If only Macy’s father had done the same. He started sweating as soon as the officers called his name. It was obvious that he was hiding something. The officers took advantage of his nervousness; they started the interrogation pretty rough.

Then, before realizing what he was doing, it was too late. The words were flying out of his mouth, and he couldn’t stop himself. Buck and Fred looked at each other in silence. Macy’s father tapped his foot on the ground, nervous for their reaction. Almost every outcome had gone through his head, and none of them had a happy ending. When the officers looked back, they burst into laughter.

“All right, buddy, great story, but you need to tell us the truth,” the officers said. They didn’t believe Macy’s father’s story. The officers told Macy’s parents they had to look inside the coffin; that was the only way to get the truth out. But when Fred went to get the coffin, he came back empty-handed.

“The coffin is gone,” he said. He looked at his partner in disbelief. “How is that possible?”

The officers handcuffed Macy’s parents to their chairs. They walked out the door, wanting to investigate. But the church is massive; the coffin must be on the ground floor. “You can’t go downstairs with it,” they decided.

They decided to split up. Buck went to the back of the church, and Fred to the front. He walked as silently as he could, gripping his gun on his belt. He opened the door slightly, just enough to see what was happening on the other side. Someone was standing over Macy’s coffin.

“Put your hands where I can see them!” he shouted, “and turn around slowly.”

The man over Macy’s coffin froze. He put his hands up in the air and turned around. “Hello, Buck,” he said. “Nice to see you again.”

Buck couldn’t believe his eyes. He dropped his gun and stood there confused for a second. Then Fred came running through the door. “Stand down, Fred,” Buck said. “I know this man.”

“Who are you?” then he asked the man.

Buck answered for him. “This is Jack, my old partner. He quit the LAPD last year to join the FBI.”

He noticed Jack was holding something in his hand. He nodded at Buck to look at it too. Buck noticed Jack wasn’t wearing his FBI badge.

“Does your bureau know that you’re here?” Buck asked.

Jack didn’t reply. Buck and Fred took Jack to the room with Macy’s parents. They expected to see surprised faces, but that wasn’t the case. Macy’s parents looked at Jack with disbelief. It almost looked like they were disappointed to see him. Then they started talking to each other.

Jack apologized to Macy’s parents. He failed them. Buck and Fred demanded an explanation. Jack started talking.

“It all started when I met Macy’s parents at a parents’ meeting. My daughter goes to the same school as Macy did. We became friends and confided in each other. I told them about a special operation I was working on.”

Jack continued, “It was top secret, but I needed their help. I was tailing a notorious bank robber at that time and had to hide some evidence.”

Buck and Fred listened carefully. “Macy came over one day to play with my daughter. I wasn’t paying attention. Then suddenly Macy was gone. I thought you guys came over and picked her up, but when I saw the news the following day, I knew that wasn’t true. I searched your house to find the evidence I gave you to hide, but when I couldn’t find it, I knew you guys took it with you.”

Jack opened his hand and revealed a disc. “FBI” was drawn on the top with big letters. Macy’s parents had hidden the evidence in Macy’s coffin. They thought no one would ever be able to find it then, but they were wrong.

Macy’s parents also confessed the whole thing to Thomas, and he was relieved to find out the truth. He forgave them immediately, and they planned a new date to hold Macy’s funeral. Luckily, nobody else found out about their secret, and they knew Thomas would keep it safe as well. Life went on, and their bond became stronger than ever.

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