I Cheated On Him With My Ex And Got Pregnant, But That’s Not The Problem

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I was almost done with nursing school when I found out Richard was cheating on me. It would’ve been easier if it was just one person, but he was seeing many others. What made it worse was that he wasn’t even trying to hide it. Everyone who knew we were together knew about his cheating.

I got calls and messages from different people saying they saw Richard with other women. One time, someone said, “I saw your boyfriend with a short woman with big boobs. Do you know her?” Another time, it was, “Richard spent the night with a slim lady.” Each time I got a call, I worried it was another report about Richard’s cheating.

As time passed, he got even worse, so I decided to end things with him. There was no point hoping he would change. That’s when I met Patrick. Patrick was completely different from Richard. He was kind, respectful, and supportive. He treated me really well. When he asked me to be his girlfriend, I had just broken up with Richard. Some might say I should’ve taken time to heal, but when you meet the right person, you just know. Patrick was that person. He supports my dreams and gives me space to grow. He only had eyes for me, which made me feel special.

After finishing school, I went to Richard’s place to pack my things. Things got heated between us, and we ended up being intimate. I didn’t want to tell Patrick about it because I was afraid of losing him. But life had other plans. Soon after, I found out I was pregnant with Richard’s child. I had to tell Patrick the truth. At first, he was angry and felt betrayed. He wanted to erase any evidence of Richard from our lives. But I couldn’t do that. I decided to keep the baby, despite it being a mistake. I hoped Patrick would forgive me.

Richard’s reaction wasn’t surprising. He didn’t want me back or the responsibility of being a father. I didn’t want him back either. I just wanted him to know the truth about the baby.

While I was dealing with everything, Patrick came to see me. He was still hurt but wanted to support me. He didn’t want to be a couple while I was pregnant, but he promised to be there for me and the baby.

It was hard to believe Patrick’s support, considering I had cheated on him. But he stood by me like a true partner. He went to appointments with me and helped me make decisions about the baby. Although things weren’t perfect, he made sure I felt loved. After the baby was born, we talked about our future together.

Patrick encouraged me to take an exam to work abroad. I didn’t pass with the score needed to be a nurse, so we had to decide what to do next. Patrick wanted me to retake the exam, but I wasn’t sure if I could improve my score. His friend offered to help me move to the UK with my current score, but Patrick worried I might leave him behind.

He’s struggling to trust me, even though I’ve apologized for what happened with Richard. He thinks I might leave him for someone else once I’m in the UK. He wants me to retake the exam so we can both go together, but I’m not sure if I want to do that.

His recent behavior worries me, especially when I saw a message from another woman saying she couldn’t wait to marry him. When I asked him about it, he said he couldn’t wait for me to come to him in the UK, so he might move on.

I’m not sure how to make him understand that I want to be with him. I’m starting to wonder if he only wants to use me to get to the UK and then be with someone else. I love him and appreciate everything he’s done for me, but I don’t know how to make him believe me. Please help me.

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