I Scolded a Beggar Hanging Around My Car, And The Unexpected Took Place

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If you saw a suspicious man hanging around your car, glancing around nervously, what would you think?

It happened to me once. It was 9 p.m. on a Saturday, and after finishing work, I left my office building. It was raining heavily, and all I could think about was the warm meal waiting for me at home.

As I approached where I parked, in the blur of rain, I noticed a man in baggy clothes lingering around my car.

He was alone, shivering in the cold, glancing left and right as he walked along the parking lines. My suspicions grew stronger as I got closer. When I saw him peering into my car, with the windows partly down, it hit me: I had left my wallet on the….Read Full Story Here.…….

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