I Slept With My Wife’s Cousin But It Doesn’t End There

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My wife, Suzzy, and I have been married for the past four years. The first time we met at a mutual friend’s birthday party at his residence in Cantonments. The party went late into the night so around 2:00 AM, I decided to drive back home to Tema.

My friend pleaded with me to drop Suzzy, his work colleague at her place on my way home. That was the first time during the night that I interacted with her. My friend had mentioned her in conversation several times in the past so I was glad to finally put a face to her name. I remember smiling at her and saying, “I am glad to finally meet the person I have heard so much about. Patrick talks about you so much that I already feel like I know you.

We all laughed and got into my car. On our way, we talked about the party and general issues happening in the country. At some point, I asked her, “Where should I drop you off?” She hesitated for a minute before saying, “I was hoping you’d take me to your place. My neighbourhood is not safe for me to go home at this time.” This is someone I had just met. I was not enthused about taking her to my place so I called Patrick and told him what was going on.

He vouched for her and persuaded me to just take her home. I lived in a three-bedroom apartment with my younger sister, so when we arrived I gave her one of the bedrooms to pass the night. In the morning, I realized that my sister knew Suzzy. She was my sister’s senior in high school and they shared the same dormitory. So they reminisced and got along very well. Along the line, we exchanged contacts and started talking. Suzzy came home quite often to see both me and my sister. I grew fond of her, just as she also came to like me. Within five months of our first meeting, we started dating.

Things were so good between us that nine months into our relationship, we started dating. I love her so much that I would do literally anything to make her happy. Ever since we got married, we have tried so hard to have kids but it hasn’t been easy. My wife has visited fertility hospitals. She has undergone several tests as well. Due to the nature of my job, I did not have the time to go to these centres with her. Just last February, I got the chance to come home to Ghana and decided to go and get tested too. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to collect my results before I had to travel again.

On 6th March, I was in Norway when my wife called to inform me that she was pregnant. She first used the home pregnancy test kit and it was positive. I was so happy but I was also afraid that if I celebrated too much it would turn out false so I kept my cool until she went to the hospital to run a blood test. There, it was confirmed that she truly is pregnant.

My joy was boundless. My job doesn’t allow me to stay in Ghana for twenty-eight days so my wife got lonely. One day she suggested that I allow her cousin to move into the house to keep her company. I didn’t think it was necessary considering that we have a live-in house help, and a live-in cook. However, I didn’t object to her cousin moving in. I just wanted her to be happy.

When I returned to Ghana in April, I showered her with lots of gifts including a Prado. Just eighteen days into my stay in Ghana, my wife had to travel with her work colleagues for a workshop. I was left at home with her cousin. One night I went to a party and returned drunk. To be honest, the entire night was a blur. I don’t remember most of it, only that I ended up in bed with her cousin. I was ridden with so much guilt that I couldn’t speak about what happened.

Seven days after the incident, I left Ghana for Canada for work schedule. On June 5th, Sandra called to inform me that she is pregnant with my child. As a man, I take full responsibility for my actions and mistakes. I was very disappointed in myself for allowing such a thing to happen. I wondered how I would break the news to my wife and my family. I was emotionally and mentally drained. Before anything, I asked Sandra; “What do you want to do about the pregnancy?” She responded, “What happened was a mistake and it must remain so. I have no interest in causing problems in your marriage so I will get rid of it.

However, you have to compensate me with a two-bedroom house.” I am yet to give her a response. Now here is my problem. Recently, I received a message from the hospital that ran my fertility test. They told me that my results have been there for more than three months so I should go for it. For some reason, I instructed my younger sister to go for it for me.

I had to even issue a letter of authorization and speak to the specialist before it was released to her. My sister opened the results, took a picture of it and sent it to me. It was written that I have oligozoospermia. This means my sperm count is far less than five million per millilitre of semen. So I cannot impregnate a woman.

I called the specialist and he said my sperms are way too low and that it cannot be treated. If it was at least fifteen million, there were remedies to treat it. I broke down and cried. I took the same test here in Canada at five different facilities but it is the same results.

So whose child is my wife carrying? And if Sandra is indeed pregnant, then whose child is she also carrying? I am scheduled to be in Ghana this August. How do I handle this so the truth is revealed? Please advise me.

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