Black Waitress Feeds Homeless Man, Then He Gives Her A Note. Reading It, She Bursts Into Tears!

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This black waitress fed a homeless man for months without expecting anything in return. One day, he walked into the restaurant and gave her a note. When she read it, she burst into tears.

A lonely 60-year-old man roamed the streets of New York, his eyes wandering aimlessly. Wearing a thick, fluffy sweater and with his hair worn to protect himself from frostbite, he squinted as he looked around. Having lost his family in a plane crash 2 years earlier, the tragedy had deeply affected his mental health. No longer interested in living, he saw no meaning to life and just wanted to roam the streets until his last days.

However, everything changed when he met Sarah one snowy morning. Sarah was a dark-skinned lady; she worked as a waitress in a Chinese restaurant down the street. She was a pretty young lady with brown eyes. That morning, as Sarah headed to the restaurant where she worked, her gaze caught the old man sitting on the bridge lane, shivering in the cold. She moved over to him.

“Hello, you should not be sitting here in the cold,” she said.

The man just lifted his gaze at her, humbled, and leaned back on the bridge. She then turned to engage him in a conversation, but he wasn’t willing to talk. She shrugged and headed for the restaurant.

Work in the restaurant was hectic as she had a lot of customers to attend to. She wasn’t someone to smile and laugh with her other colleagues, so she faced her work squarely and didn’t give room for tantrums. After she closed from work, she decided to visit the old man again.

She strolled towards where he sat and noticed he was brooding under a fig tree. He had some walnuts in his hands, and his feeble hand struggled to crack the shell. She shrugged and walked over to him.

“I’m Sarah, let me help you crack the walnuts,” she said.

He nodded with a sigh, and she cracked the seeds open and handed them to him. She was beginning to wonder why he would choose to stay out in the cold. She tried to speak to him, but he kept silent. She pulled out her thick jacket and handed it over to him.

“Okay, you will need this,” she said.

For the very first time, she saw him smile at her, revealing his white dentition.

“I work in the restaurant down the street. Can we have coffee tomorrow?” she asked.

The old man nodded, and Sarah felt a bit relieved. So she boarded a taxi and headed home.

The next day, she still met him at the spot, shivering wildly, and she wondered why he would choose to remain in the cold. She was starting to imagine that he wasn’t interested in living anymore, so she invited him to the restaurant. That morning, she served them coffee, and they sat together to drink. There was a moment of silence before he cleared his throat and tilted forward.

“I am Michael,” he introduced himself.

Sarah nodded and wondered why an aged man would sit all night long in the cold. She could tell that he had been through a lot; he had his permanent look of sadness in his wary eyes. Sarah had also had her own fair share of bitter struggles. She was a victim of a wrong marriage, and she was divorced before she got a job at the Chinese restaurant.

She had been a full-time housewife; their marriage had started so rosy until her husband, Silas, cheated on her with a family friend and slowly fell out of love with her. Right after the occurrence, the marriage got filled with mental torture and cries. Sarah wouldn’t go a full day without being mistreated by her husband. Worst case of all was when he lost his job; he blamed his poor productivity on Sarah and would transfer all his aggression to her.

But Sarah had no choice; she had to stay in the marriage because of her son. Worst off, she was financially dependent on him. There were nights she slept in the cold and was barred from sleeping into the house for days. During this period, she would sneak into the kitchen to make food for her son before going outside. There was a time Silas barred her from sleeping in the house for days; he returned late in the evening and found her dozing on their son’s bed.

He didn’t want to listen to her explanations, and he kicked her out in the cold. But there was only so much that Sarah could take; as time passed, it gradually dawned on her that she didn’t need him to survive. She needed to be strong and believe that she would be just fine without him. There was no point hoping that things would go back to the way they used to be; this man was no longer the same person she was married to. He no longer cared about her nor their son, and the only reason he was still with her was because the lady he had cheated with wasn’t willing to take things further.

With these thoughts in mind, Sarah decided enough was enough, and then she served them divorce papers. Silas tried to gain custody of their son, but Sarah was ready to fight. Fortunately for her, she was able to provide to the court that she would be able to take care of their son and that Silas’s short temper and cruel nature would only hurt their son. Months later, she got employed at the Chinese restaurant where she started earning a decent amount.

Sarah put in everything she made into giving her son a good life; she bought him lovely toys, sent him to a good school, and they even managed to go on a vacation to a beautiful island. At this point, it seemed as if Sarah’s prayers had been answered. Unfortunately, life soon dealt her a huge blow; her son came down with a serious illness, and all the money Sarah made went into treating him. Michael’s slight cough jolted Sarah back to reality as they continued their conversation.

Sarah tried to make him divulge personal information about himself, but he just stuck to her knowing only his name. Michael sipped his coffee and felt relief as his body temperature warmed up. They talked about a lot of things, and Sarah tried to learn why he was staying on the streets. He told her he chose to be on the streets because he was waiting for fate. Sarah didn’t understand what he meant by fate; anyway, she shrugged off the thoughts and listened to his tale about life. His old gruff voice was rich in philosophical melodies as he dissected life and talked about the blissful marriage he once enjoyed. Sarah told him about her short marriage too.

“Leaving your son’s issues unset; leaving the marriage shouldn’t make you feel guilty. You have to choose mental bliss over your feelings. Your feelings might put you in a state where you constantly looked down on, but once you choose your sanity, you will leave such a place of chaos,” Michael advised her.

After a few minutes of discussion, she felt relieved in high spirits. Michael bid her goodbye and left the restaurant, while she continued with her job. Her colleagues noticed her smiles and wondered what the old man did to her the whole day. Sarah carried out her job in high spirits, singing and humming to herself. The words of Michael had made her feel much better.

The next three days, Michael ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Sarah’s restaurant. He was bothered about the bills, but Sarah told him not to worry. During their eating sessions, Michael would tell her stories about his beginning days in the civil service. A week later, while Sarah was at work, she peered at her wristwatch and knew Michael would be coming for breakfast in the next 40 minutes. After brewing his favorite coffee, she watched him waltz into the restaurant. She moved over to him and joked about him being late for breakfast. They sat to drink coffee, and Michael noticed the worried look on her face. He asked her what the problem was, and she took a deep breath.

“I have a son, and he’s dying of cancer. What hurts me is that there’s nothing I can do about it,” she said.

“He’s not dead, is he?” Michael stared at her.

“He’s not, but I’m not sure what will happen if I can’t keep up with his mounting medical bills. I’m so scared,” she replied, with fear on her face.

“As long as he isn’t dead, there’s hope,” he replied, with a strong note of assurance.

Sarah took a deep breath; these last words had revived her fighting spirit, and she nodded with vigor. She had no money, but she chose not to resign to fate; she would keep striving to ensure her son lived. After Michael was done with lunch, he excused himself and left the restaurant. Sarah packed the dishes and headed to the kitchen; her colleagues noticed that her happiness increased after every session with Michael. Before now, they had written her off as a solitary because she never related with anyone at work.

It was now time for dinner, and she peered occasionally at her wristwatch, but there was no sign of Michael. She felt a nudge, and she decided to go to his relaxation point. As she arrived, she froze, and her eyes widened. What she saw was so shocking: Michael was rolling on the ground, writhing in pain as some guys rough handled him. There were three men, and they all wore masks. They kept kicking him and asking him to give them money and phones.

Sarah couldn’t bear the horrible sight; she screamed so loud, and the men stared at her in alarm. She screamed at them again, threatening to call the cops, and they ran away. She ran towards Michael, and he was bleeding heavily. She tried to lift him up, but he was too heavy; none of the passersby spared her a glance, and she was left to handle everything by herself. Things quickly took a turn for the worse as Michael began gasping for breath.

“Stay with me! Fight for your life!” Sarah screamed in horror.

He tried to speak, but blood oozed from his mouth. She pulled him to herself, and he collapsed in her arms.

“You’ll be fine, I promise,” she whispered.

Sarah quickly pulled out her phone and dialed the emergency number. Fourteen minutes later, the ambulance pulled over, and they helped Michael into the van. The head of medical officer checked his pulse, and he shook his head. Sarah knew that look; Michael’s life was hanging in the balance.

Throughout the drive to the hospital, Sarah held Michael’s cold hands, whispering words of comfort. Michael was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, and Sarah kept pacing around the hallway; she was so tense as she waited for the doctor. After what seemed like an eternity, a tall man clad in white overalls stepped out of the hallway. Sarah turned to him in fear; her heart skipped, and her pulse skedaddled.

“Doctor, how was he?” The doctor took a deep breath and told her that he suffered a few major dislocations and internal bleeding. Sarah asked to see him, and she was granted permission. She walked into the ICU and saw Michael laying cold in the bed; there were tons of tubes connected to his nose, and the oxygen sensor kept beeping.

“You can do it, Michael. I need you to come out strong,” she told him. She spent a few more hours with him before going to another hospital to stay the night with her sick son.

The next day, she returned to the hospital and saw Michael lying on the bed, his arms in bandages. Michael lifted his eyes, flashed a smile at her, and said, “I did it.”

“Oh yes, you did it, you did it,” Sarah responded gleefully. She hugged him carefully; afterward, she fed him some fruits. Even in pain, Michael kept telling her stories, and Sarah was glad he was okay. Sarah met the doctor in charge and paid for his medical bills; the doctor informed her that he would be discharged in a few weeks. During this period, Sarah would bring food and fruits for him and would watch him eat. On the day that Michael would finally get discharged, Sarah made a decision to take Michael into her home, no matter the circumstances; she couldn’t watch him stay on the side lawns again. She set up an empty room for him and returned to the hospital.

Unfortunately, she was greeted by sad news; the nurse gave her a note from Michael, and Sarah received it with trembling hands. It read:

“Dear Sarah,

I find myself at a loss for words to explain the depth of my gratitude for everything you’ve done. In a world that felt cold and indifferent, you are a warm, shining light. Your kindness didn’t just feed me; it nourished my soul. When I was hurt, you were there, an angel in human form, lifting me from the depths of despair. But as I’ve come to know of the battles you face, especially with your son’s illness, my heart is heavy. You’ve given so much, asking for nothing in return, and it’s shown me the purest form of selflessness.

These past weeks have been the best of my life, not because of the food or the shelter, but because someone cared. You cared. However, it’s this very care that brings me to the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I can’t bear to be another burden on your shoulders, another worry in your heart. You’ve given me more than I could ever repay, and now I must step away. It breaks my heart to leave, but I do it because I care about you. You will always be in my heart.”

When she was done reading, Sarah’s knees buckled, and she fell to the ground. The nurses tried to help her up, but she wouldn’t; she cried out so loud in profound grief.

After 8 weeks, Sarah had tried to adjust to a life without Michael, though it was difficult because she missed all details and advice. But she needed to forge onward. One evening, as she was closing up for the day, she was extremely shocked to see someone standing by the door, beaming with smiles and holding flowers in his hand. It was Michael.

Sarah screamed in joy and ran to Michael’s arms. “Why did you disappear?” her voice shook with emotion as she inhaled his old scent.

“I’m sorry I had to leave that way; I didn’t want to be a burden on you,” he said and patted her back.

“You’re not a burden,” Sarah smiled. She was glad to see him in good health and some change of clothes. He handed the flowers to her; the bouquet was pretty and smelled good. “Can we have breakfast tomorrow?” she offered with a shrug.

“Just like old times,” Michael simply smiled and said. Then he did something he

never had done before; he pulled Sarah into his arms and kissed her cheeks in the most gentle way. He stared at her, appreciation shining in his eyes, before he finally took his leave. She wanted to call him back, but she knew he would be available for breakfast the next day.

The past few weeks of his absence had felt like he had been away for 10 years; she was so eager to catch up with the latest happenings in his life. The next day, Sarah arrived at work; she kept staring at her wristwatch, hoping Michael would show up for breakfast. After hours of waiting, he never showed up that day. After work, she strolled around the streets, searching for him, but couldn’t find any trace of him. She then went to the hospital to spend time with her son.

The next day, Sarah hoped that Michael would show up once again with an explanation, but he never did. Weeks passed, and months went by; Sarah was now slipping into her former life of solitude and depression. A vacuum was created, and every single time she stared at the entrance, hoping the homeless man would waltz in. Sarah was going through a strong roller coaster of emotions; her son’s condition wasn’t getting any better as she hadn’t had the money to give him the best treatment. Sadly, Michael wasn’t there to energize her with words; it seemed to her that the universe had left her alone to face her battle. She almost thought of resigning from work, but she needed to pay her son’s exorbitant medical bills.

The few weeks she spent with Michael had taught her a whole lot, and so she wouldn’t give up. Two months had passed, and one afternoon, as she was attending to a customer, a white man dressed in a dark cloak walked into the restaurant and asked for Sarah. Sarah walked over to him; she spotted the badge on his chest with a barista insignia.

She took a deep breath and watched the man as he rummaged through his bag; he brought out a letter and handed it to Sarah. She recognized the letter as Michael’s handwriting; in the letter, he thanked her for treating him like a father, the most heartbreaking revelation. He promised that she would be on his mind when he took his last breath. The letter closed with the note that by the time she read it, he would have already departed from this world.

After reading the letter, Sarah cried so hard that she lost her voice. She couldn’t believe that she had lost her friend. The lawyer and a few workers helped her up and made her sit; the lawyer presented her with a document that revealed something astonishing. An investment worth millions of dollars, along with a mansion downtown and a fleet of four cars, had been bequeathed to her. Everything felt like a dream to her, as she couldn’t believe that the homeless man was incredibly wealthy. After a few moments, she summoned up the courage and signed the documents. Finally, she had enough money to give her son the best treatments to beat cancer.

And yes, the little boy did. Sarah eventually learned about the circumstances surrounding Michael’s homelessness. His wife and three kids had died in a car crash about 3 years ago. After that bitter incident, Michael lost his zeal for life; his wealth, investments, and business no longer made any sense to him. So he left his luxurious mansion to roam the streets, impatiently waiting for his life to end.

Following her son’s complete recovery, Sarah and the young boy paid a visit to Michael’s gravesite. They laid flowers on his grave, and in the ensuing moments, Sarah recounted to her son the cherished memories and beautiful moments she had shared with Michael.

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