I Travelled For a Week When I Came Back My 7yrs Kid Told Me What Their Mom Did And My heart Was Broken

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We have two kids: a seven-year-old and a five-year-old. To me, they’re the most precious blessings of my life. I was my parents’ only child. According to the story my mother shared, she faced difficulties before I was born. After seven years of marriage without getting pregnant, her husband left her for another woman, who happened to be my mom’s close friend.

Just a year later, they had a child together, which made my mom the subject of gossip and ridicule. She couldn’t bear it, so she moved away to live with her aunt in another town, where she met another man and they eventually got married. It took them five years before I was born, and I became the pride and joy of my parents.

This story wasn’t unique to my mother; she has three siblings who also faced challenges before having children. Their experiences were somewhat different because they were men, but they, too, struggled with infertility before their wives became pregnant. Among my mother’s siblings, only one had three children, while the rest had only one child to care for. My mom always told me, “It runs in the family. I don’t know what your journey will be like, but if it’s similar, don’t lose hope. Be patient and keep faith. It might take time, but eventually……Read Full Story Here……………………

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