I Used To Think God Cursed Me! Woman is “Proud” of her APPEARANCE Despite Being Mocked For her Seven Stone Leg

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If you stand out from your peers because of your appearance, it’s easy to feel excluded, treated unfairly, and less confident. Mahogany Geter has lymphedema, causing severe swelling in her left leg. Due to her condition, the 23-year-old Texan has endured years of bullying and online harassment.

She responded to a hurtful question by saying, “Why don’t you amputate your leg? It looks better.” Mahogany also shared that she’s been unfairly labeled as a bad person.

Dealing with hurtful comments has been tough, but Mahogany has chosen to rise above them. Despite feeling down because of the name-calling, she found support from her family and…..Read Full Story Here……

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