I Would Have Been In My Husband’s House Right Now If It Weren’t For My Mother

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I dated Mahmoud for five years. In this period, we had a son together. He is a Muslim and I am a Christian. That was my mother’s problem with him. No matter how many times he asked for my hand in marriage, my mother turned him away.

She said, “Even if he marries you first, he will still marry a woman from his religion. That is what these people do. So I will not give my blessings for you to marry him.” She didn’t care that I had suffered with this guy to build a life for ourselves. My father abandoned us when we were kids so it was my mother who took care of us. Her strength only pushed me to complete JHS.

When I completed, my future was mine to carve. I did some odd jobs here and there but I never furthered my education. The closest I came to acquiring a skill was when I saved money to buy a sewing machine so I could apprentice as a seamstress. My mother used to go to Accra to buy…….Read Full Story Here.…………….

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