I’m Muslim I Want To Marry a Devoted Catholic, But There is a Problem

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For the past eight months, we’ve been absolutely happy. I am always glowing. When people ask me my secret, I say it’s God but we all know it’s because of my boyfriend. When I smile, it reaches my eyes. This is a testament to the joy he brings to my heart. So long story short, I am in a relationship with a man I am crazy about. One who brings out the best in me.

For the past eight months, I haven’t lacked anything. The moment I ask, he provides. Some of my needs, he even anticipates them and makes provision for them before I ever ask. This is a man I trust to lead me. I don’t question his intentions toward me so I can even follow him with my eyes closed. Material needs aside, he makes time for my emotional needs and physical needs as well.

I am his priority in everything he does. If it will put him in a position not to serve my best interest, he won’t do it. This is why I feel safe with him at all times. Our relationship was progressing beautifully until the subject of marriage popped up. Chris is an eligible bachelor. I have seen the way women eye him when we are together. Sometimes they even give me a look that says, “You don’t belong with him. I do.” So I am not blind to the knowledge that other women want my man.

He has also gotten to the place where he wants to be unavailable to other women. That’s right, he wants us to get married. He is clocking thirty next year while I am twenty-four. He believes he has gotten to the ripe age for marriage. He wants us to start a family as soon as possible. That’s why he wants us to take the big step and tie the knot. I already said yes to his proposal.

We would have been married by now had it not been for the barrier of religion. He is a devoted catholic, while I am a Muslim. I know that in some marriages of this kind, everyone sticks to their religion. However, in ours, we want to fellowship together as a family.

Therefore one person must convert to the other person’s faith. , “I am willing to convert to your religion but my family is causing problems. They are fighting my decision to leave the Catholic faith. They don’t support me.” I told him not to worry.

If your family won’t let you convert, they can’t apply the same rule to me. I will leave Islam and become a catholic. All for the sake of our love.” He was happy to hear this but he insisted I get my family’s approval before I do anything.

When I spoke to my mum about my decision to leave the Islamic faith, she didn’t have a problem with it. She and my aunts only said, “As long as that young man makes you happy, then we are fine with your decision.” Even my close paternal aunts are being supportive. The problem, however, is my dad. My dad is a very difficult man.

He is not someone who would nod his head and smile at me when I tell him something like this. I will be lucky if he doesn’t end up screaming at me. He will say I am going crazy or something. If he asks me to leave my man, I am not sure I will. I love this guy with the whole of my heart. Life without him is an experience I don’t want to have. That’s why I need your advice. How do I convince my dad to accept him the way my mum and aunts have? How do I let him understand that he is the best man for me?

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