Wife Notices Husband Always Leaves the House When His Phone Rings, One Day Decides to Follow Him

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Suspecting infidelity, Wyatt’s wife, Ruth, becomes alarmed when he starts receiving calls and leaving home at unusual hours. To investigate, she engages the services of an inexpensive detective. However, by the time Ruth uncovers the true identity of the woman involved, she realizes she has made a big mistake with no chance for redemption.

The results were ready, and Dr. Matthew held them in his hands, feeling the weight of the news he was about to deliver. He looked at Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, his eyes reflecting professional concern and empathy. “I think it might be better to discuss this with Mrs. Johnson alone.” “There are no secrets between us, Doctor,” said Wyatt, his voice cutting through the tension in the room. Sitting beside Wyatt was his wife Ruth, who seemed less confident, less ready to face the unknown. “We’re in this together, Ruth,” he assured her, squeezing her hand gently yet firmly.

Acknowledging their bond, Dr. Matthew hesitated momentarily, gathering his thoughts. “After conducting multiple tests, we’ve found that you, Wyatt, are perfectly healthy,” he began, his voice steady and calm. “The issue lies with Ruth’s past abortions. They’re the reason you’ve been unable to conceive,” Dr. Matthew continued, his tone gentle yet unyielding in its honesty.

Wyatt’s reaction was immediate and visceral. His face, a mask of composure moments before, was now a canvas of shock and disbelief. Feeling the shift in Wyatt’s demeanor, Ruth tightened her grip on his hand, a silent plea for them to stay connected in this moment of upheaval. “The scarring in the womb is significant,” Dr. Matthew explained, sounding empathetic. “Natural conception may be difficult, but there are other options we can explore,” he offered, providing hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

When they left the clinic, the warm, united front that had characterized their arrival was nowhere to be seen. The car ride home was engulfed in a deafening silence. It wasn’t until they were safely inside their home that Ruth finally found the strength to break the silence. “I know I should have told you, but I just didn’t know how to talk about it,” she said, her words filled with regret. Wyatt responded differently than he usually would. He slowly walked upstairs, his every step heavy with unspoken hurt and anger. “For how long will you ignore me? We live together in the same house!” Her words echoed in the hallway, pleading for him to face the issue rather than avoid it.

“We’ve been trying to have a baby for how many years now? Nine, Ten?” Wyatt finally spoke, his voice calm but loaded with a depth of emotion that made Ruth’s anxiety spike. “You knew why we couldn’t have a child, and you lied to me,” he continued. “I-I didn’t lie to you, I just didn’t tell—”Ruth stammered, only to be interrupted by Wyatt’s overpowering presence. “For years, you acted desperate and sad, yet you kept stopping us from getting tested,” Wyatt accused, his words sharp and cutting. “Deep down, you knew you were the problem!” he exclaimed, raising his voice for the first time.

“I’m the problem? You didn’t even want kids in the first place! I was the one who convinced you!” Ruth retorted, her voice rising with a mix of guilt and defiance. Wyatt’s frustration boiled over. “You lied to me for years, Ruth! And it’s clear you don’t feel any remorse.” “Makes me wonder how many other lies you’ve told,” Wyatt continued. Ruth snapped back, driven by annoyance and no longer trying to justify herself. “Everyone has secrets, Wyatt, including you! Don’t you dare think I don’t know about—” she started, but her words trailed off, leaving an uncomfortable silence. “Know about what?” Wyatt asked, looking confused.

Despite his wait for an answer, Wyatt received none. Shaking his head in frustration, he turned and walked up the stairs. “I’m sleeping in the guest room tonight!” he declared. Ruth stood near the stairs, her anger boiling over. “He knows exactly what I’m talking about,” she muttered to herself, her mind racing back to the numerous times she had seen him hastily leave the house as soon as his phone rang.

It was the weekend, and neither had work commitments. The tension in the house grew unbearable. Unable to stand it any longer, Ruth approached Wyatt, sitting in front of the TV, absorbed in the news. “Wyatt, we need to talk,” she said softly. But before she could continue, the ringing of Wyatt’s phone interrupted them.

Ruth watched, expecting Wyatt to pull out his phone and check the caller ID, but he didn’t. Instead, he rose to his feet with a sudden decisiveness that caught her off guard. “I’m going out for a while. You can text me if you want anything,” he said casually, his tone masking the tension that had just filled the room.

Left alone, Ruth felt a surge of anger boiling inside her. Without wasting time, she grabbed her car keys and decided to follow her husband. She drove cautiously, maintaining a safe distance behind Wyatt’s car, careful not to draw his attention yet desperate to uncover the truth. Ruth watched from a distance as Wyatt’s car pulled into the parking lot of a small café. It was a place she recognized, not too far from their home.

She carefully parked her car out of sight, some distance away from the café, ensuring Wyatt wouldn’t notice her presence.

Ruth was initially calm as she saw Wyatt taking a seat by himself, but her calmness was short-lived. Her heart skipped a beat when a young woman approached him with a bright smile. “She’s most likely just a friend,” Ruth tried to reassure herself. She then watched her husband stand and embrace the woman. It wasn’t a quick, friendly hug; it lingered longer than what Ruth found comfortable. Ruth seethed as she saw her husband gently stroke the woman’s hands, holding them far too intimately.

But before she could confront them, a loud noise interrupted her from behind. “Who parked here? You can’t park here!” Rushing back, she quickly got into her car and drove away, her mind a whirlwind of emotions. That night, Ruth gave Wyatt the cold shoulder. Even the following day, when he tried to initiate a conversation, she ignored him completely. “Ruth—” Wyatt called out, sensing their issues escalated beyond control. He was stunned when she completely disregarded him and left without a backward glance.

Unable to discuss things with Wyatt, she contacted Emily, her best friend and confidant. The two women met in a restaurant. “Did Wyatt find out?” Emily asked immediately. Ruth responded with a barely perceptible nod, her face etched with discomfort and unease. “I told you! Instead of pretending not to know all these years, you should have said something,” said Emily. “What if that wasn’t why we couldn’t conceive? If I had told him, he might have left me,” Ruth’s voice trembled, revealing the turmoil brewing inside her for years. “Wyatt loves you. You’ve been together for 11 years. If you open up to him—” began Emily, only to be interrupted by Ruth.

“That’s not why I’m here, Emily!” Ruth interjected. She then recounted every detail of what she believed she had uncovered about Wyatt. “Do you believe he’s capable of that?” asked Emily, looking confused. “He leaves the house every time his phone rings, and I find him with another woman. What else am I supposed to think?” Ruth retorted, her annoyance clear. “Wyatt is a good man. Maybe talking to him about this will help clear things up,” advised Emily. “If I confront him, he’ll deny everything and turn it back on me,” Ruth declared, her tone resolute. “I need undeniable evidence. If he’s cheating, I want to catch him red-handed.”

Before Emily could say something, Ruth informed her that she had found a private investigator online who was affordable and promised quick results. Emily watched silently as her friend sent his husband’s pictures and the café’s location to the P.I. As the evening drew in, Emily looked at Ruth with tired eyes. “Are you sure the private investigator will get back to you today? It’s been five hours!” Ruth was about to respond when her phone rang. “Okay. I’ll send my location to you,” she said. “Maybe you misunderstood the situation. Maybe she’s a family member or something,” Emily suggested, hoping to change her friend’s mind one last time. Ruth shook her head, sounding sad. “The only living family member Wyatt has is his grandma. His entire family was killed in the witness protection incident, and he only survived because he was staying with his grandmother.”

When the investigator arrived, Ruth handed him an envelope of money, after which he showed her a picture, declaring that his husband was indeed cheating on her. “It’s just a peck on the cheek,” noted Emily after taking a closer look. But by then, Ruth had stormed out of the restaurant. “We asked for concrete evidence, and you gave us this?” Emily berated the investigator before standing up and following her friend. “Don’t blame me! She was already suspicious,” he chuckled.

Reaching the parking lot, Emily saw Ruth’s car gone and guessed she was headed home. “I hope this doesn’t escalate,” she sighed.

Meanwhile, Ruth was seething with anger when she arrived home and noticed Wyatt’s absence. When Wyatt finally returned, he greeted her warmly. “Where were you?” Ruth demanded. “I went out to a café. Just spent some time there and came back,” he replied. “You spent hours there!” her voice rose, indicating her growing anger. “You’re cheating on me, Wyatt! Don’t bother denying it!” “What are you talking about, Ruth? I would never do that to you!” he continued, genuinely perplexed.

Wyatt watched in shock and horror as his wife grabbed her car keys. When he asked her where she was headed, she answered, “Where else? To meet your girlfriend!”

Overwhelmed by a sense of urgency, Wyatt followed his wife. His heart sank when he saw her stop at the familiar café. “If it’s about Melissa, I can explain,” Wyatt exclaimed as he hurried after her. “So you know the woman I’m talking about,” Ruth muttered as she entered the café. Once inside, Ruth recognized Melissa, who was sitting at the counter wearing an apron. “You’re cheating with my husband!” Ruth accused. “I don’t know who you are, so please don’t make a scene,” Melissa responded. Read also

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Melissa’s denial fanned the flames, making Ruth plant a tight slap across her face in a moment of rage and fury. “Ruth!” Wyatt gasped in horror as Melissa’s legs gave away, and she collapsed to the ground. Amidst the chaos inside the café, Wyatt lifted Melissa into his arms, driving her to the hospital. Ruth followed them in her car, her mind a whirlwind of guilt and confusion. Inside the hospital, her heart sank when she heard her husband inform the doctors that Melissa had Leukemia. Her eyes widened in shock as Wyatt revealed something even more unexpected. “She’s my half-sister,” he added, just before Melissa was taken away for further treatment.

Ruth approached Wyatt, her voice trembling with regret. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know…I thought you had no family members,” Ruth stammered, trying to decipher the new-found information. “I would have told you who she was if you had patiently asked me,” Wyatt retorted. “And she’s the one you should be apologizing to!” As Ruth sat in the waiting area, consumed by guilt, she noticed a familiar face on the TV. The private investigator she had hired had been arrested due to his history of scams and exploiting innocent people. Hours passed, and when Melissa awoke, Ruth apologized to her. “I’m so sorry. Even if you had cheated with my husband, I shouldn’t have hit you!” “No, it’s my fault. I didn’t want Wyatt to tell you about me because I wasn’t sure how long I had left. I don’t know why you assumed he was cheating on you,” Melissa reassured her.

Back in the waiting room, Ruth turned to Wyatt in an apologetic tone. “I’m so sorry. I’ll tell you everything—”Ruth started, but Wyatt cut her off. “Do you really think our inability to have kids will affect my feelings for you?” he asked, his voice filled with sincerity. “Whatever you tell me isn’t going to change anything. I married you because I love you, and I need you to trust me,” said Wyatt, wrapping his arms around her. “I trust you, Wyatt. I—” Ruth began, her words trailing off as Wyatt leaned in and kissed her passionately on the lips. At that moment, Ruth believed, more than ever, that Wyatt’s love for her was unwavering, and nothing could ever change that.

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