While Burying the Twins, an Old Man Put a Liquid Into Their Mouths. What Happened Next Is Shocking

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“While the villagers were burying the twins, an old man walked into their midst and poured the liquid into their mouths. And you won’t believe what happened next.

On a cold Friday evening, the twins, Gabriella and Isabella, were born. Their mother, Martha, held them lovingly in her arms and promised to love them and protect them. She knew they would be subject to ridicule because of her actions, but she told herself that she would teach her daughters to stand tall and never let the opinions of others define them. She vowed to raise her daughters to be strong, courageous, and confident in themselves. Yes, she felt like a big failure herself, but her daughters’ lives would turn out differently, much better than hers.

According to Martha’s plan, her daughters would get married by 30 and have all their kids before 35. As the girls grew, she would often tell them never to trust any man or love wholeheartedly. She forbade them to date until they turned 25. With all these rules in place, Martha thought she was protecting her daughters. She thought she was preventing them from getting hurt and making the same irredeemable mistakes she did herself. But was she doing the right thing? Sadly, she was too blind to see the effects of her actions.

Keep watching as I unfold this gripping tale about a mother’s love, betrayal, and deceit. This story all began about two decades ago…

Martha was 18, and the bell over the village rang. Many wealthy men sought her love, and they went to extreme lengths just to show how much they cared. But Martha didn’t fall for any of them. Instead, she loved a poor village hunter, Alberto, who was 15 years older than her.

When Martha turned 20, she decided that she was done admiring Alberto from afar, and she confessed her feelings to him. The duo started as friends, but a few months later, they officially started dating. Martha knew that Alberto didn’t love her as much as she loved him, but she didn’t care. She was deeply in love with him and was scared that she would never love anyone else quite like him.

As for Alberto, he felt that Martha was caring, beautiful, young, and submissive – the perfect recipe for a good wife in his books. So, he didn’t necessarily love her, but somehow he knew she would make him happy, and he would have peace of mind with her. So, one night, he asked Martha to marry him, and she agreed, looking forward to a married life filled with happiness and lots of laughter. Unfortunately, though, the marriage would turn out to be a far cry from all Martha had envisaged.

Just within a year, it became apparent that they weren’t compatible with each other. Martha found herself craving and begging for Alberto’s love and attention, which he really wasn’t ready to give. To make matters worse, they couldn’t produce a child, even though all medical results showed that Martha was fertile. So why couldn’t she give birth? Well, no one knew.

Ten years flew past, and the couple was still without a child. By then, they were already living as strangers in their tiny home. Alberto began to leave the house very frequently, and rumors started flying around that he was seeing a young woman in the neighboring village. Sometimes he left for months, and then he was gone for a whole year. Until one day, he left, and three years down the line, he still hadn’t returned.

Martha, then 40, was lonely and miserable. It was during this vulnerable period of her life that a man, Sam, visited the village for business. He and Martha ran into each other at the local market, and somehow, they developed a thing for each other. You see, Alberto had been gone for so long, and Martha didn’t even know if she would ever see him again. And just right beside her was Sam, telling her he loved her, that he would do anything to prove it. He was loving, caring, and sweet – everything that Martha wanted Alberto to be. So, she fell helplessly in love with him.

Soon enough, Martha and Sam began dating secretly. It was beautiful, perfect, and everything Martha had ever wanted… well, that was so until one morning when she went to his house, and his neighbors told her that he had left the village for good. Words fail to describe the amount of pain that Martha felt that day.

So, fast forward a few years. You can imagine why she was so hard on her daughters and why she would often scream at them whenever she saw them talking to boys in the village. Two weeks after Sam left the village, Martha found out that she was pregnant. And it was this pregnancy that led to the birth of the twins, Gabriella and Isabella.

Martha was mocked for getting pregnant by a man that wasn’t her husband, but she didn’t let it get to her. When Alberto heard that Martha had given birth, he finally returned home. He picked up what was left of his belongings and left, God knows where. That was one question on everyone’s lips: why hadn’t Martha conceived when she was with Alberto? Well, even Martha didn’t have an answer to this question. But one thing was for certain: she would protect her daughters, and she would never let men hurt them. If only she knew she was slowly digging her daughters’ graves with her actions.

The twins had a very boring childhood, and their teenage years were uneventful as well. Martha would often lock them indoors because she didn’t want them to go out and socialize. Martha really did try her best to prevent her daughters from dating early, but not for too long. She wanted them to start dating at 25, thinking they would be mature enough by then to quickly figure out when they were being used. But when Gabriella turned 17, she started seeing some guy. She was discreet about it, though. Isabella also began dating a guy at 18, but she kept it a secret from her mother and twin sister.

Sadly, two years later, Martha felt very sick, and the doctor said she had less than a year to live. While in her sickbed, she made her daughters promise her not to give their hearts to anyone until they were old and mature enough.

‘I don’t want you to ever look back on your life and regret it. I want you to have a perfect life,’ she told them one morning. Sadly, two weeks later, Martha passed away.

Even after Martha’s death, the sisters kept the secret about their relationships away from each other. A year later, the twins noticed that they were both showing pregnancy signs, but they told each other that they probably had the flu. You see, although they loved each other, they were embarrassed to admit that they had broken the promise they had made to their mother.

A week after the girls found out that they were pregnant, they told each other that they needed to pop by friends for a quick visit. Gabriella was the first to leave the house. You see, she had told her boyfriend that she was pregnant, and he had asked her to come over so they could celebrate. Little did she know he was plotting something terrible against her.

An hour later, Gabriella returned home, but Isabella wasn’t there. About 30 minutes later, Isabella also came back home. The two sisters started chatting when they suddenly felt

an intense stomach pain. Within a few seconds, they sprawled to the ground. The pain was so intense that the sisters did not doubt that they were living their last moments. Just then, Isabella managed to say, ‘I think Tom Marshall, my boyfriend, poisoned me. I am pregnant, sis,’ before passing out.

Gabriella, who was in so much pain, couldn’t believe her ears. Did her sister just say Tony Marshall? That was also the name of her boyfriend. At that point, everything became clear. Tony had played both sisters, and he was secretly dating both of them. And when he had learned that they were both pregnant by him, he had decided to take their lives.

A few hours later, the neighbors found the seemingly lifeless sisters in their room. And since they had no relatives, they decided to bury them right away. But just as they were about to lay the coffin on the ground, Alfredo, now 75, suddenly appeared from a corner. The old man walked over to the coffins, opened each one, and then he put a liquid into the girls’ mouths.

About two minutes later, the sisters started coughing and sat up in their coffins before their stepfather helped them out of it. The villagers were so scared, and they took to their heels, screaming that the dead sisters had come back to life.

Later that evening, Alberto explained to the girls that he was their stepfather. And although he left their mom, he felt the need to protect them after she passed away, so he secretly watched them. He knew about their relationship with Tony but wanted to find the right time to tell them. Just two days before, he had seen Tony at the toxicologist’s shop but thought nothing of it until he learned of the girls’ deaths. He knew then that Tony had a hand in it, so he quickly got an antidote and saved their lives. Fortunately, Tony was later apprehended.

Nine months later, Gabriella and Isabella went into labor, and the two sisters each gave birth to a set of twins. Yes, Martha was a great mom who tried to protect her daughters the way she thought was right, but the twins knew they could do better.

Unlike their mother, they won’t be so hard on their daughters because it’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s okay to fail. But just like Martha taught them, they will also teach their daughters not to let their circumstances define them and to always get up and keep fighting because sometimes you have to go through the darkness to get to the light.

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