Judge Makes Cruel Decision as Trump, Melania Mourn Death of Family Member,
You Be Shocked To Find Out the Decision

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We’re all generally aware just how much the establishment hates Donald Trump and his family, but then there are times when they reveal their breathtaking cruelty towards him.

Trump is currently embroiled in a civil case with the state of New York. New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit against Trump, wherein she alleged that Trump has inflated his financial statements and deceived the banks.

As reported by Fox News, a Trump representative revealed that the suit is “under a consumer protection statute that denies the right to a jury.”

And in the midst of all of this, the Trump family was dealt another blow when Melania Trump revealed on X that her mother had died on Tuesday.

Trump and his lawyer, Chris Kise, were already negotiating with the Judge Arthur Engoron to allow him to deliver his own closing statements when the Trumps received the devastating news.

Engoron seemed open to giving Trump grudging permission to his deliver his own closing arguments, but, as reported in Fox News, Engoron had some stringent requirements for those potential statements.

According to Fox, Trump could not “[introduce] new evidence or [comment] on ‘irrelevant matters’ and said he could not ‘deliver a campaign speech’ or speak ill of court staff or the attorney general.”

However, in the wake of the death of Trump’s mother-in-law, Kise requested for Engoron to postpone the closing argument a couple days, so Trump could spend time with his wife.

Engoron then not only rejected that request, but also rescinded permission for Trump to deliver his own closing arguments due to missing the extended deadline.

Now, regardless of how you feel about Trump, whether you’re a Trump lover, loather, or overall indifferent, Engoron’s cruelty in this matter is indefensible.

Trump was not trying to postpone the closing statements out of some ulterior motive or an attempt to obstruct justice.

His mother-in-law has just died, and all he asked for was some time to mourn with his wife, who has just lost her mother.

As needlessly cruel as Engoron’s decision is, however, it’s not at all surprising.

For those on the left, Trump is hardly a human being, let alone someone for whom you could have any sort of empathy.

In the eyes of the left, Trump is evil incarnate, almost seen as something demonic, someone whose potential assassination reporters joke about without feeling any pangs of conscience.

Because of that, the man and his family are deemed undeserving of the compassion that would have been granted to almost everyone else.

At the end of the day, regardless of political differences, Trump is a human being, a human being just as deserving of compassion as anyone else.

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