Wife Kicked Out After Giving Birth To Black Kids. 10 Years Later, Something Shocking Happens

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Leah’s life came grinding to a halt after she gave birth to black triplets. She was kicked out of her house, and her husband wanted nothing to do with her. However, 10 years later, something shocking happened. Staff members not occupied with their duties gathered to witness the commotion unfolding at the entrance. A man named Jonas repeatedly unloaded bags from his car and dumped them at the gate.

Visibly furious, security officials gently came up to him, asking him to stop whatever he was doing. But he acted as if they were shadows, simply not there. In a peaceful way, they tried to talk to him, but he just wouldn’t hear it. When they finally had to hold him back, he swung wildly, landing a punch on one of them before they all brought him down to the ground.

After being wrestled to the ground, he confessed a chilling tale to them. He told them about how his wife Leah had cheated on him and tried to pin another man’s pregnancy on him. He was white, and she was also white, so it made no sense that she gave birth to black children, not even one—she had triplets. He screamed at them that he was done with the stupid marriage. The bags belonged to Leah, and since he couldn’t take it all into the hospital, she would have to come pick them all up herself. He didn’t care that she had only just given birth; all he knew was that she had hurt him badly, and he wanted nothing more to do with her.

When the security men released him, Jonas made his way to Leah’s ward, where she lay. She was still sore from childbirth and couldn’t move freely about. The newborn infants were crying all around her, and she looked at them without an iota of feeling. He told her never to return to his house and that she should go back to the black man she had an affair with and have him raise the triplets. Leah stared at him as if he were a ghost; she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

He was actually kicking her out. She knew that giving birth to three black babies was mysterious, considering the fact that they were a white couple. Earlier, Jonas had been in the delivery room, but he had stormed out the minute the babies were born and had seen that they were black. Leah had assumed that when he returned, they would talk things out. She had no idea he had only gone to get her stuff. She begged him not to leave her like that, as she had nowhere else to go. She was a nursing mother, and caring for all the kids without his support would be emotionally and physically wrenching. But Jonas yelled at her to keep quiet; she and the kids could rot in hell for all he cared.

Jonas cast one last devilish glance at Leah before storming out of her hospital room. That day, she could barely think straight. She called Jonas numerous times, but he refused to pick up. She sent him texts as well, but they all went unanswered. It was as if he had totally blocked her out of his life, and since she was stuck at the hospital, there was ridiculously little she could do.

Feeding her babies and taking care of them were the only things that could take her mind off her troubles. However, when she looked at them and saw their dark skin, she began to wonder again just what had happened. Her marriage was in shambles just because of the color of her babies’ skin, and she knew that unless she solved the mystery, things would only get worse.

Having no other choice, she called her mom Agatha for help, and as expected, the elderly woman came running. Agatha couldn’t understand why such a joyous moment could turn into something that could destroy a marriage. However, she decided not to ask questions because she knew that Leah was going through a lot. The first order of business was to make sure that all of Leah’s stuff was properly taken care of. She loaded them all into her vehicle and drove them over to her own house.

Then, later on, she returned to the hospital to assist Leah. Having one child was stressful enough, but having three, she knew that Leah had her hands full. And with all these issues going on with Thomas, she knew that Leah was not in the right frame of mind to deal with things on her own, so she chose to be there for her. She made sure that Leah had her meals at the right times and that she also breastfed the babies when they were hungry. When Leah felt tired and went to sleep, Agatha made sure that the triplets were either sleeping or not making noise. Despite her presence, those first hellish days were still difficult for Leah to bear. Getting past losing Jonas was difficult for her because for a long time, all Leah could do was cry.

Having a baby was one of the best things to happen to any couple, so she didn’t understand why when it had gotten to be her turn, it had ended up destroying her marriage. She couldn’t think straight; she couldn’t even breastfeed the triplets properly because her mental health kept messing with her. She was so down that it began to tell on her health; that night, she came down with a severe fever. Thankfully, the doctor sent to work at once on her, and by the next morning, she was fit as a fiddle once again.

Despite what Jonas did to her, she still believed that she could win his heart. She was sure that once she figured out the truth, he would come running back to her. For now, he was only acting on emotions; she was certain that he would still love her. Sadly, she learned the truth about his feelings a few days later. While Leah was changing the diapers on one of her triplets, her phone beeped beside her, notifying her of an incoming message.

It was an alert from her bank, telling her that the joint account she held with Jonas had been wiped clean. When she saw the message, she almost lost her mind; that was her savings. She had been the one to put in most of the money in the account; Jonas seldom did, and when he did, it was always meager. She had always believed that she had more say in that money; she had never expected him to go behind her to steal her money in such a manner. It was at this point that she realized that Jonas was really out to ruin her, and it was becoming too much.

He had kicked her out of the house; he knew she needed that money, but he had taken it anyway. It meant that he didn’t care what happened to her, and at that moment, she stopped caring as well. All that mattered to her was the well-being of her babies; she was done trying to get Jonas on her side. She called the police and reported the theft; she would have also called the bank and asked them to freeze the joint account, but it was already too late because every single penny in the account had been taken.

The police launched their investigation as they tried to find him, but they found out pretty quickly that it wasn’t going to be that easy. Jonas had run out of the state the same day he stole the money from the joint account; he fled the state. That meant they couldn’t find him and recover the stolen money. That period was one of the darkest for Leah; she was always gloomy as she thought about her next course

of action. However, no matter how long and how hard she thought, nothing just seemed to be the solution. It was hard to believe that her life, which had been perfect just a week ago, had turned upside down right before her eyes. She just didn’t know how to move on with her life.

Thankfully, her mother came to the rescue. Agatha, her mother, came to pick her up at the hospital. By then, Leah had fully healed and was ready to leave the hospital. Agatha cleared all outstanding debts, and together, they all went to live in Agatha’s condo on the edge of the city. Everything that happened was a major setback for Leah, but she refused to allow it all to weigh her down. She was determined to provide a befitting life for her children and her mother, so she began looking for work almost immediately.

Thankfully, she got a job not long after, and while it wasn’t impressive pay, it was enough to get her started. Leah worked hard, and when the triplets grew old enough to attend school, she began to work double and triple shifts so that money wasn’t going to be a problem for them. Somehow, they had managed to find the perfect balance in their lives, and they managed to make it work. But like almost every other good thing in her life, it couldn’t last forever.

When the triplets were five, there was a series of encounters that turned their lives upside down. Strange and creepy notes started turning up in the house; they always had the same undertone. The notes accused her of being a cheat and promised to make her suffer for it. Many times the note gave graphic descriptions of how exactly she would pay. It was really scary because no matter how hard she tried, Leah couldn’t get it to stop. Every few days, she found a new strange note.

At first, it was always sent to her mail, but later on, she began to find them inside the house when she returned from work. There was always that feeling that someone had gone through her house, and sure enough, there would be a note right under her pillow. This terrified her greatly; she knew that it was all Jonas’s doing. He had managed to stay out of hiding all the while and was finally coming out of the woodwork just so he could torment her. She refused to let him have that satisfaction, so she reported everything to the cops. She told them all about the notes and how each one got more threatening than the next and how she was scared for her life.

Sadly, there was little they could do; no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t find Jonas. He was so perfectly hidden, just like how it had been 5 years back; he was still running circles around the cops. This didn’t bode well for Leah at all. She changed all the locks on her mother’s house, and she installed alarms to make sure that any attempt to break in would immediately alert not just the cops, but the neighbors as well. She tried to return to her life despite her worries about Jonas.

She was preparing for a promotion at work, and getting that promotion would improve their standard of living by a large margin. With her mother taking care of the kids, she focused on preparing for the promotional interview, and when it finally came around, she performed excellently and bagged the promotion. This was a great cause of celebration; finally, she had wonderful news because she knew that now all the financial problems that they’d faced were about to be over.

That day, Leah went to pick up the triplets from school, and when she saw them, one of them handed her a note. The moment she saw the note, her blood went cold in her veins, and her heartbeat thumped loudly in her chest. She couldn’t believe it; it was the same note that Jonas had been threatening her with. She grabbed the note and read it; it was the same thing, but this time it also said that no matter how much she tried, he would always be able to get her terrified. Leah asked them how they got the note, and they told her that a strange man had given it to them.

The man had told them to give it only to her. As she listened to them, Leah felt hot tears burn her eyes and cloud her vision. She had never expected Jonas to sink so low that he would go after her children. After everything he’d done to them, he still had the audacity to come after her children. She became even more frightened as she thought about it; she could have easily borne it when he came after her, but now that the kids were involved, she couldn’t allow it.

And then the fact that the police were yet to find him made her all the more frightened. That day, she went through so many different emotions as she tried to process what her life had turned into. She wept profusely; she yelled at the empty sky, and she sighed a thousand times as she wondered how someone who had once loved her could hurt her this way.

And so, to stop further threats to her children, she decided that it was time to move to another city. Moving was difficult; she had to quit just after she had gotten the promotion of a lifetime. It was so unfair, but there was nothing she could do about it. Her children didn’t want to go either; they couldn’t bear the thought of leaving their school and their friends behind.

They loved their lives there; however, Leah told them that until everything was settled, they couldn’t stay there; their lives and well-being were more important to her. And now that she knew that Jonas would go to any length just to get her, she needed to go someplace where he would never find her. And eventually, they moved to a different city. They managed to start up their lives there along with Agatha. She enrolled the triplets in a new school and managed to get a decent job that suited their needs. Slowly, they made the city their home, and soon everything about Jonas and his nasty messages became a thing of the past. All Leah wanted now was just to move on with her life, and that’s what they did.

When the kids clocked 10, Leah decided to throw them a party. It was a momentous period because she also felt like celebrating; because their birthday was also a testament to how she had kept everything together despite how things had gone south for her years ago. However, while the birthday party was going on, the door swung open, and Jonas walked in, looking weary. Leah was shocked to her bones as she stared at him; he was looking worse for wear, as if his sins had finally caught up with him and dealt him a severe blow.

When he saw her, he immediately began to beg for her forgiveness. He told her that he was sorry and was ready to accept the triplets as his kids. This was so out of the blue that for a moment, she thought she was being pranked; however, Jonas’s serious expression told her that he wasn’t joking around. She asked him what suddenly changed his mind, and he told her a chilling tale.

He had always known that the triplets were his. After his mother had found out that the children were back, she had taken him aside and told him about how she had cheated on Jonas’s father with a black man. It was an affair that had led to pregnancy. At first, she’d been terrified that the birth of her baby would expose the affair, but when Jonas was born, he looked white, and no one would have guessed that he was also black. To save face, she chose to take the secret to her grave. But when she found out that the same secret was destroying Jonas’s marriage, she divulged it all to him. Sadly, Jonas didn’t care; the fact that the kids got their dark skin from him didn’t change his mind.

He confessed to Leah that he’d fallen out of love with her and had been seeing a girl he met at work. He saw the triplets as the perfect opportunity to break up with her without casting suspicions on himself. That was the reason he was adamant about anything she said and refused to listen. He broke up with Leah, stole her money, and went to live with his girlfriend. However, it turned out to be a big mistake because the girl had only been with him for the money, and once it ran out, she dumped him mercilessly and moved on. It was then that he realized just what a treasure Leah had been and how foolish he was to let her go. He tracked her down to her mother’s place but was shocked to find her doing well.

That only infuriated him, and he began sending all those nasty messages out of jealousy. Later on, he managed to track them down in the new town by going to Agatha’s old place and asking around. When he was done, he begged her to forgive him. He said that he’d been foolish then, but he knew better now and was ready to accept his kids. But she turned him down; she reminded him of how he had kicked her out when she was still nursing the triplets.

She told him about how he refused to give her a chance when she begged for it, and she told him about how he terrified her with his notes that then forced her to move. She then said that nothing was going to make her take him back; he didn’t deserve it at all. He left her place dejectedly, and she called the police at once, who managed to find him and place him under arrest. Now that he was under lock and key, she could breathe easy, and she continued working towards having a good life for herself and her kids. She knew that soon she was going to tell them about Jonas, but she believed that the time for all that would come. But in the meantime, she was willing to enjoy her kids to the best of her ability.

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