Parents Set Up Camera In Daughter’s Room To See Why She Wakes Up With Bruises Then THIS Happened!

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The parents of 13-year-old Linda had really been worried about something strange that was happening to their daughter. Linda would always wake up each morning with bruises all over her body. Then, the couple decided to set up a camera in her room to find out the real cause of this strange phenomenon.

What they discovered was really shocking. It was around noon when Linda’s parents, Darren and Betty, anxiously walked into her room with worries written all over their faces. Linda had left for school in the morning. Darren and Betty were fully convinced that what they were about to do was the right thing; besides, it was really their last effort. “Enough was enough,” the couple basically thought as they went about their mission.

Darren brought out the little camera from its package. Then, the duo started looking for the best spot to secretly set up the camera. At last, they settled on the top of Linda’s wardrobe. The large wardrobe would shield the camera from view. Darren quickly set up the camera and connected it to his phone. The couple then tested the camera and saw that it worked perfectly, capturing the entire room.

After their mission was completed, the couple quietly left Linda’s room just the way they had come in. What they would later discover from the camera footage is really mind-boggling.

When you’re asleep, you have no idea about what you do in your sleep, especially when you sleep alone. Some people continuously roll over when they sleep; some talk in their sleep. Some few others even walk in their sleep, a phenomenon known as sleepwalking. Linda did none of those things while asleep. Her case was quite different, strange, and puzzling.

Linda would go to bed every night, only to wake up the following morning with fresh bruises all over her body, especially on her arms and legs. At first, the strange inexplicable occurrence happened only occasionally, and the bruises were light, so her parents didn’t quite worry much about it. “Kids bump and bruise themselves all the time,” Linda’s parents had thought. But over time, things started getting worse. Linda’s bruises were getting deeper and more noticeable. Worse off, the bruises appeared more frequently. Moreover, fresh bruises would always appear where the last ones healed. That was when her parents knew that something was really wrong.

Did Linda subconsciously attack and bruise herself while sleeping? Her parents would always wonder. Or was it a pest, perhaps a rat, that caused the bruises? But they had never come across a rat once in their home. So what exactly was behind Linda’s bruises? Was it something more sinister, something supernatural behind their daughter’s bruises?

Initially, the couple thought that Linda probably suffered from iron deficiency, which caused her to bruise easily. So, they promptly booked an appointment with the family doctor to conduct some necessary tests on Linda. The doctor ran a battery of tests on Linda, but the tests didn’t find anything medically wrong with her.

Her body system worked perfectly fine, and she didn’t suffer from any deficiencies whatsoever. The doctor assured Darren and Betty. The test result was a mixture of blessing and curse for Linda’s parents. They were glad that nothing was medically wrong with their daughter, but on the other hand, the test results also implied that they were no closer to finding out the reason for Linda’s bruises.

One summer holiday, Linda pleaded with her parents to allow her to go to summer camp with her classmates. Her parents obliged her. At the summer camp, Linda would always wear shorts for the numerous physical activities the students performed at the camp. As such, it wasn’t long before the staff started noticing the bruises on her legs each morning. The staff had a responsibility to report such unusual cases to the relevant authorities, and they did just that.

Once the case was reported to the Social Services, the agency immediately swung into action, as the safety of a teenager was at stake. An official from the agency promptly visited Linda’s parents. She explained to Darren and Betty that they got a call from the summer camp about a potential situation involving harm to a child. Linda’s parents were at a loss for words. They knew that they had never and that they would never hurt their child.

The social worker further interrogated Darren and Betty, asking them a lot of very personal questions. The social worker also spoke with Linda. She interrogated her and asked her a lot of questions about her relationship with her parents. Linda maintained that she just woke up with the bruises each day. “Every morning, I wake up with marks, and I don’t know how they got there,” Linda bluntly told the social worker.

Then the lady left after telling Linda’s parents that she’d be in touch with them. It was at that point that Darren and Betty made a resolve to get to the bottom of this strange problem. They couldn’t just sit around and watch their daughter’s situation get further out of hand.

An idea then hit Darren. Why not set up a secret camera in Linda’s room and discover the reason for her bruises once and for all? He wondered to himself. He communicated the idea to Betty, who sanctioned it at once.So, Darren stopped at a media appliances store on his way back home from work the following evening and bought a camera. And that was how Darren and Betty set up the secret camera in Linda’s room that afternoon, while she was away at school.

That very night, Darren and Betty kissed their beloved daughter good night as she got into bed to sleep. Then they tucked her into bed, turned off the lights, and left the room. The couple slept soundly that night, being fully aware that they’d finally be able to have all the answers to the puzzling problem. Or so they thought.

It was déjà vu the following morning, as Linda had fresh bruises on her legs and arms as usual. When Linda left for school that morning, Darren eagerly went to her room and retrieved the camera. Betty was already waiting for him in their room with excited anticipation.

Finally, Darren entered the room with the camera in hand. He immediately connected the camera to the TV screen in their room. Then he sat back on the bed, gripped Betty’s shaking fingers, and turned on the TV so they could view the camera footage.

And what the couple saw on the TV screen was unbelievably shocking. The couple watched as Linda suddenly started shaking violently in the middle of the night. Then, Linda started moving, but she wasn’t walking. She was crawling on all fours like an animal. Most strangely enough was the fact that Linda was crawling backward. She looked like someone possessed with the way she was moving while she slept.

Darren and Betty were horrified. They were simply stunned beyond belief. In fact, the camera footage was so scary to watch that Betty had to cover her eyes with her palms halfway through the footage. The way that Linda was moving in her sleep didn’t even seem human at all.

But as frighteningly disturbing as the video was, her parents had answers to their questions. They had finally solved the puzzle once and for all. The question on their mind at that moment was just how to cure Linda. Or whatever it was that caused her strange movements.

Betty called her mom, Grace, the following morning to help them find the solution to this strange problem. Grace had always been Betty’s bedrock since childhood. Mother and daughter had a very special bond between them. Betty would always confide in Grace whenever she was faced with a tough situation, as her mom seemed to have solutions to all problems.

Grace was at her daughter’s house that very afternoon.

The couple were not yet back from work when she arrived, so Grace had to spend time with Linda, who was very happy to see her grandma. They had not seen each other in a few months.

Soon, Linda and her grandma were both having a good time together. Linda had always loved listening to her grandma’s fairy tales since childhood, and even at the inception of her teenage years, she still did so. Grace obliged Linda’s request for fairy tales and told her many stories. Linda had always been her favorite grandkid, as Grace had a special affinity for her.

By late evening, the couple were both back from work, and they both warmly welcomed Grace. They all had a lavish dinner together, after which Linda kissed her parents and grandma good night. Then she retired to her room for the night.

It was at that point that Darren and Betty took Grace to their room and played the camera footage for her. Grace didn’t flinch a bit as she watched the horrifying footage. After watching the footage, the very religious and superstitious Grace calmly told the couple that Linda’s problem was a quintessential case of demonic possession.

The couple were stunned beyond words by Grace’s claims, and they both stared at each other with their mouths agape. But the old lady wasn’t done yet. She further told Darren and Betty that Linda’s problem would only be cured through exorcism. Furthermore, Grace claimed that she happened to know the perfect priest that could effectively perform such exorcism.

At that point, Betty said to Grace, “Are you really sure what you’re saying, Mom?” “Am I really sure of what I’m saying?” Grace answered sarcastically. Then she started telling the couple about her best friend’s daughter, who once had the same problem as Linda. According to Grace, the girl was later cured through exorcism by the very same priest she had in mind, about 15 years ago.

“And who’s this priest that you have in mind?” Darren slowly asked his mother-in-law. “Father Damian of our local parish in the countryside,” Grace replied.

Darren and Betty were immediately convinced by Grace’s words, as she had spoken with so much conviction. Besides, they had been to the hospital once, and the doctor couldn’t explain or solve Linda’s problem. So why return to the hospital for the second time? Why not try something else, different this time, like what Grace was suggesting? The couple wondered to themselves.

Guess taking their daughter to a priest for exorcism was a really extreme measure, but extreme times call for extreme measures, the couple reasoned. So, that very night, as they laid together on the same bed, the couple decided to go along with Grace’s plan.

The following morning, Betty informed her mother that they agreed to her plans. Better the old woman simply replied. Grace left the next day to arrange the meeting with Father Damian. Three days later, she called Betty and informed her that the priest had scheduled the exorcism for the following Sunday.

Betty and her husband made all the necessary arrangements. That early Sunday morning, the couple told Linda that they were all going to see Grace in the countryside. Linda was overwhelmed with happiness; she always loved traveling, especially to the countryside.

The trip to the local parish took the trio almost 5 hours by road. Grace was already waiting for them at the church after Mass. Grace took the trio to meet the priest. Father Damian was an old man with gray hair, probably in his late 60s. He had that simplicity and aura of holiness that only priests seem to have.

Father Damian took the couple inside his office and privately spoke with them for a while. Linda leaned her head on Grace’s shoulders, and Grace gently patted down her hair as they waited outside. Soon, the priest came out of his office with the couple following closely behind them. Father Damian walked towards Linda and gently told her to follow him.

Linda puzzlingly looked at her parents. The priest will just pray with you privately, Betty reassured her daughter. Linda then reluctantly followed the priest to a chapel. The exorcism lasted for barely an hour, after which the priest came out with an angrily looking Linda.

The couple then profusely thanked the priest and left with their Linda. While the trio were inside the SUV on their way home, Linda suddenly angrily asked Betty why they didn’t inform her about their plans. “We weren’t sure about your reaction, honey,” Betty apologetically replied to Linda. Then Betty assured Linda that they were going to give her a special treat when they got home. At that, Linda tightly hugged her mom, and her initial complaint was forgotten for good.

The following day, there were no new bruises on Linda’s body as she woke up in the morning. Her parents were really starting to get excited when just 2 days later, the bruises started appearing all over again. So it was back to square one for the exhausted couple.

Darren contacted the social service worker who was handling Linda’s case and let her view the camera footage. The case was closed for good, and the lady referred them to a sleep specialist who conducted a series of tests on Linda.

The specialist conducted a thorough neurological exam on Linda and used the full polysomnogram with an EEG to measure the electrical activity in her brain. He ruled out a tumor and head trauma. So, what was causing Linda’s strange nightly behavior, then the parents wondered?

The specialist found some abnormal activity on the EEG that seemed to be coming from Linda’s temporal lobe, which indicated that she could be suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy. It was reasonable to assume that this was causing her to have nocturnal episodes or seizures. Most nocturnal seizures are tonic-clonic; they typically last less than 5 minutes. During this type of seizure, muscles stiffen and twitch, which explained what the couple had seen on the footage.

Linda was prescribed an antiseizure medication, and over time, she made a full recovery. Darren and Betty were overwhelmed with joy after Linda made the full recovery. Linda was happy too.

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