KID Refuses To Leave Dad’s Chest, Doctor Calls 911 When He Discovers Why

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“The way their newborn son, John, behaved shocked Harry and Megan. Their baby was firmly focused on Harry’s chest. He grew used to sitting on his dad’s chest, pointing up at it, and frequently reaching out to him. Initially amusing, Harry and Megan later decided to see a doctor about this behavior.

The doctor, astonished by what little John had done, urgently asked Harry to come to the hospital for a discussion. The doctor advised Harry and Megan they needed to go to the hospital right away because the situation may become extremely dangerous. Both Megan and Harry ran to their C. Megan was in a state of panic.

What could possibly be wrong with her child? Before now, John had never even been sick enough to need medical attention. Harry was a fit, youthful father. So, what could the doctor possibly have to tell them? But they couldn’t deny the signs that their baby, John, was sending; it might be an absolute emergency. The pair were seated by the…….Read Full Story Here…………

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