Kid tells Mom he has a Twin at School, she Breaks Down when she Sees a Photo of Them

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When Miles returned from school one day, he told his mom that he had an identical twin in his class. The next week, he told her that the boy had the same eyes and hair as him, but his mom thought he was only making things up. Some months later, a teacher sent a photo of the boy. Immediately after Miles’s mom saw it, her heart raced, and she broke down in tears.

Everyone was over the moon when Miles was born. His mom, Brittany, was so happy because he looked like her, unlike her daughter, Winnie, who resembled her father. Winnie was glad because she now had a younger brother to play with. The family’s neighbors weren’t left out of the celebration. They also had just given birth to their son, Victor, so they were glad that he and Miles would grow up together. Indeed, Miles and Victor became best friends. The little boys did everything together, and they were happy souls.

Unfortunately, Victor’s dad got a transfer to a different city, so his family relocated. Miles was devastated after his childhood friend left. He cried morning and night, and he even fell sick. Miles’s parents noticed that the boy also became antisocial, and something that happened a few weeks after Victor left made it glaring. One family in the neighborhood invited all the kids to their child’s birthday party, but Miles refused to go. He told his mom that it wouldn’t be fun without Victor. Even when Brittany said he would get a chance to play his favorite games at the party, he remained adamant that he wasn’t going.

Miles’s parents hoped things would get better with time, but each day that passed, Miles withdrew further into an inner shell. In fact, he became a shadow of himself. About six months later, Brittany was preparing Miles for school one morning when he requested extra chocolates. He told his mom that he wanted to give them to his new friend, Tanner.

“What a friend?” Brittany’s eyes popped. She gave Miles more chocolate than he needed; however, she didn’t ask him any questions about his friend because she didn’t want to push it. But deep down, Brittany was curious. Would the relationship be long-lasting? Would it help Miles overcome the pain Victor’s absence left in his heart? Would she ever get to see the boy? Of course, she did, but she didn’t know she would end up crying.

Two days later, when the family gathered to watch their favorite TV show, Miles spoke about Tanner again. Just then, he said something that caught Brittany off guard. Miles told his mom that the boy at his school was his twin and that they looked identical. Brittany was taken aback. She couldn’t make any sense of what the little boy was saying. Miles then told his mom that his friend had brown eyes and brown hair just like him. “We’re just so identical,” the boy said with a beautiful smile playing on his face. Brittany became curious to see the boy; however, she did not attempt to see him. Sadly, this decision would soon put her in a tight spot.

Some weeks later, Miles’s elder sister told Brittany about an upcoming Twin Day event at their school. During this event, the kids would choose a friend as their twin, and they would dress alike. Brittany took school activities seriously, so she made necessary preparations for Winnie. She got matching outfits and shoes for Winnie and her friend, but she made a big mistake. Brittany left Miles out of the whole preparation because she thought he wouldn’t be interested. Little did this woman know, a lot had changed since Miles became friends with the boy in his class, and soon she would get the shock of her life.

The night before the Twin Day event, Brittany went to the kids’ room to read a book for them. When she was done reading, she kissed them goodnight. Then, before she left, she turned to Winnie and said, “Hey, I hope you’re ready for tomorrow’s Twin Day.” But what this woman heard next came like a bolt from the blue.

Miles suddenly got up and ran to his mom. “You got the outfits for me and my twin, right? Can I see them?” he said with a sweet smile. Brittany opened her mouth to speak, but not even a single word came out. She was as confused as a flight of dark shadows. When did Miles become interested in school activities? Did the boy really mean what he just said?

Brittany was happy that her son was giving friendship a second chance, but she was disturbed. The Twin Day was only a few hours away; hence, she felt it was already too late to make any sensible preparation. She regretted not making any attempt to see her son’s friend. What does he look like? What color would look great on him? She panicked. Brittany glanced over at her son. She saw the excitement in his eyes, and she knew she couldn’t let him down. She paced around the room thinking about her next move. Just then, she thought it would be best to reach out to Tanner’s mom so she could help her with the right outfit to get for her son.

Brittany quickly dialed Miles’s class teacher and asked for the contact. Sadly, the teacher didn’t have it; however, she gave Brittany the woman’s full name. Brittany was dejected. What would she do with just the woman’s name? She was so worried and she couldn’t even think straight. Should she just tell Miles he would have to miss this year’s Twin Day?

Miles didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him something was wrong. The boy sat on his bed whimpering and staring at nothing in particular. When Brittany saw him doing that, she made up her mind to give it all it takes. Come what may, Miles would twin with Tanner at school the next day. Brittany looked up Tanner’s mom on Facebook. Unfortunately, the woman’s page was deactivated. Refusing to give up, she texted her neighbors, hoping someone would know her. Luckily, Brittany’s efforts paid off and she finally got the number.

Brittany called Tanner’s mom and she told the woman about Miles’s desire to twin with her son. Tanner’s mom was very jovial, and she also told Brittany that she had heard a lot about Miles. She then gave Brittany all the necessary details that would help in purchasing the perfect outfits for the boys. “Thank you so much,” Brittany ended the call and looked at the clock. “Oh no,” it was 8:45 PM, but Brittany didn’t care. She was on a mission to make her son happy, and that was all that mattered to her.

Brittany rushed into her car and zoomed off to the Walmart shop. By now, she was already very stressed. Her head was aching. After several minutes of flipping through clothes, Brittany spotted a pair of flannel shirts. “Yes, this would look great on them,” she said and paid for the clothes. As Brittany made her way to the car, she clung the clothes tightly to her chest. She knew Miles would love it. As she imagined the look he would have on his face when he saw it, she forgot all the stress she had just gone through and sang all the way back home.

Just as Brittany expected, Miles loved the clothes. The next day, he wore the shirt to school and kept Tanner’s own in his bag. After the kids left for school, Brittany became very curious. She wanted so badly to see the boy whom her son claimed was his twin, so she called Miles’s class teacher and asked her to send a picture of the boys in their twin outfits. Little did she know that what was about to happen would move millions of people to tears.

Brittany stared at her phone, waiting for the pictures. She was anxious yet excited. Each beep from her phone made her heart race. Finally, after two hours, a text came in, and it was from Miles’s class teacher. Brittany heaved deeply as she opened the messages, and then some seconds later, she clicked on the download. But what she saw made her freeze. Before Brittany knew it, tears were trickling down her cheeks.

Of course, the message contained a beautiful photo of Miles and Tanner in their outfits, but it wasn’t what Brittany was expecting. Didn’t Miles say they look alike? While the boys had very striking differences—Miles is white with dark blonde hair, and much to Brittany’s surprise, Tanner is dark-skinned with dark hair—Brittany was moved by her son’s innocence and his ability to see beyond race and color. The little boy understood that we are all one despite these differences.

Brittany shared a photo of the boys on Facebook and explained everything that happened. The post went viral, and many people found Miles’s act very inspiring. So many people were moved to tears by his innocent act. Miles and Tanner’s families became friends after this beautiful incident. They learned they lived close to each other, and ever since then, they have continued exchanging visits.

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