Mom Gives Birth to 5 Babies Then Doctors Realize One of Them is Not a Baby

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“Mom gives birth to five babies. Then doctors realize one of them’s making history. They just never realized it was going to happen so soon. They assumed they’d have time to prepare their home and lives for their kids before they were expecting to expand their family. But then Alexandra got pregnant with twins. Or so she thought before an ultrasound revealed the shocking truth.

One day, Alexandra just seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. And before she knew it, she no longer expected that she was expecting twins. And when she went in for another ultrasound, her doctor revealed some news that changed her entire life and ultimately became the news of the year in her country.

Kenova thought she was having one child, but it turned out that she was having twins. Although women have been having twins for centuries, this birth was about to make history, and no one knew it at the time, not even the doctors. Both Kenova and her partner’s family had a history of twins and their genetic makeup, so this news didn’t come as a huge surprise.

But the next revelation would. At just 23 years old, she thought she knew where her life was heading. She had a lovely boyfriend named Anonin, who she loved dearly, along with one child who was her whole world. But she already knew she wanted a bigger family, and her partner did too. So, they worked to ensure that they could support more children should they ever have more.

When Alexandra found out that she was expecting another child, she felt joy deep within her heart. She knew that her partner would be happy as well. But she also knew that the next few months would be stressful while preparing their home and routines to have a newborn baby in the house. But she never could have imagined at that time just how stressful the few months would be.

Alexandra’s family knew that she was going to take good care of her next child because she was already such a great mama to her young son. And the mother-to-be considered the waiting period to be a very exciting time when she could consider baby names, shop for little shoes, and make her house accessible for the new children in her life.

She was 23 years old at the time, but she wasn’t scared at all. She already had one child, so she knew exactly what to expect from the bundle of joy cooking in her proverbial oven. The birthing process may scare first-time mothers, but after having one child, the perpetual doctor’s visits become an easy routine.

But she had no idea what life had in store for her. When Kenova finally had her ultrasound, she discovered that she was carrying twins. She couldn’t believe her luck, and neither could Cron. They were going to be parents of three rather than two children.

Since Kenova already had a child, but their assumptions were a little premature. For months, the couple started planning for twins. They bought baby clothes and the furniture they would need to keep their babies nice and comfortable. But they were oblivious to what was coming, and it was a doozy.

Despite their nervousness, the couple knew that this was a time to be cherished. Everyone in their lives and even some total strangers were excited for the couple who couldn’t believe that everyone was making such a fuss over a totally normal pregnancy.

It wasn’t until Kenova’s doctors told her about what they found on an ultrasound that they realized that their experience was anything but normal. As Kenova’s pregnancy continued, she once again felt that something was wrong. So, she counted the days until her next doctor’s appointment and assured herself that everything would be fine until then.

When her next doctor’s appointment came around, her doctors looked at her medical records and back at Kenova and seemed baffled. Whatever it was, they knew they needed to get her another ultrasound and figure out what was going on.

Her husband, who was by her side during her first pregnancy and who joined his wife to all of her doctor’s appointments, couldn’t guess what the doctors were expecting to find in this ultrasound. He also didn’t suspect that he would soon have more on his plate than he could handle.

Even as her husband and doctors showed concern for Kenova, she didn’t let her confidence waver. She knew that she’d taken good care of herself since finding out that she was pregnant and she never missed a dose of her prenatal vitamins. Kenova was sure that babies would be healthy. But the doctor’s face told a different story.

As Kenova was taken to a hospital room for her appointment, she overheard doctors speaking in hushed tones around her and throwing concerned glances her way. What was so obvious to them that she couldn’t see? Kenova’s ultrasound was a fairly routine procedure as it is for any expectant mother. But her doctors were concerned at just how much her stomach had grown in the few months that she was pregnant.

That’s when doctors gave the couple some news that left them shaken to the core. When the doctors told her she wasn’t carrying twins, she assumed they meant that one of the babies had passed away in utero. Perhaps one of the twins absorbed the other twin, which tends to happen during multiple births. But that wasn’t the case either.

If Kenova wasn’t expecting twins, what was going on? Had she even been pregnant at all, or was she experiencing some strange tumor that had grown at a crazy rate? The answer was something that hadn’t been seen in nearly 500 years.

At just one glance, her doctors knew that Kenova’s pregnancy wasn’t normal for a woman expecting twins. Her stomach had grown at a rate that wasn’t normal for a woman expecting even triplets. The ultrasound they performed brought the doctor’s suspicions to light, but they still didn’t have answers for the expectant mother.

For a moment, her heart sank when doctors told her she wasn’t having twins. Luckily, she was still pregnant. She just wasn’t having only two babies. And once she found out the real story, she simply couldn’t believe it.

The doctors told her she wasn’t carrying twins, but she wasn’t carrying triplets either. Kenova hadn’t undergone any kind of fertility treatment, so the likelihood of multiple births was impossible. And yet, all signs seemed to suggest otherwise.

But how many was she actually having? After making sure for themselves, the doctors broke the news that she was having quadruplets. Understandably, the couple was startled. They initially thought they’d only have two children. Suddenly, they realized they were going to have five children in total, including the one they already had.

And just when they thought they were through with surprises, another one popped up unexpectedly. Kenova and Cron had rushed to the store and started buying for the two extra babies they hadn’t foreseen. But then she went in for another ultrasound, and it revealed something no one had seen coming.

As with any expecting mother, Kenova had another ultrasound before she was ready to give birth on her due date. And this time, she didn’t know what to expect. She couldn’t imagine that she could be giving birth to any more than four babies. But at this point in her pregnancy, she knew that she was ready to hear anything.

Although expecting four children is stressful, Kenova knew that if she was told that she was expecting five or even six babies, she’d figure out a way to make the best of the situation. Withher partner and mother agreeing to help out, she knew that the small family could create a happy home for however many children would be born.

The couple already knew they were having four babies. But this time, the ultrasound showed that there was a fifth baby in tow. Kenova was having quintuplets. But why hadn’t the doctors detected it before?

After discovering the news that Kenova was expecting more than double the children that she thought she was having, her family was understandably worried about the situation. They not only wondered if the young couple was ready to house and care for the children, but they also wondered how the doctors let something as important as how many children the expectant mother was expecting slip by for so many months.

After finding out the news about the number of babies that her daughter was expecting, Kenova’s mother was stunned. She wanted to make sure that her daughter was getting the right support from her doctors before she gave birth. And now she just wasn’t sure if she should trust them to safely deliver all the babies.

And all this stress had a huge effect on the last few months of Kenova’s pregnancy. Unfortunately, after the final doctor’s visit, there was nothing else the couple could do but wait for Kenova’s delivery date.

Doctors didn’t know about the fifth baby right away because there were so many fetuses in Kenova’s belly. They were also constantly moving around in there, so that made it difficult to get an accurate scan. But there was still something they couldn’t figure out: was there a sixth baby?

Kenova wasn’t expecting sextuplets, but she still wanted to know the gender of the babies so she could figure out how many blue baby outfits versus pink outfits they had to buy. Unfortunately, with so many babies, doctors couldn’t make out the gender of the unborn fetuses yet.

Doctors at her hospital had never experienced a multiple birth with so many babies, so extra hands were on deck to keep mother and children safe. A cameraman was even brought in to capture the incredible moment on tape. There was hardly any space in the operating room for Kenova’s husband or parents to witness the birth.

Each baby was looked after by two nurses as soon as they were born to check their vitals and make sure they were healthy. It’s a common occurrence during multiple births for one or more of the babies to experience health problems or not live long after the birth. It was vital that these nurses checked on each and every baby immediately.

Because of the amount of babies Kenova needed to deliver by C-section under the supervision of many doctors, this was the safest method of delivery to ensure that there weren’t any unnecessary birth complications. And scheduling the C-section ahead of time was the safest way to ensure that both mother and all of her babies would be safe if anything should go wrong.

In the end, there were five babies in total, all of whom were born without much difficulty. They were immediately put into the care of the medical staff at the hospital who did an expert job making sure that they had all the care that they needed. But as with any birth, there were a few unforeseen difficulties.

After Kenova was done giving birth, each of the babies needed attention, and extra support was given to the smallest of the children. After just a few days of recovery, Kenova and all five of her new babies left the hospital to start their life as a family together.

According to the neonatal unit’s chief medical doctor, the births took place without any complications. The couple was so happy with their new family. But how many boys and girls did they end up having?

Even with the international attention on her family, Kenova was just happy that her babies were healthy and safe. The chances that any mother could naturally conceive and give birth to quintuplets is about one in several million, which is why everyone was so stunned by these babies.

But would they be able to get the assistance they needed in raising the children? Once Kenova brought her children back home, she could finally find out if she and her family were prepared to raise all the kids. Even with her mom lending a hand, it was difficult enough to raise one newborn, let alone four more.

But the attention given to the family by the media thankfully helped the growing family get some assistance from their government. Kenova and Cron were beyond happy with their new family. She gave birth to four boys, which she named Denil, Michael, Alex, and Martin. She also gave birth to a girl named Teresca. But she had no idea she’d broken a record.

One of the obstetricians in the room that day was Alina Makarova. She did some research after Kenova gave birth and discovered that the family had made local history on the day that quintuplets were born. But what made these babies so special?

It turns out that in the Czech Republic, quintuplets are born only on an average of once about every 480 years. What makes this even more interesting is that the odds of conceiving quadruplets naturally is 1 in 7 million. But what about quintuplets born around the world?

Quintuplets born around the world are usually the result of some type of fertility treatment like in vitro fertilization. But since Kenova conceived naturally, it’s possible that the answer to this mysterious multiple birth lies in her family genes.

When the story broke that Kenova Quint were born, people from all over the world offered their support in the form of donations to the couple because an event like this is seldom seen. There were hurdles that the couple had to go through to access the money that was being raised for them.

Despite the hurdles that the new families had to endure to take care of their miraculous children, Kenova is happy raising her children. With every birthday that passes, the family celebrates with five little cakes for each of the children and invites all of their friends over to share in the excitement.

At times, five babies seem like too much to handle, but Kenova and her husband have proved that anything’s possible. Medical advisers said that the babies have a 95% chance of growing up healthy, and every day they beat the odds.

Even 5 years after the miraculous birth, Kenova hasn’t lost her stamina as she’s grown into motherhood. One thing that fuels her is the fact that her situation is so rare. The chance of naturally conceived quintuplets is one in 48 million pregnancies. Some 800 quintuplets live in the world, more than 130 of whom were conceived spontaneously.

With years having passed since Alexandra first learned that she was expecting quintuplets, she never expected her children to fill her life with so much joy. But one thing’s for sure: she doesn’t want to have any more kids.”

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