Leave Here: Restaurant Staff Refuses To Serve Female lack Soldier. She Returns The Next Day And Does THIS!

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When Diana, a black female soldier, walked into a restaurant, all she wanted was to get her food and return to work. However, things went awry when the staff refused to serve her. The next day, she returned and did something shocking.

That fateful day, Diana walked into the restaurant during peak lunch hours. Most workers were on lunch break from work, and as such, the restaurant was filled with customers. It was a busy day for the staff. All around them, the hushed whispers of the customers could be heard. Everyone was keeping their voices down as they talked, as if breaking the quiet of the restaurant was sacrilegious.

Diana had been working hard since morning. She had a report to two of her superiors who had been at opposite ends of the city. She had struggled with traffic and still managed to get her job done. Now, all she could think about was her next meal. She was famished, and all she wanted was to eat and regain her strength so she could return to work after her lunch break.

However, right from the moment she stepped foot into the restaurant, she noticed that the place became a bit quieter as everyone stopped what they were doing to glance at her. They were all trying to hide the fact that they were staring but were failing miserably. This made her a bit uncomfortable. She wondered why they were all staring at her.

She became self-conscious and wondered if her clothes were torn or dirty. She said nothing, though, and gave a weak smile as she walked further into the restaurant towards the counter. She saw that the eyes were still following her, and that was when she realized what was odd about the whole thing. She was the only black person in the restaurant. She stopped and looked around her; there wasn’t a single black person in the building—not the waiter, nor the staff at the counter, not the patrons—no one. This made her even more self-conscious as she wondered what could possibly be the reason. She shrugged and continued on to the counter.

So far, she had yet to see something to dissuade her from buying her meal there. She stopped at the counter; the name on the staff’s tag read Nora. Diana beckoned to Nora and began placing her order. When she was done, she said that she wanted it in takeout because she couldn’t eat at the restaurant due to time constraints.

She knew that if she cut her lunch break short, she might be able to finish everything on time so she could close early for the day. However, as she spoke to Nora, she realized that the lady wasn’t paying her any attention. Nora kept talking to her partner, and every now and then, they laughed quietly as if they were sharing an inside joke. This baffled Diana, and she gently slapped her palm against the counter in frustration. She asked Nora why she wasn’t taking her order and ignoring her.

Nora frowned at her and told her to stop making noise. She reminded Diana that she wasn’t the only one there and she had to wait her turn. Diana found this confusing because she was the one closest to the counter, and there wasn’t even a queue. Diana called her attention once again and repeated the order. She also said that she didn’t like the way Nora was acting.

Nora only smirked at her and grudgingly asked for her order for the third time that day. Diana repeated the order to Nora, who then reluctantly decided to go get it. Before she left, though, as if for one final dig at Diana, she paused to watch a short video with her colleague and then burst out laughing as she went off. Diana watched all this but said nothing. She simply waited for her meal. She had so many ideas of what she could do, but she didn’t have the time. The most important thing for her was to get her meal and leave.

However, she was about to get way more than that. When Nora returned and handed the food over to her, Diana was shocked to find that it wasn’t her order. Nora had served something entirely different from what she wanted. Diana was baffled. It didn’t make any sense how she could have messed up her order because no one else had placed any order.

She returned the meal to Nora and told her that she couldn’t accept it because it wasn’t what she had ordered. Nora looked shocked by this, and then she became annoyed. She told Diana that she was going through a lot and she didn’t need her making things difficult for her. They were at their peak period of the day, and Diana just had to deal with it. Nora then told her that she had to take the meal like that; there was nothing else that could be done.

Now it was Diana’s turn to be annoyed. She had already endured so much from Nora, and this was the height of it. The staff had been rude to her ever since she set eyes on her, and Diana was fed up. She told Nora to get her order right because there was no way she was going to take the food. She said that it wasn’t just because she didn’t want to eat that food but also because it had an ingredient that she was allergic to. She couldn’t dare eat it for her own sake.

Nora only rolled her eyes and said she didn’t care. She said that she was sure Diana was only making it up. Then Nora told her that she wasn’t serving her anymore. She grabbed the food from the top of the counter where Diana had kept it and then shoved it into a drawer. She told Diana to leave, saying that it was because of things like this that they refused to serve black customers or even employ them as staff. Nora said it was because they were just too much trouble and they didn’t have enough money to pay for their meals. Nora then told her that she had to leave the premises and go somewhere that was more suited for her race.

At that moment, thousands of thoughts went through her mind as Diana stood there in shock. She couldn’t believe that all the disrespect she had been getting from Nora was because of the color of her skin. They were ready to kick her out of the restaurant and let her go hungry just because she was black.

For the first time in a long time, Diana was shocked beyond words. As she stood there, the manager of the restaurant walked in, and Diana felt a sense of elation. She believed that the manager would be more ethical and make things right. However, she was wrong. Without even listening to what had happened, he told her to get off the premises and never come back. He said that if she did, they’d be forced to call the cops.

In all her years as a soldier fighting for her country and keeping the citizens safe from external threats, this was the first time she experienced discrimination on such a grand scale. Normally, people tried to disguise it and lied about their intentions, hoping to catch her off guard, and she had to live with that her entire life. Diana came from a long line of soldiers. Her father used to be in the army, but he was forced to retire when he fell terminally ill. Due to her father’s reputation, Diana had a smooth ride through school.

She didn’t have to deal with bullies or things of that sort. People who discriminated against her because she was black couldn’t dare to do it to her face because they were scared of her father. She was so proud of him, and she grew up idolizing him. It was because of her father that the moment she could, she applied to join the army. When she got in, she realized that wanting to be a soldier and actually being a soldier were two different things. It was a whole lot harder than she expected, and it took everything she had to offer, but she pushed through. She wanted to make her father’s legacy proud and worked hard to be among the best.

Soon she went on dangerous missions many times. The kind of operations they went on were frightening, but she never backed down. She knew that she was doing it for her country and for her people, and that motivated her to always give her best. Sadly, though, her career as a soldier came to an abrupt halt after she got injured during a mission.

Her legs were messed up pretty badly, and it ended up leaving her with a limp. She couldn’t be on active duty anymore, but that didn’t mean the army was done with her. They hired her as their social media manager. She was in charge of handling all their social media platforms, posting content about the army, and engaging with people through the account.

She took pictures of soldiers, made videos, and every day she uploaded them with engaging captions. Just like her, she took her job to heart, and under her handling, she was able to grow the accounts to way more than it was when she came on board. Also, the army gave her creative control to post whatever she felt placed the army in a good light; they weren’t going to interfere.

Diana took this directive to heart. At first, she made videos where she answered questions posed by members of the public to the army. Then she did the same during live streaming events. Eventually, she opened up her own podcast and talked about everything that had to do with the army. Her job as the social media manager didn’t require her to wear her uniform; she only wore it if it was absolutely necessary. That’s why when she went to the restaurant that day, she was in mufti even though she was coming from work.

She wondered how differently everything would have played out if they knew that she was a soldier. Their discrimination cut deep into her, and she was hurt more than she cared to admit. What Nora and the manager had done to her wasn’t just an attack on her as a person but also as a soldier and as a black person. It was the 21st century, and the world was meant to have evolved past all this, so it was frustrating that a group of people still believed that they were of a superior race. She decided there and then that she was going to change that narrative for them.

She didn’t say another word and simply turned and walked away from the counter and out into the sun. In her mind, she promised to return the next day.

She kept her promise. During lunch break, she returned to the restaurant, but this time she was dressed in her full uniform from head to toe. As she walked into the restaurant again, another hush greeted her arrival, but this was different from the one she got yesterday. She could almost hear their muffled whispers as they wondered what a soldier was doing at the restaurant.

Diana made a beeline straight for the counter, and she was glad to see that Nora was still the one manning the counter. Nora’s eyes widened in shock as she recognized Diana in her uniform. However, to Diana’s surprise, the shock only lasted for a few seconds, and soon Nora collected herself once more and frowned at Diana as she stopped at the counter.

Diana tried to make an order, but before she could finish speaking, Nora cut her off and reminded her that they had warned her to stay away and not come back. Nora reminded her that they didn’t cater to black people and that she wasn’t welcome to dine at the restaurant. Diana still tried to order food, but yet again, Nora cut her off.

Nora said that the fact that she was a soldier didn’t change anything; she was black and therefore wasn’t welcome at the restaurant. Again, just like yesterday, the manager came out, and he too was shocked when he realized that she was a soldier, but he was also adamant. He told her to leave at once or he was going to call her superiors and report her for harassment.

With a smile, Diana finally did as she was asked. She turned and walked out of the restaurant, her hands buried deep in her pockets as she bounced out. She had gotten just what she came for, and she knew that it was more than enough to get the job done. Neither Nora nor the manager knew, but she had recorded the entire conversation.

She had a small camera that was pinned to the lapel of her uniform, and she got everything the manager and Nora had said to her. When she returned to her office, she wasted no time at all in copying the video to her phone and uploading it on social media.

For the caption, she talked about how black people were being disrespected despite the heavy impact they made in the country. She talked about how Nora and the manager had not cared about her as a person or as a soldier; they had simply said things to hurt her because they wanted to. After all, it was soldiers like her who put their lives on the line to protect people like Nora.

With such a touching caption, the video blew up almost overnight. As people watched the video, there was outrage and anger as they wondered why two people would be so mean. As they watched, they shared the video, and it went even more viral.

This made the restaurant a hot topic, but for all the wrong reasons. That was when other people began stepping out of the woodwork. Many people of color had something to say about discrimination at the restaurant. People made posts about how they were refused service because they were black, and some talked about how the staff purposely filled wrong orders just to frustrate them.

When they tried to complain, they were kicked out and threatened with suits. Not everyone who complained was black; even some whites talked about the injustice. Many of them said that they stopped dining at the restaurant the moment they noticed the discrimination that went on there.

Overnight, the restaurant was ruined. The price of their shares plummeted, and investors were pulling their money out faster than they could even try to recoup them. They began losing customers right from the next day, and within a week, their clientele had plummeted severely. Things were going badly for the restaurant, and they began to scramble about what to do.

They considered suing Diana and the army, but that idea was shot down the minute it was brought up because there was video evidence to show that Nora and the manager did do it. They wouldn’t win in a suit because no one would be on their side.

So they decided to appeal to the compassion of the people. They organized a press conference and tendered a public apology. This was done by the owner of the restaurant himself. He said that he was sorry for the way his staff had acted; it went against the ethics that governed the establishment, and he was working with his team to make sure such a thing never happened again. Right there and then, he announced the termination of Nora and the manager’s jobs. Due to their actions, they were no longer a part of the restaurant.

However, it was already too late. The people were wiser, and they all knew that it was only a stunt. Even though some people accepted their apology, the damage had already been done. They tried to rebuild, but it was just too difficult. The restaurant became too toxic for any investor to come near, and as such, they lacked proper funding to get back on their feet. Things only got worse for them, and soon they were forced to close down and file for bankruptcy.

The people were happy with Diana and the army. Many of them praised her for daring to speak out about the injustice they had been terrified of speaking of. It was her courage that motivated them to do the same, and their collective voice was what brought about the change. The restaurant had finally gotten what it deserved, and the followers across all the social media platforms of the army increased exponentially. When Diana thought about this, she couldn’t help but smile.

As a soldier, she always felt that she had not changed a lot of things because she wasn’t an active soldier for long enough. She had believed that all she needed to do was be out there and shoot at the enemy. However, when she got the new job, she realized that she could make changes in a way that was just as profound as the battlefield. At that point, she was certain that if her father were to see her, he would be proud of her.

She then decided to continue in that line with her online presence and the backing of the army. She would continue going after those who were being unnecessarily unjust to their fellow citizens. She would go after those who were profiling people based on race, people who judged others based on the color of their skin without even getting to know anything about them.

With the help of her fans and followers, she would go after all of them until there were only as few victims of injustice as possible.

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