Maid Cleaning Hotel Bedroom Instantly Breaks Down After Lifting The Blankets

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The new maid, however, proved that she was made of tougher stuff than her predecessor. In just a matter of weeks, she bested the huge pile of dirty laundry piling up in the back and devised a brand new organization system for the hotel. The once-doubtful owner realized she owed a huge debt of gratitude to her heroic maid.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have the resources to reward her beyond her usual paycheck. Still, she knew a couple of friends who might be able to help out. Kyle Orifis and Josh Gibson made a name for themselves doing good all over the country. They captured these unexpected moments of kindness on their YouTube channel, ‘Give Back Films.’ Their first few videos already made quite a splash.

These filmmakers put themselves on the map with heartwarming clips of them giving large sums of money to homeless people. Despite the simple concept, the emotional reactions brought them millions of views. From there, Kyle and Josh only wanted to go bigger. In 2014, they figured this enterprising maid would be another perfect subject. With the hotel owner’s cooperation, they set out on their most daring plan yet.

Josh and Kyle began setting up a series of hidden cameras in one room. After the highly technical step, the filmmakers got a little bit more loosey-goosey. They had to make the room look lived in so the maid wouldn’t suspect anything. The two friends moved some furniture around and bashed around some pillows for good measure. Once the place looked messy enough, it was time to introduce the key piece of the puzzle.

Josh scribbled down a note while Kyle laid down the contents of a fat envelope under the bedsheet. Finally, with the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign removed from their room door, Kyle and Josh’s plan was in motion. The maid would swing by any minute, so the two plotters had to make themselves scarce.

The ‘Give Back Films’ masterminds retreated to their van, which was positioned right by the hotel room window. They could barely contain themselves as they watched the maid enter. At first, however, she didn’t notice the big surprise. Soon enough, the devoted employee made her way over to the bed. As she pulled back the dirty linens, not usually a source of much excitement, she gasped.

Tears rolled down her face. There on the mattress lay five hundred dollars. This generous gift overwhelmed the maid, who was used to only seeing tips of a few bucks at a time. But an entire stack of twenties, this was life-changing for someone living paycheck to paycheck. Following the big reveal, Josh and Kyle stepped out of the van as the maid embraced both guys. It seemed like their plan worked out perfectly.

That was the moment she dropped some shocking news, though. She admitted the tip was a great surprise. The maid said she couldn’t accept the money. It was all just too much. But Kyle and Josh took her by the hand and told her about their mission. They convinced her that she simply deserved the cash for all her hard work. And in the end, Kyle and Josh were even happier than the maid.

‘There’s something really cool about someone being genuinely happy, and it’s exciting,’ explained Josh. And that thrill wasn’t the only motivation behind their generosity.”

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