Man Disappears After Winning The Lottery, 3 Years Later Police Uncover A Shocking Truth

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“Everyone dreams of winning the lottery; however, suddenly coming into a giant sum of money doesn’t necessarily mean smooth sailing. When greedy friends and family members come out of the woodwork, there is no telling how far they will go to get a piece of the money.

That was the case of Abraham Shakespeare of Florida, a man who went from the luckiest guy alive to starring in a sinister mystery.

In 2006, Abraham Shakespeare won the $30 million lottery jackpot. After taxes, Shakespeare ended up with $17 million. Abraham was instantly rich, and that’s where the trouble started. As soon as Abraham won the enormous jackpot, so-called friends began looking for a piece of the pie. A friend who accompanied Shakespeare to the store to buy the…….Read Full Story Here……..

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