Man Flirts With Young Waitress – When He Sees Her Scar, He Burst Into Tears

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“Every time Jon visited the little downtown diner, there was always this young, vibrant waitress that caught his eye. She moved gracefully; her laughter infectious, drawing many flirtatious glances, including from Jon. But on one fateful day, as she leaned in to serve his coffee, he spotted it. A peculiar scar snaking down her arm.

Jon’s playful demeanor shifted instantly, his eyes widening and his heart racing. He had seen that scar before, and the realization hit like a tidal wave. What were the odds? Every Sunday, Jon would visit a little downtown diner to get a cup of coffee and a sandwich. It was a ritual that got him out of the house, as he didn’t have many other reasons. He lived a fairly lonely life – no wife, no girlfriend, and no children. His parents lived across the state, something he secretly did…..Read Full Story Here……………..

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