Man Thinks He Has “Bird Eggs” In His Air Shaft – He’s Stunned After Realizing They Aren’t Bird Eggs

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David had always assumed the strange noises in his air shaft were from a bird’s nest. The continuous rustling and occasional flutters suggested something common, or so he thought. Armed with a flashlight and brimming curiosity, he decided to investigate the source of the disturbance. Little did he know, this was the beginning of a revelation that would shake him to the core.

At one point, David had enough. He was listening to the evening radio while cooking his dinner when he suddenly heard the rustling sounds again. He immediately turned the music down and listened carefully, almost holding his breath.

So silent was he, he stared at the air shaft for minutes until he finally heard the sound again. “Gotcha,” he said as he walked over to the spot where the noise had come from. He was certain this was the right spot, which was a bit strange as it wasn’t close to the side of his house. Confused and intrigued, David decided to walk around his house to find the entrance to the air shaft. As he stood outside his house, he quickly walked to where his kitchen was, as that was where he….Read Full Story Here………………

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