Man Wakes Up With A Black Eye And A Hangover, Sees Wife’s Note And Starts To Cry

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It’s okay to have a drink now and

then, but drinking too much is never a good idea.

When you drink too much, you lose control of yourself and might do things you wouldn’t normally do.

You might not even remember what happened the next day, or wonder why people are upset with you.

Here’s a funny story about what could happen if you drink too much:

The story is about a man named Jack. He’s married but enjoys partying, which his wife doesn’t like.

One day, Jack wakes up at home, not remembering how he got there. He’s really hungover and has no idea what happened last night.

He sees some water and aspirin on his bedside table and clean clothes ready for him.

Jack puts on the clothes and notices a black eye in the mirror. He finds a note from his wife, saying he got really drunk last night but not to worry.

She even made breakfast for him and plans to make his favorite dinner later.

Jack is confused but goes outside to find coffee, breakfast, and his son. He asks his son what happened last night.

His son explains that Jack came home drunk, made a mess, and even broke things.

But Jack’s wife stayed calm and nice, which surprises Jack.

His son reveals that when his mom tried to help Jack, he shouted, “Stop! I’m married!”

Jack realizes that his drunken shout might have saved his marriage and feels relieved.

He learns a lesson and decides not to drink too much at parties in the future.

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