Man Was About To Do Bad Things To The Girl, But He Didn’t Expect What Would Happen Next

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This little village was tucked away from civilization and the bustle of the big cities deep in Spain’s enormous forests. It occasionally happens that upholding law and order becomes more challenging the farther a colony is from civilization. Only a few variations are able to withstand the anarchy imposed by the local bigwigs who amass wealth through dubious ways. That was the kind of area Lucas had worked as a logger all of his life. He was passionate about his work.

He was appreciative of the taiga and thankful that fate had not taken him to the great cities where he would have connected with the natural world. He kept the peace, guarded the assigned region, and saw himself as a part of the untamed land year after year. It was where his roots lay. He got married there, where his son was born. Until the end of his life, he had developed a strong bond with these areas. After growing up and serving his time in the army, his son made the decision to remain where his parents had served. They begged him to stay in his native country when they impatiently awaited his visits.

But his son was constantly drawn to other locations. He eventually made his home, got married, and produced a daughter who is now Lucas’s granddaughter. The grandparents were now eagerly anticipating the visits from their son, their daughter Elena, and his wife. However, their daughter-in-law showed up at their door two years later, holding their granddaughter in her arms and a luggage in her hand. The parents learned of their son’s awful destiny at that point.

He vanished after getting entangled in a scheme with businesspeople. She didn’t know where he was or how to find him because there hadn’t been any updates for a few months. He’d once advised her to go to his parents’ town and wait for him there or to get a word from him if something like that happened. She was there now that he had given her the elderly couple’s address. The girl cried out in agony, “I will wait for him all day. As long as it takes. I will wait for him even if it is a lifetime. I love him. I love him more than life itself.” Thus Claudia moved into the home of the elderly couple with her daughter.

Her son had vanished, therefore there was anguish on the one hand. On the other hand, they could witness her daily growth as their granddaughter now lived close by. But the disaster had not set her home free. After some time, Claudia got a message concerning her husband — not from him. It told her that he was no longer with us and included some horrifying pictures as evidence. They told her that she would not find his body, thus there was no point in bothering to look for it.

When the elderly couple received the letter at morning, they failed to check on their daughter-in-law. Lucas and his wife were left alone when Claudia got a rope and hanged herself in the barn. Little Elena was the only one who brought them happiness, and now she was the only thing that gave them hope. He knew that his prize, his granddaughter, was waiting for him in his cozy warm home when he arrived back from the jungle. She was loved by Grandpa Lucas.

Elena no longer hardly recognized her mother. The granddaughter was nurtured by Grandpa Lucas and his spouse, Pilar. But Pilar did not live long; her health had been severely compromised by the events of the previous few years. Elena had finally matured and turned into a real beauty. It was unfortunate that her grandma and parents were not around to witness that occasion. Grandpa Lucas was getting ready for his forest patrol one week later.

As he made his way into the taiga, noting information on the fallen trees and making marks on his map, he heard moaning. “Wolf cubs are very close,” said the elderly guy in a whisper. He twisted the veto’s branches carefully and was startled. “But why do they make noise? Other predators will hear them.” A dead wolf rested beneath the tree’s roots, and two wolf cubs, one day old and the other with a loud groan, were sitting close to her. Lucas scowled. Removing his bag, he went up to the wolves. When the old guy held out his hand, they became silent and pressed themselves near their mother.

The biggest attempted to chomp him. “You are the leader of this pack because you have good instincts,” the elderly guy grinned and said, gathering up the wolves to place in his rucksack. He returned home earlier than normal this time. “Grandfather!” shouted Elena. “Why have you come back? Has something happened?” Taking off his rucksack, Grandpa Lucas continued, “I have a gift for you.” The girl was the focus of two sets of brilliant eyes. “The granddaughter said, ‘Oh, Grandpa! Where did you get them from?’ ‘The pups are wolves, not pups. They are the future wolves, wolf pups,'” Elena was taken aback; she was accustomed to that. Her grandfather was always taking care of different animals, but this was the first time, let alone the second time, that she had wolves at home.

The granddaughter now fed the wolves and watched their activity for the entire day. He named one of them North; he was a future wolf with darker fur. He gave the other one — who wasn’t a woman — the name Blizzard. North was the most firm of the group, at least. After raising the wolves until they reached a specific age, they let them return to the taiga, their native habitat. Naturally, though, under Jager’s guidance, Lucas possessed. After a year, everything appeared to be going well. Grandpa Lucas was mainly concerned about Xavier, the neighborhood poacher who had his eye on his stunning granddaughter. Despite his dislike for the audacious man, the ranger was unable to apprehend him directly.

When Elena’s grandfather departed into the taiga for his patrols, Javier started to approach her. The girl was clueless on how to protect herself from this haughty suitor. Lucas said to his granddaughter, “Come with me, my dear, to the taiga, live with me for a while. Maybe this scoundrel will back down when he is out of your sight for a while,” and they did. During the summer, Elena made herself at home in her grandfather’s cabin, lending a hand with household duties and work. However, getting rid of Xavier was not so simple because to him, the forest also served as a home.

He was willing to do whatever it took to acquire what he wanted from the attractive female. When Lucas came into the cabin from the taiga one day, Javier set up an ambush for him. “Left to resist you, little provocateur!” he exclaimed, cornering Elena against the wall with his fists. He showed no reserve. The girl recognized that this time she would not be restrained as he started to shred her garments. She let out a loud cry, even though she believed no one would help her, but she was mistaken.

North and Blizzard stormed at the aggressor as soon as the cabin door opened. Wherever they could reach, they bit him and scraped him. Javier would have been destroyed by the animals if it weren’t for his sturdy hunting attire. God be praised! After hearing his granddaughter’s cries, the grandfather assisted in putting the evildoer under control. Then he dropped a shotgun’s barrel, and the wolves followed him into the town, where they

turned Xavier over to the police. The attacker was sentenced to a lengthy prison term for a very disagreeable crime shortly after the trial. A lot of people are eager for more captivating material. Be careful. That concludes the first narrative; let’s see another one. An old woman is attacked by a group of morally bankrupt ex-convicts as she makes her way home. She makes every effort to stop them from harming her, but in the end, the unexpected appearance of a wild wolf transforms this tense meeting into an incredible surprise. With the sun beginning to drop on a crisp autumn evening, Alice was making her way home from her monthly food shopping.

Her favorite activity was generally taking walks in the surrounding woods as she resided on the outskirts of a tiny community. But among the trees, tragically, there were shadows. They were part of a group of formerly incarcerated people that prowled the periphery in search of disturbance and easy targets. These men had already exploited a great deal of weak and defenseless people, and they were featured in children’s nightmare stories. Their conscience had grown weary in the prison atmosphere, so they felt no regret for all the evil they were perpetrating.

Alice had no idea that this group of formerly incarcerated individuals was observing her every move from a shadowy distance, their eyes glinting as their minds raced with threats. They suspected that since the month had just begun, she had likely recently withdrawn her pension and that she may have valuables inside her tiny cottage. Seeing her as a simple mark, they were prepared to take advantage of her. The ex-convicts stepped out of the shadows when Alice arrived at her cottage, finished putting away her groceries, and sat outside, enjoying the lovely tranquility of October. One of them used a deep, rusty voice and ordered Alice to go inside and retrieve all of her valuables.

He pulled out a pocket knife that looked as rusty as his voice did when he saw her stuck in place. The others laughed at her unsteady legs and made fun of her advanced age. Despite her heart pounding, Alice managed not to cower in dread. Defiantly, she said, “I have nothing of value to you, but I can offer you the chance to leave this place as quietly as you came, and I’ll never speak a word of it. It’s for your own good.” Her eyes met theirs, and she resolved to meet their stare with gentleness and strength. The former prisoner chuckled at her audacity and sneered at her remarks. She was by herself and could not possibly handle any of them. The still night air reverberated with their laughing. They saw Alice as nothing more than a bluff, someone telling stories about old people to try and scare them away.

However, a strange rustling of dry leaves from the woods distracted them before they could assault her. A lone wolf appeared out of the shadows, its glossy fur gleaming in the moonlight. The ex-convicts’ courage was sapped by its imposing proportions, and their commander trembled with terror at the unexpected guest. Now that the roles had reversed, they were under attack. With a question in their minds, they turned to face the elderly woman, hoping to outrun her and reach the protection of her cabin before the wolf could follow them. They were shocked to see that she was acting completely fearless. In fact, she was staring at the wolf as if she were finally running into an old acquaintance. And they had no idea, but that’s just what was taking place.

Born and reared, Alice Green lived in a tiny cottage encircled by forests. She would frequently go exploring by herself when she knew the forest as though it were her own home. After finishing her chores on a chilly December day, Alice put on her coat, boots, and gloves, said farewell to her parents, and walked back to explore the forest, swearing to return before dusk. She walked for a few minutes before sitting by a tree and taking her diary out of her backpack. She enjoyed drawing, and there was no shortage of inspiration among the woods. But soon after, Alice started to feel uneasy, and the sensation of being watched caused goosebumps to appear all over her body. A little wolf cub was staring at her directly in front of her as she silently scanned the woodland for any signs of danger.

Alice knew that even if it was just a cub, she might not be able to outrun it as she made her way back home. Above all, she understood that a mother wolf typically followed her pup wherever it went, and she could never hope to outrun an adult wolf. She gazed at the cub, hoping it would leave her alone and continue on its own. However, the small wolf remained fixed on her, and Alice believed she saw tears in its eyes. She felt as though the cub was calling out for assistance, so she mustered the courage to approach it. She saw two things right away when she got to the cub. It was a female wolf, and, to make matters worse, she was unable to free herself from a hunter’s trap when her right rear paw got stuck in it. She was limping from the weight of the trap, which she was dragging behind her.

When Alice explored the woodland, she came to the conclusion that the wolf had probably wandered off and become entangled in the trap set by the hunter, far from her mother and siblings. This implied that she was unable to abandon her in need. Alice delicately removed the cub from the trap using just her bare hands. The chain eventually gave in to her pulls since it was old and rusted. When the wolf pup lifted its paw free from the trap’s iron hold, she was ecstatic. After all, her father had always instilled in her the belief that wildlife of all kinds contributed greatly to the natural world and the advantages of the wild. She thought she would bolt instantly, but the dog only gawked around in disbelief.

In case her mother or older siblings came to get her, Alice realized she wanted to put some distance between herself and the small wolf. However, the cub appeared to be unaware of her family’s location, and based on the forest’s silence, it appears that they were not in the vicinity. The poor creature was far more hurt than before; the trap had sliced deep into her fur and left bloody wounds on her fragile skin. Alice assumed that a wild wolf could live without bandages and disinfection, but she took another look at the trap. It was almost completely red from the rust. No, she concluded, that poor puppy required medical care. She took her up and brought her to her parents’ shed at the edge of the woods since she was unable to bring her home. To help her through the night, she gave her the remaining water and a small treat from her backpack. Alice cleaned the wound and wrapped it with gauze as best she could while she chewed on the protein bar.

It was almost as if the small wolf realized that she was just trying to be helpful and let her to work. After all, Alice promised herself that she would come back the following day to visit the cub and say hello over dinner. Alex carefully preserved a portion of her steak so that no one would notice that she hadn’t finished her meal. She hastily said her parents good night and retired to her bed. Alice hid some cash in her backpack the following morning, along with the meat she had saved the night before, from her savings jar. When Alice finished her chores, she waved her parents off once more, but this time she took a different route — the one that led to the pet store — instead of the well-known trail that led to the forest. In the hopes that the tiny wolf would enjoy the dog food, she bought some additional treats. Alex arrived at the shed and discovered the cub where she had left it.

The gash on her leg was not as serious as it had been the night before, but the little she-wolf still did not appear to be at her peak of power. She brought some goodies and the leftover steak from the previous night to the pup, who gobbled them up right away. The wolf gave Alice a thank-you look when she was finished. After giving the wolf’s fur a minute’s massage, she proceeded to apply additional gauze and the calming balm she had packed. Reapplying the bandage with gentle touch, Alice tended to the young wolf’s leg and spent a little more time tending to her recovery.

Alex continued the same treatment for the next week, and before long, the small cub recovered completely. Even though she was only 15 years old at the time, she was aware that the wolf had to return to her own environment. That day, as usual, she went to see how she was doing, but instead of saying goodbye and putting her in the shed, she let her outside and ensured the cub trailed behind her into the forest. The puppy’s ears pricked up as if she recognized the location as they arrived at where they had first met. She was free to move around as Alice pleased, and she didn’t pursue her when she started to flee for the bushes. Seeing an adult pack of wolves up close was the last thing she desired.

Alice heard the wolf’s footsteps once again as she turned to leave the woodland. She attempted to speed her walk, fearing the dog would want to follow her home. She quickly discovered, though, that she could hear more than just her little paws. The small wolf was not alone. Alice whirled around and felt the blood in her veins freeze. She noticed that her mother had accompanied the pup. Alice froze in place, terrified that the mother wolf would soon hurt her.

But Alice was shocked when the wolf approached her cautiously and just stroked her head against her body. Alice understood that her mother had brought the small cub as a token of appreciation. Grinning at the wolf, she spun around, glad that she had been able to heal the puppy and bring her back to her family, but also sad to be leaving her new companions behind. After several months, Alice had to move out of her little village to attend college in a different metropolis. Though life intervened, and she didn’t return to the forest until six years later when she relocated back to her hometown, she never forgot her wolf pals. She’d long since given up on the idea of hanging out with wild wolves. Still, Alice would always notice wolves’ silhouettes outside her window when she returned home.

She eventually married, had children and grandchildren, all the while staying in her hometown and savoring the peace and memories it brought back. Alice was highly well-liked in the neighborhood, with her grin and silvery gray hair. She would spend her days baking pine pies, weeding her garden, and giving wise counsel to anyone who asked. Her stories of her escapades in the bush won her a lot of popularity with the younger crowd as well. Furthermore, it seems that she continued to enjoy great popularity among the wolf pack.

The wolf continued to snarl and advance menacingly toward the ex-convicts who were frozen in dread to their location. When Alice’s words jolted them back to reality, they were so terrified that they dared not move and had nearly passed out. “I’ll advise you to leave now before I tell my dear friend over there that you’re trying to attack me. Trust me, it understands me.” As if predestined, the wolf pulled off an unbelievable deed. It sprang over to face Alice, successfully blocking the elderly grandmother’s attackers from reaching her.

The wolf then let out a low growl and bared its teeth to let them know it was prepared to pounce. It did not take two tellings to get the ex-convicts to run off like tiny kids scared of danger. Alice let out a sigh of comfort. The wolf did not attempt to chase after them but instead bared its teeth at them. It seemed more drawn to the elderly woman sitting on the porch. The wolf returned the favor by bowing his head and disappearing into the darkness as Alice grinned and expressed her gratitude. For Alice, the experience proved that animals can be devoted to one another.

Her old puppy buddy was long gone now, but she must have visited the cottage periodically over the years to show her kids and grandkids the spot where a fifteen-year-old girl had healed a horrible gash on her right hind leg. Though she had sensed and seen them around the house frequently, she had never really communicated with them and certainly had not anticipated that her old friend’s grandchildren would rescue her when she most needed it. In the quiet of the night, Alex thought back to her father’s advice when she was younger; even creatures that are classified as wild can be a person’s most devoted friends.

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