Manager Disrespects This Disabled Customer – When She Reveals Her Identity, He Was Left In Shock

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Sarah rolled into one of the Supermarkets near her home. As Sarah rolled through to the shelves, the manager of the supermarket looked at her with a disdainful look, assuming she would not be able to reach certain products. “Can I help you?” he asked impatiently.

Sarah just felt the lack of respect in the way he looked at her and talked to her, but once she showed her identity, he would regret it for the rest of his life. Sarah hadn’t anticipated reacting this fiercely to the manager’s behavior, but it almost seemed he was the only one bothered by her disability in the store. She thought it unacceptable, and with her standing, she knew that she had to teach that manager a lesson, even if he didn’t know who she was.

Who was Sarah? Why did she have so much influence, and most importantly, how could he possibly make amends and get his cherished job back? Richard had always loved working as a manager at the local supermarket. It made him feel important, and he really liked the…..Read Full Story Here.……………..

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