Mother Pay Visits To Daughter In Morgue, Discovers Something Incredible And Was Left In Shock

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The miracle baby Luz Milagros: What at first seemed like a tragic story ended up shocking the world. When this woman visited the morgue to mourn the death of her newborn daughter, she couldn’t believe what she found there. Keep watching to find out what it was.

Argentinian Analia Bouguet and her husband Fabian Vernon were in great pain when they learned that they had lost their newborn daughter named Luz Milagros. The baby was born prematurely on the morning of 3rd April 2012. Analia broke down when she received the news that the little girl had been stillborn, which meant that they had lost her even before they had the chance to meet her. As she was born three months before her due date and weighed just 780 grams, the news of Luz Milagros’s tragic death came as…..Read Full Story Here.……………..

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