Mother puts camera in the house and CRIES upon discovering what her children doing while she slept.

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An exhausted single mother always woke up without her uniform and couldn’t believe what her son was doing to her while she was asleep. When she bought a camera, the woman cried when she saw the images. It was around 6:30 a.m. when the front door slowly opened, revealing an exhausted figure who could barely stand. “Oh my God, finally,” murmured Margie, a single mother who spent her sleepless nights working in a 24-hour convenience store.

The faint light of dawn barely touched the edges of the sky, but for her, it marked the end of another long journey. Before she even entered the house, Margie was already rummaging through her bag in search of the small bottle of pills that had become her constant companion. Insomnia was an old acquaintance, and without those pills, she knew sleep wouldn’t come. With an almost automatic gesture, she swallowed the pill, feeling the weight of tiredness in every muscle of her body.

As she entered the room, she was immediately greeted by the comforting aroma of fresh coffee, a gesture of affection that could only come from one person. There he was, her 11-year-old son Lucas, already dressed in his school uniform, proudly holding a steaming mug for her. “I made you coffee, Mom. I thought you’d like something to warm up; it’s really cold today,” he said, smiling. Margie smiled despite her exhaustion, touched by her son’s care. However, the reality of her physical and mental state spoke louder. “Oh, my dear, thank you so much, but I’ve already taken a sleeping pill.

I’m very tired, love, but I’ll drink it when I wake up, okay?” Her voice was a whisper of gratitude mixed with regret at refusing his kind gesture. She approached her son, watching him with a look of admiration and sadness. Her arduous routine prevented her from spending more time with her son, and that’s why those little moments were so precious to her.

Be careful on your way to school, okay? And thanks for the coffee, honey. You’re the best kid in the world,” with a gentle kiss on the little boy’s forehead, she expressed all the love and gratitude she felt, regretting not being able to enjoy the coffee that had been prepared with such care. Lucas, for his part, was understanding, although he was also a little disappointed. “It’s okay, Mom. I love you. Just rest, okay?” he said, putting the mug aside and picking up his backpack.

With one last look at her son, Margie headed for the bedroom, tossing her bag aside on the armchair and letting herself fall into bed without even changing her clothes. The weight of the world seemed to dissipate the moment her body touched the mattress, and the darkness of the drug-induced sleep quickly enveloped her. The woman simply fell deeply asleep.

Margie woke up with a jump, the rays of the evening sun sneaking through the curtains. The clock read almost 3:00 p.m., signaling that she had slept for several hours straight. “Oh my God, I’ve really blacked out,” a sense of disorientation enveloped her as she tried to piece together the events of the morning. But an unexpected discovery made her frown in confusion.

Looking down, she realized that she wasn’t wearing her work uniform but a loose-fitting shirt that she didn’t remember putting on. “Those pills must be strong, huh?” she muttered to herself, trying to find some logic in the situation. “Well, I’d best get up and make something to eat. Lucas will be here soon.” The little boy went to one of those full-time schools and arrived around 5:00 p.m.

The problem was that his mother went to work at 8:00 p.m., which meant that the two of them had very little time together. The woman changed her clothes and went to prepare the meal, but the fact that she had put on another set of clothes while she slept still puzzled her. And to make matters worse, this strange occurrence became a pattern, repeating itself every day.

Margie would come home from work, roll over in bed, and then wake up without her uniform. She attributed the change of clothes to the effect of the sleeping pills, assuming that in some moment of semi-consciousness, she changed without remembering. However, a new piece of the puzzle emerged a few days later, adding layers of mystery to her already complicated routine.

One day, while she was preparing a meal, the phone rang, breaking the silence in the house. It was her son’s school, and the news left the mother perplexed. “Hello, Mrs. Margie, we’re calling to inform you that Lucas has been arriving late every day recently.

This cannot happen anymore; he’s missing his first class,” said the supervisor on the other end of the line, formal and concerned. “Late? But he always leaves as soon as I get home,” the woman replied, disbelief clear in her voice. The answer she received only served to deepen her confusion. “No, ma’am, he’s always an hour late, and some of your neighbors have told us that he leaves the house long after you get home from work.”

Margie talked some more with her son’s supervisor and then ended the call with a storm of thoughts swirling around in her mind. She couldn’t understand what was happening. Why would Lucas be leaving home so late? They said he arrived at school sweaty and out of breath. And why didn’t she remember changing her clothes? Doubt and worry began to grow inside her, an uncomfortable feeling that she couldn’t shake.

That evening, as she watched her son prepare his backpack for the next day, the desire to confront him about what she had discovered consumed her. However, something prevented her from asking the questions that were simmering in her head. “Oh my, how can I approach him?” she thought, glancing at her son. Margie was torn between her desire to understand the mysteries that surrounded her and her reluctance to disturb her son’s apparent tranquility.

Am I just imagining things? Are those pills messing with my head?” she wondered internally, searching for some reasonable explanation for the strange occurrences. As she got ready for work that evening, she couldn’t help feeling that something was happening right under her nose, something she was unable to see or understand.

So, the woman decided to take a rather drastic measure. She would set up a camera in her bedroom. Margie walked through the aisles of the electronic store the next day with a determination mixed with hesitation. “Am I doing the right thing? Being suspicious of my own kid?” she wondered as she examined the options of the devices available.

The decision to set up a spy camera in her bedroom was not an easy one. Part of her felt invasive and guilty for suspecting the little boy, but the need to understand what happened during her hours of vulnerable unconsciousness weighed more heavily. Choosing a discreet camera that could easily be camouflaged in her bedroom, Margie felt the weight of her decision on her shoulders. “It’s just to make sure everything’s all right, to protect both of us,” she justified herself, trying to appease the guilt that was consuming her. After all, she didn’t have the courage to ask her son directly what she wanted.

Back at home, the mother installed the camera, taking advantage of the afternoon when Lucas was at school. “He won’t even notice, and if everything’s fine, I’ll take it down, and he’ll never know,” Margie planned as she carefully positioned the device so that she had a clear view of the bed. That night, while working, the woman couldn’t stop thinking about the hidden camera in her room.

What will I find on the recordings?” she asked herself, fighting the mixture of anticipation and anxiety that was taking her over. Curiosity about her son’s secret actions and the hope that her worries were unfounded competed in her heart. The woman spent all night serving the evening customers who passed by, but her mind was elsewhere. She imagined her little one at home alone and everything he did while she was away. “Let’s hope I’m wrong about this,” she thought as she passed the customers’ purchases through the checkout.

Anticipation was high for the next morning, and Margie felt her heart beating faster whenever she thought of her son. After a night of exhausting work, Margie arrived home as the first ray of sunlight lit up the sky, heralding another day. As usual, the morning ritual unfolded. Before going into the house, she took her pills and then found temporary comfort in a glass of juice that Lucas, her devoted son, had prepared especially for her. “Here, Mom, I’ve made you some orange juice so you can relax a bit before bed.

I didn’t make you coffee this time so you could sleep better,” he said with a smile that radiated affection and concern. The woman smiled, touched by her son’s loving gesture. “You’re the best, you know that,” she replied, sipping the juice that somehow seemed to sweeten the weight of her endless nights at work.

That day, she decided to stay awake as long as she could until she saw her son off to school. She wanted to make sure he left the house while she drank the juice that brought a feeling of freshness and a brief moment of pleasure. The accumulated tiredness began to take its toll. The effects of the sleeping pill, which she had taken as soon as she arrived, added to the exhaustion, and the soothing juice made her eyelids feel heavy. The little boy, seeing that she was sleepy, said, “Well, I’m off to school, Mom.

See you later,” he announced, collecting his backpack and getting ready to leave the house. “Go carefully, son. I love you,” Margie managed to say, her voice already distant as she fought against the veil of sleep that was closing over her. Her son kissed her goodbye on the forehead, and as soon as he left, that poor mother dragged herself to her room, her mind clouded by a mixture of medication and tiredness.

Lying down on the bed, she allowed herself one last moment of consciousness, an attempt to hold on to reality before succumbing to sleep. However, before she finally closed her eyes, she saw something that startled her. She noticed a shadow moving across the room. It was Lucas, silently entering the room.

Lucas,” she tried to call out, but her voice was no more than an inaudible whisper, as the pills had already taken hold of her. Curiosity and confusion filled her, but the weight of her eyes closing was relentless. And so, on the threshold between consciousness and sleep, Margie faded away, leaving behind the mystery of why her son hadn’t gone to school, why did he come back without her seeing him, and why was he entering her room only after making sure she was asleep.

When she woke up hours later, the house was silent, an indication that the little boy was gone. However, the familiar scene of the change of clothes was repeated. Her work uniform was carefully folded on the armchair, and now she was wearing a comfortable shirt. “What happened?” she asked herself, her mind in a whirl of unanswered questions.

Without wasting any more time, Margie got up and ran to her laptop, opening the recordings of the hidden camera. Driven by a mixture of anxiety and anticipation, the hidden camera promised to reveal the secrets of the past few mornings, to unravel Lucas’s actions that remained an enigma to her. “What have you been doing, son?” she asked, as her hesitant fingers pressed the play button to watch the recordings captured by the hidden camera.

The truth was about to be revealed, and she knew that no matter what she found, her life and Lucas’s were about to change. Margie could hardly breathe, and her heartbeat in a rhythm that echoed the pulse of tense expectation. The recordings were beginning to reveal secrets of the silent morning of her deep sleep. First, the woman saw herself entering the room and falling onto the bed, a picture of exhaustion surrendering to the effects of the pills.

Not long after, the small figure of Lucas appeared in the doorway, his eyes scanning the room with the caution of someone guarding a precious secret. Then, the little boy entered the room, but in his hands, he carried a basin of warm water and a cloth, preparations for a ritual of care that was about to begin.

His mother was deep asleep by then, and he sat down beside her bed and began to wet the cloth and gently wipe Margie’s face. The boy whispered words that overflowed with feelings trapped in that poor child’s heart. “Mom, you work too much. I just wish you could really rest,” he said, his voice shaking. “I wish we could spend more time together, that you didn’t always have to be so tired.”

Tears welled up in Lucas’s eyes as he continued his care, washing away the accumulated sweat and dust, physical symbols of Margie’s hard night’s work. Every gesture was filled with the unconditional tenderness and love that the little boy felt for his mother. Then, he took off her uniform and folded it, placing it on the armchair. He took a larger, more comfortable t-shirt from her wardrobe and gently dressed her. Margie began to cry at the sight.

After changing out of his mother’s uniform and into something that would be more comfortable for her to sleep in, Lucas gave her a soft kiss on the forehead and said, “I love you, Mom. I want you to be well,” he murmured before picking up his backpack and the things he used to clean up the woman. He left his room and went to school, watching everything.

The woman couldn’t hold back the tears that were now flowing freely, a mixture of admiration, love, and a twinge of guilt for having distrusted her little boy began to eat away at her soul. “He was looking after me. He sacrificed his own time at school to wash and change me, worried about how tired I am,” she thought emotionally. The revelation of the recording was a balm for her soul but also a wakeup call.

Margie realized that despite the adversities of her life, she had created an incredible human being capable of empathy and actions that many adults would hesitate to take. What happened was that the little boy, seeing his mother exhausted and lying in bed, was upset that she couldn’t even take a hot bath before going to sleep.

That’s why he made a point of cleaning her up at least a little and putting on a comfortable shirt so that she could sleep better. The fact that he arrived at school all sweaty and out of breath was because the little boy always missed the bus and had to run to the school. But everything was about to change because after the boy told the school supervisor about his situation as the woman questioned him as she couldn’t stand to see the boy being late again, the transformation of their lives began with some unexpected but deeply welcome news.

The supervisor, moved by the story, managed to get the school to open a vacancy for a secretary, offering Margie not only a job with excellent conditions but also the opportunity to work during the day. This meant being able to sleep at night, a change that promised to restore her physical and emotional well-being as well as allowing her to spend more time with her son. When the offer was made, the woman felt as if an enormous weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

That would be perfect for us,” she said, her voice laced with emotion, as the school supervisor explained the details of the vacancy. When Lucas heard the news, he was overjoyed. “Really, Mom? You’re going to work at my school? We’ll be able to go to school together every day!” his excitement was remarkable, and the sparkle in his eyes reflected the joy they both felt at the prospect of finally being able to be more present in each other’s lives.

The change of job brought a renewal for Margie. The nights of exhausting work and the days lost in a fog of tiredness and medication became memories of a past she was more than ready to leave behind. Now her nights were peaceful, and she woke up refreshed, ready to face the day alongside Lucas. The boy, for his part, no longer had to worry about his mother’s health and well-being and could concentrate on his studies and the joy of having his mother around during the day. And so, walking side by side under the morning sun, they moved on with light hearts and a future full of possibilities.

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