Mother Suspect And Worried About Her Children, Installs Camera In Their Room, What She Discovered Left Her In Shock

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Mom worried about her children and stalls camera in their room. The family was no stranger to the ailments kids faced like insomnia, bad dreams, or other health problems. It was part of watching them grow up. She knew she hadn’t seen even half of it; there would be more to come.

But she was wound up tight; she knew something was going on behind her back, but her kids had their lips shut. She had to do something about it and needed to find out the truth before reaching her breaking point.

But it came to her kids. Valerie knew she was lucky. While some siblings bicker well past a parent’s breaking point, her daughter Vivian and son Levi were the best of friends. Even though there were a few differences between them, like Levi being one year older than her sister, the two had taken to each other with enthusiasm never seen before. The tiny duo also shared a bedroom, which was perfect for the family’s Santa Monica home. Right from day one, things seemed to be……Read Full Story Here……….

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