Mourning Mum Installs Camera After Seeing Something Strange on Son’s Coffin. She Turns Pale After

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“When a strange object starts appearing on her son’s grave, a mourning mother decides to install a camera in the hopes of getting answers to all her questions. She turns pale when she finds out the shocking truth.

On one of her usual visits at her son’s resting place, Emily noticed something strange. She’d been leaving a fresh bunch of flowers on Alfie’s grave every week, but today something red was sitting on the stone. The last flower she’d bought had been yellow.

When she got closer, she realized it was a single red rose. The flower struck her as strange; surely none of Alfie’s friends would leave a single red rose. The only possible explanation she could come up with was that her son had started a new relationship just before his death. Maybe the girl wanted to pay her respects but was worried about introducing herself to Emily in such awkward circumstances.

A few days later, the rose began to wilt and die. So Emily tidied up Alfie’s grave and discarded the flower. It hadn’t really crossed her mind since she’d first seen it, and she was sure it would be a one-time thing. But she was wrong. When she went back the next day, a new red rose was lying in the exact same place as the first one.

Now Emily was curious. Whoever was leaving the roses was visiting the grave regularly, which could only mean that they cared about Alfie. If she could find out who was visiting, she would have someone else to talk to about her son.

Every time the rose wilted, Emily would clean up the grave, only to find a fresh rose in place the next day. She grew more frustrated that she hadn’t been able to meet the person who knew her son. She was confused and overwhelmed with grief, so it didn’t take long for her thoughts to turn darker. Was someone watching her during these visits? Why had the person not introduced themselves yet? She became increasingly paranoid and could think of only one way to solve the mystery. She would install a discreet camera overlooking the grave and discover once and for all who the strange visitor was.

She didn’t feel good about her plan. She knew it was wrong to record footage in the graveyard, but she was out of options. This had gone on long enough now, and no matter what she did, she was no closer to discovering the truth. Whoever was leaving the roses was clearly avoiding her. She’d tried visiting the grave at different times, hoping to bump into the mystery person, but whoever was visiting clearly knew when Emily was there and stayed out of the way. She’d asked around in the graveyard to find out if anyone had seen who was leaving the rose. She still had no answers. Installing the camera was her last hope of finding out what was happening.

Alfie’s grave sat under a large tree, which was fortunate for Emily. She figured that placing the camera in the tree would give her the best view of the grave and no one would spot it hidden there. Emily waited until it was almost closing time at the graveyard so that most people had left. Then, she quickly climbed the tree and attached the camera to a branch. The whole time she was up the tree, she hoped no one would catch her because there was no way to explain what she was doing.

Emily decided it was best to leave the camera recording for a full 24 hours before she reviewed the footage. That way, she would be sure to capture whoever was leaving the roses and finally get some answers to all the questions that filled her mind daily. Those hours went by painfully slowly, and as tempted as Emily was to keep checking the camera, she tried to be patient and counted down to the moment when she could look at the footage and hopefully solve the strange mystery.

The next day, Emily painstakingly went through every second of footage from the past 24 hours. It was hard to look at her son’s grave and think that he was in there all alone. He was so young, and his time should have come way, way later. Emily could hardly believe that he had gone to the angels before her. No parent should ever survive their children, and yet here she was, checking a hidden camera as if it could bring her peace.

Emily and her son Alfie had always been close. Their special bond had grown even stronger since the unexpected passing of Alfie’s father Charles when he was just a child. Alfie had always looked up to his dad, but it was Emily who had been there no matter what. And he noticed. Each day she counted herself lucky that even now that her son was growing up with a life of his own, he still wanted to spend time with his mother.

Alf had thrown himself into college life with full gusto, and even though he often had a busy schedule, he made sure to visit Emily often. Thankfully, his chosen college was only a few hours away from his hometown, so when he wasn’t out partying or studying with his friends, mother and son would meet for a coffee and a catch-up. Alfie knew that his mother had been lonely since his father had passed, and he’d moved out for college, which is why it was important to him to visit her as often as he could. But Alfie was finding it harder to spend time with her. He had a lot of questions for her, and the situation was becoming harder to ignore.

One evening, Alfie was driving back to college, and he had a lot on his mind. He decided that the next time he saw his mother, he would confront her with all his questions. The last thing he wanted to do was to upset her, but he couldn’t ignore his feelings any longer. The situation was eating away at him. He’d had some suspicions for a while, and recently, they’d been confirmed. He couldn’t help but feel angry and upset that he was the one having to tackle this. Why had Emily never spoken to him about it?

Alfie was only a mile or two away from the campus when a car came speeding down the wrong side of the road. He tried to swerve, but it was too late. The drunk driver crashed straight into Alfie head-on. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors knew there was every chance he wouldn’t recover from such a severe accident.

When Emily heard what happened, she went to the hospital immediately to be by her son’s side. Alfie remained in a critical condition, never regaining consciousness, but Emily didn’t move from his side and remained hopeful that her son was tough enough to pull through. The alternative was too hard for her to bear. Life without Alfie wouldn’t be worth living. Moreover, guilt was gnawing at her, and she’d been keeping a secret, and she knew she should have told him years ago, but now she might not get that opportunity.

A week after the accident, Alfie couldn’t fight any longer and sadly passed away. Emily’s whole world collapsed. First, she lost the love of her life, Charles, and now Alfie too. She’d never felt so alone, and her guilt now weighed on her like a rock. She’d spent years withholding the truth from her son, now there was no way to make up for her mistake. That thought broke her. She knew she’d made the wrong decision lying to her son, and she broke down in tears, devastated by grief and guilt.

Emily spent every spare moment at her son’s grave. She would sit and talk to him as if he were still alive, trying to take comfort from these moments. Soon, visiting Alfie’s grave became a daily routine as it gave her something to focus on besides the all-consuming pain she felt. But now she had a new obsession: finding out who was leaving those red roses on his grave. And now that she had 24 hours of footage available, she finally felt closer to getting her answers.

Endless clips passed by with no sign of anyone. Emily was giving up hope as the footage was nearly over. There was just no way the mystery stranger could have known about the camera. But why had they not turned up? Her fears of being watched came back. The only way the person could know she’d placed the camera in the tree was if they’d been spying on her. With only a few minutes of footage left, Emily was close to slamming her laptop closed out of frustration. But then she saw a figure approaching Alfie’s grave: a woman wearing a black hat.

The mysterious woman left a red rose in the usual place and seemed to dab her eyes with a tissue. Emily paused the footage and zoomed in, desperate to see if she recognized the woman’s face. But it was no use. The hat was tilted down, concealing her features. Over the following weeks, Emily continued her surveillance, and it didn’t take long to find a pattern in the woman’s visits. She felt confident that she now had enough information to know when the woman would visit her son. So Emily decided to hide in the graveyard in a spot where she could watch Alfie’s grave unseen. When the mystery woman approached, Emily planned to confront her and ask her who she was.

Her careful planning seemed to pay off. At the same time as she’d seen in the footage, the woman approached the grave. She carried out her usual routine of leaving a single red rose on the gravestone and wiping away tears. Then she turned to leave. It was now or never. Emily came out of her hiding spot and shouted to the woman to stop.

The mystery woman turned around, alarmed by the sudden confrontation. Emily was surprised to see that she was older than she’d expected. She didn’t look like a college girl but rather a young woman in her 40s. Moreover, deep in her memories, she was sure that she recognized her face. She couldn’t remember why or where from. Nothing could prepare her for what the mystery woman was about to say.

Trying to regain her composure after the sudden intrusion on her private moment, the woman in the hat introduced herself as Charlotte. Before she could say another word, a clear memory came rushing back to Emily, and she suddenly realized why she recognized that woman. All of the color drained from her face. She turned pale when Charlotte confirmed Emily’s worst fears: she was Alfie’s biological mom.

For many years, Emily and Charles had tried for a family, but no matter what they did, they could never fall pregnant. The couple had practically given up hope of ever having children when a business partner of Charles revealed that his 16-year-old daughter had fallen pregnant and didn’t want to keep the baby. Knowing the couple’s struggles, he seemed to be hinting that they could all come to some arrangement for Emily and Charles to take the baby without having to go through the usual lengthy adoption process.

When Charles and Emily met the young mom-to-be, they hadn’t noticed that she never really said much to them. They weren’t there for conversations after all, and they were just excited that they would finally be parents. They agreed with the girl’s father to pay a fee for adopting the child, and when the baby boy was born, he was handed straight over to the couple. Charles was running a successful business and as such had a close lawyer friend who legalized the adoption without any questions being asked. Emily had hidden the fact that Alfie was adopted, and everyone just assumed that the couple had finally been able to have a child.

Right there in the graveyard, though, Charlotte revealed that she’d never actually wanted to give up her son, but her father had forced her to. He told her she was too young to be a good mother and had seen an opportunity to get money out of Charles and Emily, knowing they would do practically anything to be parents. Charlotte had spent the last 20 years blaming herself for not standing up to her father and fighting to keep her son.

Emily felt her heart break at the revelation that she had unknowingly stolen another woman’s baby. That was never what she’d meant to do, but she still had an unanswered question: how did Charlotte know that Alfie had died? Charlotte suggested that the two of them should sit down on a nearby bench so she could tell the full story.

She had met Alfie a couple of times before he died. He’d often wondered if he’d been adopted due to the fact that he didn’t look anything like Emily or Charles and had set about doing some research of his own, which had led him to Charlotte.

Emily didn’t know how to feel. On one hand, she felt incredibly sad that Charlotte had been forced to give up her son against her will. She also felt intensely guilty for the part she unknowingly had played in it. But part of her felt like Alfie had betrayed her too.

Why had he never spoken to her about suspecting he was adopted? She thought that they were close and that Alfie could talk to her about anything without judgment. However, she soon realized that she was in no position to feel betrayed by him. She was the one that had kept the secret hidden. She should have told him he was adopted a long time ago. She couldn’t blame Alfie for not talking to her as he probably felt confused and hurt.

Ever since Alfie had passed away, Emily had felt so guilty that she never revealed the truth to her son. She knew it had been a huge mistake, and she hoped that Alfie understood why she’d kept quiet. In a way, she was glad that Alfie had actually got to meet Charlotte and discover the truth. She just wished the two of them could have spoken about his adoption so she could properly apologize to him for lying.

As Emily glanced over at the woman sitting next to her, she was struck by an intense feeling that hadn’t crossed her mind until now. Charlotte was also a grieving mother and had been living with Alfie’s loss for a lot longer than she had. Emily turned to face the woman who had brought her son into the world and embraced her tightly in front of their son’s grave. Charlotte returned the gesture, and the two grieving mothers held on to each other as years of emotions came spilling out.

In time, the two women struck up a bond that was initially built on a shared love for Alfie. Emily would share stories and photos from Alfie’s life, hoping that Charlotte would find peace in the fact that her son had a happy upbringing. Eventually, their connection turned into a strong and meaningful friendship and went beyond their connections to Alfie. Emily’s loneliness lifted with Charlotte in her life, and even though their friendship had come about in very strange circumstances, they were grateful that they’d found one another.

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