Mum Abandons Her Black Baby at The Hospital. Then a Nurse Sees Him And Does Something Unbelievable

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When a new mom abandons her black baby at the hospital, all the staff are shocked and unsure what to do. But one young nurse sees the little boy and does something unbelievable.

It was an unusually quiet day in the Maternity Ward, and beyond their usual rounds checking on all the new mothers and babies, there wasn’t much else for the doctors and nurses to do. However, the peaceful afternoon wouldn’t last long. As the afternoon began to cross over into the evening, a young woman came stumbling onto the maternity ward, clutching her stomach. It was clear her contractions were intense and not very far apart, but strangely, the hospital had no record of this woman. She hadn’t received prenatal care on the premises, and no one remembered even seeing her around town.

Staff were confused by her presence and odd behavior, and she appeared to be extremely nervous. However, they weren’t about to turn someone away that was on the verge of giving birth. Hoping it was just nerves over giving birth, staff helped the woman onto a bed and prepared for the imminent delivery. They tried to talk to her to discover more about her and help her feel at ease, but the woman barely uttered a word.

The nurses still had no idea who she was and where she’d come from. No one had seen her walk past the reception, so she hadn’t even disclosed her name. She was tense and spent all the time looking around her as if expecting someone to walk into the room any minute. The nurses tried their best to calm her down and get her ready to push, as they knew a stressed-out mother was no good for the baby.

As the labor progressed, the woman asked for gas and air to help ease the pain. The nurses figured this would help her relax and result in a smoother birth, and they were right. Perhaps she was just afraid of the pain, they guessed. It wasn’t unusual for new moms to be scared about giving birth, but it still didn’t make sense why the woman had just randomly showed up at a hospital with no records, bypassing the check-in part and rushing straight to the Maternity Ward.

Thanks to the gas and the hard work of the nurses, the woman gave birth with no complications. But instead of being happy about the news, she burst into tears when she saw the child and refused to hold her son. The nurses immediately understood what she was upset about, and it was the baby’s skin color. The woman was white and had pale, almost snow-white skin, yet the baby was unmistakably black. They had, of course, seen white women give birth to black babies before, but normally the father was present, and the mother gladly accepted her child.

Maybe the baby’s skin color was the reason why the woman was refusing to hold her son. The nurses needed to get some answers, but the woman was becoming increasingly distressed. Her sobs were now uncontrollable. One kind nurse sat next to her and took hold of her hand in an attempt to comfort her. When the woman’s crying eventually slowed down, the nurse tried to gently coax her into explaining what was wrong.

It was in the best interest of the baby that the new mom tried to establish a bond with her child sooner rather than later, and the nurse wanted to make sure she knew. The woman couldn’t hold back any longer. It was clear she had a lot to get off her chest, but what she was about to reveal shocked the nurse to her core.

The new mom revealed that she’d had an affair with a black man. She’d instantly regretted it and knew that her husband would be devastated if he ever found out the truth. But when she found out she was pregnant, and she was almost certain that the baby wasn’t her husband’s, she feared the child would be black because then her husband would know she cheated. And seeing her son confirmed her worst fears.

Her husband, of course, just assumed the baby was his, which is why she’d come so far away from home to give birth. He was still at work, and she had a few hours to think before he started blowing up her phone in worry. She’d spent the whole pregnancy feeling stressed and upset, unsure what to do, but the time to make a decision had arrived.

As the nurse continued to comfort the woman, she had no idea that the new mom was also keeping another secret: a plan to get herself out of the tricky situation she was in. It wasn’t the right thing to do, but desperation left the woman feeling like she had no other choice. It was a plan she couldn’t reveal to anyone, and not even the kind nurse who had taken pity on her. She knew everyone would hate her for what she was going to do, but she just needed to get it over with and disappear.

That night, just a couple of hours after giving birth, the woman lay in her hospital bed, pretending to be asleep. As everything quietened down in the hall, the woman began to put her plan into action. She quietly got dressed and mapped out her escape route in her head. She needed to get out of the hospital without anyone noticing, but she wouldn’t be taking her child with her. She planned to leave her black baby behind.

Tackling things with her husband would be difficult, and it wasn’t really something that she’d fully thought through. He’d been calling her for hours on end by now, but she hadn’t responded yet. She planned to tell him that the labor had come on quickly, and the child had unfortunately died during the birth. She hated herself for spinning such a web of lies, but she saw no other way out of the terrible thing she’d already done. Telling the truth just wasn’t an option for her.

There was no time to think about the finer details of the situation. She just knew she had to abandon her black baby and disappear before anyone saw her. Hastily gathering up the few things she turned up to the hospital with, she checked the corridors of the ward and slipped out of her room without so much as a backward glance to the child she had just given birth to. She didn’t want to get attached to the baby, which is why she’d refused to hold him. Any feeling she might develop for him would hold her back and ruin her plans.

The next morning came around, and as more staff came into the ward, they all heard the incessant crying of a baby. It wasn’t an unusual sound to hear, but this child had been screaming for a long while, as though no one was trying to comfort it. It didn’t take long to realize that the crying was coming from the newest arrival on the ward.

When they saw the poor black baby all by herself, they immediately began to search the ward for the mother. Given the distressed state she had been in, the nurses were concerned as to why the little boy was on his own when they had no luck on the ward, they expanded their search to the rest of the hospital, but there was no trace of her. Somehow, the woman had managed to slip past the staff on the night shift and avoided most of the security cameras too. She had completely disappeared, and with no record of her, finding her again would be practically impossible. They didn’t even know her name.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that his mom had abandoned him, the poor baby began to have some breathing difficulties. All had been well at the birth, but now the child didn’t seem

to be getting enough oxygen and was rushed to intensive care. The situation was tense between the missing mother and the medical emergency. Staff were trying their best to keep their cool, but it was getting harder by the minute. Things weren’t looking good for the baby boy, and doctors prepared for the worst to happen.

They worked tirelessly to stabilize the poor child’s breathing, and by some miracle, the baby pulled through and made a full recovery. The staff on the Maternity Ward were overjoyed that he’d pulled through. He’d already gone through so much in his short life and deserved a long, quiet break. The abandoned baby eventually returned to the maternity ward, but now the staff had to answer the question of what would happen to him.

With no records of the mother and not knowing where she’d gone, the child didn’t have a home. He couldn’t stay in the maternity ward forever, as the bed would be urgently needed soon. Staff managed to find a cot to put the baby in and then contacted Social Services, as it was clear the mother wasn’t going to come back for him. No one could understand how she could have been so cruel. The poor child was paying for the mistake she’d made, and she hadn’t even bothered to say a proper goodbye.

The baby’s only options were to be placed in an orphanage and hopefully adopted or be placed in the care of foster parents. Unless the foster family showed up there and then, he would go to the orphanage. All the nurses had fallen in love with the little boy and took turns to look after him. A few of them even chose to stay overnight with him, even if they weren’t working the night shift. But none of them had the resources to volunteer as a foster parent. None of them, except one.

There was one nurse who had taken a real shine to the little boy. Nurse Carla would always be the first to attend to him. She spent all her free time with him and even came in on her day off just to make sure he was okay. It didn’t take long for the nurses and the baby boy to form a bond. Carla had always imagined herself being a mother, but not for another few years. But something about the little boy just brought out all her mothering instincts.

She would often go home and tell her boyfriend about the poor black child abandoned by his mother, but couldn’t bring herself to mention the feeling she had about adopting him. She was sure her boyfriend wouldn’t agree. They had spoken about having children in the future, but Carla was sure that he’d want his first child to be a biological one. She was also worried how he’d feel about the two of them having a black child, as they were both white, and that detail was one of the reasons the poor little boy had been abandoned in the first place.

However, her feelings were too strong to be hidden. One evening, the young nurse broke down and told her boyfriend exactly how she was feeling. She worried what kind of life the poor child would have in the care system, and she’d formed such a bond with him that she’d thought about adopting him. She knew it was an unbelievable idea, but she couldn’t get it off her mind. To her surprise, her boyfriend told her they should look into adopting the little boy together.

Carla was overjoyed. It might not be how they thought they would have their first child, but they would be a family nonetheless. The couple knew that they could give him the life he deserved, and in time, they would try for biological children too, so he would grow up with siblings. It was the perfect solution for everyone. Carla couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have the support of her boyfriend and for them to be embarking on this journey together.

The adoption process was tough, though, and took months to complete. There was always a chance that the little boy’s biological mother would come back and put a halt to the process, something that Carla thought about constantly. But the woman remained a mystery and never showed up. Eventually, her parental rights were relinquished, and the little boy was put up for adoption.

After months of stress and paperwork, the baby officially became Carla’s. She and her boyfriend named him Joshua. Life with Joshua was just as the couple had hoped. They raised him to be a kind and caring boy and went on to have two biological children, a brother, and a sister for their beautiful firstborn. They never saw the black boy as anything other than their son, but in time, Joshua had questions about why he looked different from everyone else in the family.

When he was old enough, Carla sat the little boy down and explained his backstory and why he looked different from his parents and siblings. It was clear that Joshua was upset, but he was a tough little boy and had never known anything but love from his parents, which was more than enough to get him through this challenging situation. Beyond that, there was never any issue of color. They were just one big happy family that loved each other regardless.

Thanks to Carla and her boyfriend, Joshua was given the love he deserved and grew up in a happy family that accepted him no matter what.

Now it’s over to you. What do you think of this story? What would you have done in Carla’s position? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so let us know in the comments below.

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