Mum Dies With Her Baby Inside Her. What Her Husband Did Next is Unbelievable

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“When Melanie got pregnant, everything was normal until labor started. Melanie died with her baby inside, and what her husband did next is unbelievable. Stepping into the hospital room where his wife lay, Doug took in the scene before him.

The last 48 hours had been a complete nightmare. What was supposed to be a happy event had turned into a tragedy that he couldn’t comprehend.

For the second time over the last few days, Doug was about to do something unbelievable. Melanie and Pritchard were like any other couple wishing to have a child. They’d spent many happy years together and already had a son, Brady, whom they loved very much. Life as a family of three was wonderful, but they always knew they wanted to……..Read Full Story Here……………

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