Mum Leaves Child Alone With Family Dog. Before She Returns, Something Horrifying Happens!

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A fully grown Doberman is left alone with a toddler, but while the mother’s back is turned, something horrifying happens. The scene beneath her kitchen window horrified Katherine Vichi; the family’s adopted Doberman was attacking her 17-month-old toddler.

Khan was barking, snarling, snapping his jaws at the little girl, and getting too close for comfort. Katherine dropped the dishcloth in the sink and ran outside, praying she could reach them in time.

Three years before, Khan lived in the depth of despair. He belonged to a gang of drug dealers who acquired him because Dobermans had a reputation for being protective and fierce. The men were cruel and violent; every one of them had a hair-trigger temper, and when they lost it, they took it out on Khan. His face had been badly hurt; he’d lost teeth and ended up living with…….Read Full Story Here………….

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