My Husband Crawled Into Bed The Day Before Our Divorce. “One last time”, He Said Something Sh0cking To Me

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About ten years ago, I was feeling really lost and not sure about what to do in life. I was in my 30s and had just gotten married. Even though my husband was dedicated to his job, I was ready to face the challenges of being married. However, he was often away for long periods, and that made me feel very lonely.

In the beginning, I wanted to create a cozy and welcoming home for him when he returned. But as time passed, I became less patient and more frustrated. I started acting stern and unhappy whenever he was around, and even though he tried to comfort me, I couldn’t shake off my dissatisfaction, which made him withdraw.

I really wanted more attention, thinking that’s what a marriage should be like. During our arguments, he would make promises like, “I’ll settle down soon, and we’ll visit that island you love.” Unfortunately, those promises never turned into reality. It got me thinking if his job was the……Read Full Story Here…….

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