My Husband Wants to have It Almost Every Minute And it’s Affecting My Job

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I’m a young mom with two little ones. My husband and I tied the knot back in 2017, and ever since then, we’ve been living together quite happily. Funny enough, I actually met him through my mom. Both our moms used to work together at a hospital run by the government.

After I finished up at university, I was just waiting around for my call-up letter to start doing some service work. I was the first in my family to go to university, so my mom was always on my case about getting married, even though it wasn’t really on my radar at the time. She’d been dropping hints since my uni days, but she was a bit more subtle about it while I was still in school. Once I graduated, though, it’s like the pressure dial got cranked up to full blast. She was always asking if I had a special someone in my life, and if I said no, she’d wanna know why not.

That was my ongoing struggle with her for quite a while until she started trying to set me up with kids of her colleagues. She made several attempts, but none of them really panned out. Either the guys weren’t polite, or they were too controlling, or we just didn’t see eye to eye on things.

I was particular about who I wanted. I had my own standards, and I wasn’t about to lower them just because my mom was pressuring me or because she might be disappointed if things didn’t work out. I had my own plans, and nobody was going to mess them up for me.

I was pretty much ready to give up on all these blind dates with guys who didn’t seem to get it when my husband came into the picture. He was cheerful, caring, and paid attention to the little things. We hit it off pretty quickly. We started talking, and with each passing day, our bond grew stronger. We went from being friends to being partners. I was really happy that I ended up with him.

Life has treated us kindly. Yet, even after being married for about 5 years, my husband still desires intimacy as if we just exchanged vows. He craves it all the time, and I find it puzzling. Despite already having two children, his appetite for intimacy hasn’t waned. As much as I adore him and can’t seem to get enough of him either, this aspect of his personality is starting to impact various parts of my life, particularly my career.

I hold a demanding job, and most days, I have tasks to complete at home to prepare for the next day’s responsibilities as a team leader. I return from work around 4 pm every day, and I try to get everything organized. However, when I sit down to tackle some work tasks, my husband doesn’t give me any peace. The only times he leaves me alone are when he’s exhausted from his own work or when I’m asleep.

This situation is seriously getting to me, and I’m finding it really hard to deal with. I’ve talked to him about it multiple times, but nothing seems to change. We have kids, and sometimes he does things that they really shouldn’t see us doing.

I’ve tried explaining to him why he needs to stop behaving this way, but it’s like talking to a brick wall. It’s frustrating. Apart from this issue, he’s a wonderful man, and I cherish the time we spend together every day.

I haven’t brought this up with his mom or siblings because I believe we should handle our own problems. But it’s becoming too much. No matter how hard I try to make things better, they just don’t improve, and I’m exhausted. I need to provide for our family, and he doesn’t seem to understand that. What should I do? I’m tired of just trying to manage everything on my own.

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