My Life Has Never Been The Same Ever Since I Ate My Husband’s Condensed Milk

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Our marriage had just started for three months when I saw my husband smoking for the first time. I was really surprised. I thought it might be a joke to see how I’d react. I hurried over, took it from his hand, and threw it away. I got a burn on my finger, but it didn’t bother me much.

I said, “Why would you joke like that? It’s not funny. Please don’t do it again.” Then he showed me the whole pack in his pocket. I asked, “Are you okay? Where did this come from? When did you start?” He told me, “It began back when I was in secondary school.”

“You mean you were doing this even when we were dating?”
“It wasn’t regular. I did it now and then.”
“Wow. I feel like I didn’t see it at all.”
“No, it’s not like that. I’ve been trying to quit, but I keep going back to it.”
“Then today will be the last time.”

We dated for almost two years. We’d been friends for over three years, and I never suspected he could do something like this. He was a man I met at church. His dedication to God was what drew me to him. He never missed church and always talked about the……Read Full Story Here………….

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