NASA Has Just Revealed Images Of An Enormous Asteroid That Could Destroy The Earth

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Known as Bennu, the diamond-shaped asteroid hurtling through space in a near-Earth trajectory is colossal enough to extinguish life on our planet, but it’s not alone. A NASA probe, Osiris-REx, has been chasing the massive space rock for years. Now, it’s caught up with the body and is preparing to land on its surface. However, the high-risk maneuver demands absolute precision.

Approximately 66 million years ago, a large asteroid slammed into Earth near Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. This triggered a cataclysm, an extinction event that led to the loss of three-quarters of the planet’s biodiversity, including the dinosaurs. In fact, the impact transformed the environment into one that allowed Homo sapiens to evolve and flourish. A similar asteroid collision today, however, would mean the end of human civilization as we know it. Scientists have known about the risk of………Read Full Story Here………….

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