Navy Confused By Large Mass In Water, The Minute They Recognize It They All Jump Overboard

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“Life at sea can often become monotonous. Sitting on the water for days, witnessing the same sights and hearing the same sounds can be mundane, as any ship captain will attest. Although most days on the sea follow a routine, there are instances when the unexpected occurs.

This reality was experienced by members of Sri Lanka’s naval team. Tasked with ensuring the safety of the waters, the Sri Lankan naval team actively patrols, searching for individuals in need of assistance or those attempting to create trouble for others.

One day, the naval team found themselves aboard a ship approximately 10 miles off the coast when they observed an unusual sight in the water. Given the depth and chill of the waters, they initially speculated it might be an object that had accidentally fallen overboard. As they approached, their surprise was palpable—it was an elephant. Bewildered by the the…….Read Full Story Here…………….

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